Beyond Veggie @ Secret Recipe

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When Secret Recipe opened a branch in Tropicana Mall, it caught my eye immediately with their name - Beyond Veggie. This was the first time that I've ever came across a vegetarian restaurant by Secret Recipe. Though it caught my eye, but I wasn't really that eager to try it out. After all, I love to try vege meal, but has been disappointed way to many times. This restaurant just slipped through my mind, until one weekday after work, me and my mom ended up in Tropicana Mall. Not really sure where to dine in, we decided to give this Secret Recipe a try. After the first tryout, this would definitely be my usual place to dine in. So, I went back the second time with Joe. Unfortunately, I was too concentrate on my food and did not really take much picture of the surroudings and menu >.<

The deco and layout was simple. I like that. They designed one section of their restaurant with leaves and the whole thing scream very tropical to me.

During my first visit, me and my mom decided that we will share the food, as we both are not really that big eater. We had their Deep Fried Oyster Mushroom with Sesame and Coriander as starter and shared a bowl of their Red Yeast Noodles .
I love my mushroom a lot! And I totally love this dish. The mushroom is cripsy on the outside and it has the fragrance of the sesame. Squeeze some lime onto it, and you totally bring out the flavor of the mushroom and sesame.

Twice visiting the restaurant, I've ordered this same dish. Initially. I was not having much hope on this noddles dish, as the soup of a veggie I've had are either usually quite bland and tasteless and/or they are too oily. So, when the waiter served the noodles, without any hesitation I've asked for cili padi, just as precaution. How wrong could I have been! The soup was not even oily, neither was it bland! It was flavorful and it has the sweetness of the wolfberry that they cooked with the soup. It was delicious!!Not only that, they are definitely not stingy with their vegetables and mushrooms. They don't just give you normal canned button mushroom, it has enoki and oyster mushrooms in it, also another favourite of mine - cauliflower. After dinning out too much, I really dislike soups or broth that are made tasty from adding MSG or too many salt. That just totally unhealthy. So, that being said, I really am very taken into this dish, and I would say it definitely worth a try.

During my second visit with Joe, he ordered Carbonara with Shitake Mushroom, Snow Peas and Asparagus. I only took a bite and couldn't really comment much, but from that one bite I would say the carbonara is really creamy and delicious.


Birthday - Decanter, Seksyen 17

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For the past few years I either spent my birthday having my final exams, out of the country or on a plane! This year..I spent my birthday falling sick - talk about being kinda unlucky! Though I'm sick, this would not stop me from celebrating my birthday, though it was just a simple yet sweet dinner.

Since I'm on leave but Joe is working, he decided that we would go out to celebrate my birthday over a nice dinner. It's a weekday, so we did not go far, but chose to go somewhere near - Decanter at Seksyen 17. I've been to this restaurant a couple of times, and I like the food there. They serve Western and Asian food, so the patrons have a wider range to choose from.

This time, we ordered their Mixed Grill (RM45) and share, since the waitress adviced it was for 2 person to share. It comes with grilled prawn, lamb, chicken and fish. Also, it was served with mashed potatoes with black pepper sauce and salad as their sides. It was not bad, but if you are a big eater or absolutely love your meat, then this would not be the ultimate dish for you. 2 reasons: first, the portion is enough for small eaters to share, and secondly, they serve one portion for each of the protein mentioned above.


Since I wasn't really hungry and was kinda worry that we wouldn't be able to finish the food, we decided that we'll order a main dish and some sides or soup. I'm a big time soup lover, so I ordered Oxtail Soup (RM10) without hesitation and Joe had Wild Mushroom Soup (RM9). I wasn't really into their Oxtail Soup, as I think Jake's Grill serves better version. I didn't really have that beefy-kinda taste when I had the soup. However, I would order their Wild Mushroom soup the next time I go there. Most of the time when I see Mushroom soup on a menu, I would never order that. That's simply because most of the time they taste pretty much like Campbell soup, and I never like the taste of it. This is different in Decanter. You can definitely taste the mushrooms in the soup, and it was strong, unlike some instant mushroom soup you get from the groceries.
L: Wild Mushroom Soup; R: Oxtail Soup
Normally, I would like to end my meal with a dessert, especially if it's a dinner. However, I've decided to skip dessert this time. Anyhow, I had a lovely dinner and recevied a surprise gift from Joe - Instant Camera from Fujifilm!!!

 Surprise birthday gift ^^
Also, I've received some gifts from some very lovely peeps!!
Top from cousin
Body Scrub from BFF
Last but not least, you can't have a birthday without a birthday cake!!
Cake from RT from cousin
Can't quite put my fingers on the cake flavor, and stupid me of not asking my cousin what flavor she bought for me. LOL!!! It has a hint of chocolate and coffee (if I'm correct) and I love the nutty flavors of the cake from the nuts on top.
Happy 27th birthday to myself!!!!!! ^^



Train - Marry Me

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Music has always been the few precious things in my life, that could cheer me up. I went to YouTube and stumbled upon a song that has slipped my mind for quite some time - Marry Me by Train. I still remember the first time I heard this song, it touches me deep down inside and made me cried. It does not have overly complicated arrangement or poetic-like lyrics. It is a song that made of simple lyrics and melody, and with the clean voice of the vocalist.

Sometimes, the best way to honor a piece of music, is to keep it simple and straightforward - my personal belief.


Sumi-Ka @ Subang Jaya

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After extensive research of where to have a birthday dinner for Joe, I've decided to go to Sumi-Ka, since I've seen quite a number of bloggers recommended this place. (Talk about the power of word of mouth!)

It took us a little bit of time to find the restaurant as it wasn't facing the main road. Also, it is at 1st floor and the restaurant signboard is black (if I remember correctly). The moment we went into the restaurant, immediately I felt we were in Japan. At that moment, except us and a few waiters and waitresses, the rest of the patrons including the chef himself - all japanese!!!!!! Well, this shoud be a good sign right? A japanese restaurant run by an enthusiastic Japanese chef, and happy Japanese patron. I was even more excited to try out their yakitori.

I wanted the seat by the grilled, but decided to go along with where they seating us, so long not outside of the restaurant! The moment we were seated, I noticed there were already appetizers waiting for us - simple cabbage salad and edamame (my all time favourite!)

The cabbage was super crunchy! It was like they have just harvested the cabbage from their backyard. It was drizzled with some sauce that has a sourish taste, but was not too overpowering and I believe I tasted a hint of wasabi in it. After glancing through the menu, we couldn't help it but order quite a few things in the first round.
Quail Egg - nothing really special about this, but the smokiness definitely wakes up my palates for the food to come!

Blood Vessel - I am very adventurous when it comes to food. So the moment I saw blood vessel on the menu, I know I MUST have this! It has the just nice chewy texture that makes you want more after every each bite.

Chicked Breast with Wasabi/Ume (Far Left) - The breast was super tender! I am not a fan of chicken breast because people always have the tendency to over-cook them and makes it too dry. Sumi-Ka grilled their breast to perfection! Tender and juicy! I've ordered one with wasabi and one with ume - I prefer the one with wasabi since I'm more of a savory person, but the ume on top of the chicked breast brought a hint of sourness, and that is perfer when you are having a meal that's full of meat!

Gyutan (Beef Tongue) - For years I've been searching for grilled beef tongue, but did not have any luck, especially when I'm hunting a a delicious one. I absolutely love the beef tongue in Sumi-Ka. For anyone that have yet to try beef tongue or have the worries that it is gonna be chewy and tough - worry not! Their beef tongue has the pleasant chewy texture, but was tender enough to bite through. Don't need to worry that you will have to pay a visit to your dentist after having this! LOL!!

Chicken Soft Bone (Far Right) - I did not try their soft bone, since they are really not my cup my tea. So, no comment here.

Squid - Seriously, I don't really think anyone can go very wrong with grilled squid. Unless they seriously grilled the squid for super long and toughen it! By the time I get to my squid it has cooled down a bit, and was a bit chewy for my liking. Nevertheless, I like the smokiness on the squid.

Barbecue Eggplant - I've tried barbecue eggplant before but never liked them. I've always find them nothing special. But Sumi-Ka converted me! The gravy used is the same as their cabbage salad, where you have a bit of sourness in it. Personally, the one thing that makes this dish so delicious is the smokiness of the eggplant. By its own, eggplant is not an ingredient with much of a flavors. However, by grilling them, once can always go wrong and often they came out either too greasy, too soft or too charred. The sourness of the gravy goes perfectly well with the smokiness of the eggplant and katsuobushi (aka fermented bonito).

Chicken Skin - Another favourite of mine. The skin was crispy and delicious, and did not have that greasy taste when you put into your mouth.

Shimeji Mushroom with Butter Sauce - One word - DELICIOUS! 2 of my favourite things - mushrooms and butter sauce! Perfect combination. However, I would like it if the butter is a bit lesser.

Onigiri (aka Rice Ball) - Joe ordered this but I did not try. So, no comment here.


Shiitake and Eryngii Mushrooms - The chef keeps it simple. They were grilled and sprinkled with a hint of salt. We are able to taste the aroma of the mushrooms.

Chichen Hearts - Another simple yet delicious dish. It was just grilled with a hint of salt, and the hearts were not tough to bite on.

Chicken Neck Meat (Far Left) - Like the sauce on the meat, and it was tender.

Gizzard Skin (Middle) - Frankly, gizzard never really was my thing, neither is this gizzard skin. But still, it find it not too bad.

Hip (aka Chicken butt) (Far Right) - Love it! The skin was crispy and aromatic. It was so tender and juicy, and did not have the greasy taste that you'll usually have when eating chicken butt.

More Gyutan!!! This time is Gyutan with Ume! Not too bad, but I still personally perfer the original flavor - just salt! LOL!!!!

I did not captured the picture of the chicken gizzard and enoki with pork. We were too hungry and Joe could't wait to sink his teeth into his food. LOL!

The bill came up to RM150.80 with us order soda and coke for drinks, and no alcohol beverage. The price is a bit to the high side just for yakitori, but for the standard of the food, I would say it worth every penny of it!
Address: 19, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya
Tel:         +603-5632-9312


Jason Mraz Backyard Concert Ootmarsum

Many people would be out and having fun tonight. Reason is simple, being a country that's really full of public holiday, tomorrow (13th November 2012) is another festive holiday - Deepavali aka. Diwali.

Me, at the other hand, staying in and enjoying my music. One of my favourite artist is Jason Mraz. He is one of the talented artist in the industry, and is really nice listening to him performing live. Hence, I decided to post a 'lil garden concert he did.

Enjoy peeps!


Pancakes in Sydney, Australia

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I'm never really a dessert person, however, there's one place in Sydney has made me fall in love with their dessert - Pancakes on the Rocks!

 Usually the conventional pancakes, or the more common pancakes, that we had are sweet. In Pancakes on the Rocks, they serve both sweet and savory pancakes! Our initial plan was to have some dessert, because we had a filling dinner at one of their best ribs restaurant by their Darling Harbour - Hurricane's Grill (which I'll talk about it in another post). However, looking at their menu, I got greedy, and decided to order 4 of their dishes - 3 savory and 1 dessert! >.<
Nachoes with diced tomaties and cillies and sour cream
I don't really fancy sour cream, but I definitely love my nachoes with tomatoes, cillies and lots of cheese! Hence, I didn't really touch the sour cream.

 I couldn't really remember the name of our second dish, but it was served with packakes, bananas, pineapples, fresh tomatoes and greens, and of course not to forget sour cream and drizzled with cheese! Another dish that I could really do withouth the cream cheese. I love the bananas and pineapples, as they really brought out the sweetness after they have pan seared the fruits.

We also order a wrap (can't recall what was inside, I think it was tuna) that was drizzled with CHEESE!!!!lol!! Guess I just can't get enough with cheese! Since I can't really remember the fillings, I'm not gonna comment on this.

Last but not least, our dessert of the night!

Since my parents were really full that night, so they decided to leave the dessert to me and my brother. Trust me, it really wasn't an easy job to choose ONE dessert, as all of their list looks really tempting. After minutes of thinking, I've decided to go with their Triple Chocolate. First of all, who doesn't like ice cream, and secondly you can't really go wrong with chocolate! I love the combination of warm pancakes topped with cold ice cream and some chocolate fudge drizzled by the side. The main thing that makes a pancake delicious is that it is fully and light. This is how their pancakes are.


Gentlemen or Slavery? XD

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This is gonna be a post with nothing but words and I'm kinda sure it is going to piss some of the ladies out there. But who cares! This is my blog and a space to dump my thoughts!

Among all of the things I despise ( I know...that's a strong word), I really can't stand the girls having their bf/husband carrying their handbags, and vice versa. Every time I see this, it really makes me feel like going up to them and shout at them! It is really ridiculous, don't you think? There are NO FREAKING EXCUSES that could justify this kind of act!!!!!

1. Well....the bag is too heavy

For goodness gracious, if the bag is too heavy take out those unnecessary stuff! You don't need to bring your whole dressing table out! All you need is your house keys, car keys (if these girls even drive!), powder (if you want to touch up), purse and phone. That's all!! Are these things that heavy???? The answer is obviously NO.

2. My shoulders get tired after carrying the bag

WTF?!!! Are you trying to say that your shoulders get tired but ours don't? What? Are we some superwoman or alien that we don't get tired? Hello....our shoulders get tired too, but do we make our men carry the bags for us? Hell NO! You have 2 shoulders, so switch side whenever one side get tired! Problem solve! After all, back to point 1, if you do not bring your entire dressing table out, generally your bag won't be so freaking heavy till it hurts your shoulder!

3. It is a gentleman job to help their lady to carry the bag

There's a very thin fine line between gentleman and slave (oppss...another strong word).Opening the door , carrying heavy items for her and pulling the seat for her is called gentleman; carrying her bag is nowhere near being a gentleman. Seriously, do you know how ridiculous the men look when carrying a lady handbag? To make things worst, many girls like their bag to be real feminine, and just paint that picture in your mind and imagine the scene. Scary, no?

4. I'm too lazy....

This, I would say, is the worst excuse. What do you mean by "you are too lazy to carry your bag"? Then why even bother buying it in the first place? Well, if you are that rich and like to buy pretty bags BUT TO FREAKING LAZY TO CARRY THEM OUT, easy solution - display them in your house then! That way you can admire them all you want, or maybe invite few friends to "admire" how pretty are they!

Guess I should stop all these bitching before I start pissing even more people out there.


Idiots Pedestrian in Malaysia!

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I am not a racist person or will discriminate others, but there are times that "certain people" just gets under my skin. I was on my way back after a dinner with my mom, and there were these 4 Indians were crossing the road like they are the freaking king of this country and walking across the road at their own pace! Not exaggerating or any kind, THEY WERE PRACTICALLY IGNORING ALL THE CARS AROUND THEM AND CROSS THE ROAD!!!!!!! WTF!!

It is just so typically them! For those of you who are Malaysian, you would totally understand what I meant! I'm just amazed by that 4 dudes! "Hello!! I was practically behind you and there were cars around WAITING for the 4 of you IDIOTS to cross the road at your own freaking sweet pace!!!!!!!" ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I understand all the heroes in the bollywood movies always survive no matter what injuries they suffered and they never seems to die! BUT this is freaking real life and for goodness gracious YOU GUYS ARE NO FREAKING WAY BOLLYWOOD ACTORS!!!!

All I wanted to say is, YOU DO NOT OWN THE ROAD SO PLEASE MOVE WHEN THERE ARE CARS COMING! Apart from obstructing the traffic, it is really very dangerous! There are always some idiot drivers that think they are driving some Ferrari and speed like crazy! By the way of these idiots crossing, the possibility of getting hit by these drivers are way to high!!! And quite frankly, I would say that they asked for it. I know that's mean, but is a fact.


Christina Perri - Distance (feat. Jason Mraz) [Official Music Video]

Love the collaboration between Christina Perri and Jason Mraz. Though Jason Mraz did not have a solo part in the song, but his voice gave this song a different feel. The very least, it painted a picture for me of a boy and a girl that are in love with each other, but are too afraid to let it out loud. The song might not be what I have interpreted, but hey, ain't songs are subjective to individual interpretation? What's yours then?



Fun.: Some Nights [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Music is very very close to my heart. Regardless my ups and downs, I always like to express myself through musics and songs, and I'll sing them out loud! This song by "Fun" is called "Some Night", which is a song that I'm very into recently. The reason I love this song is simple, apart from the vocalist voice, it always makes me smile. I guess that's because this song tend to give me a "lion king" feel due to their background music.
Music has no boundaries, neither does music care about skin color and religion. 


Unique gelato - Cielo Dolci again!

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Talked about whacky and creative flavors of ice cream nowadays!

I was in Paradigm mall with Joe the other day and passed by Cielo Dolci when we were looking for a place to rest our feet. I blogged about Cielo Dolci previously on their unique flavors - Nasi Lemak Gelato ( This time we came across something even more...i would said....creative *ehem* :

1. Sticky Rice + Mango
2. Citrus Chiller
3. Chocolate + Cili Padi
4. Wasabi

We never got a chance to try out their daily specials, but I was so super interested in their Chocolate and Cili Padi flavor! You folks that dig into very different flavors of gelato, do give Cielo Dolci a try. I'll definitely go back there again to see what other daily specials they have. Oh ya, they have very friendly staffs too! ^^


My latest find - CellAct

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We gals all know how hard is it for us to find a products that really work on our skin. After all, when it comes to skin care, is really depends on individual. After years of finding and trial and error on tons of products (which some were really really really....a waste of money!!), finally I found a 'lil something that work on me - CellAct!!

I just started using their products bout 2-3 months ago, and so far, I'll say I like the results!! ^^

Whitening Concentrate - 5 bottles in a box

In Asia countries, like Malaysia, we get the sunlight a 'lil too much (sometimes...I'll say). Thus, we can see there are tons and tons of whitening and lightening products in the market. And, can deny, we gals have also been hunting these products everywhere that really works for us. After all, is important to fight off the UV rays using good sunblock, and also is super important to prevent those little freckles and pigmentation on our face!!

After all the years of hunting, I found CellAct Whitening Concentrate. I have been using their concentrate (something similar to a serum) bout 3 month ago, and I can already see the results. I find it is better then all the other whitening and lightening products that I have previously used. Well, once again, this is very subjective. The bottles may look small to you ( is really small =p), but it can last quite long for its size due to it is really concentrate and you don't really need to apply a lot on the face.

Other than the concentrate, my another all time favorite is the whitening lotion:

I know....i have lots of whitening products!! Can't help it..... !! So far, I'm still testing out the lotion. ^^ To add on to my whitening collection, I have one more product that is also working for me - Skin Lightening Mask!!!

Tried on the agnes marks on my face, and guess really does lightened them. Hmm.....

In conclusion, I really like the products from CellAct. Unfortunately, it is slightly pricey compare to some of the brands. Am also using their cleanser and toner, I'm really seriously thinking should I switch my current brand to theirs...Hmmmmmmmmm.... ><


The BEST Assam (tamarind) Fish - Muar, Johor

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I was going through my facebook albums and I stumbled across one of my eat-out aka makan album - Muar Assam (tamarind) Fish! So I've decided to share this little restaurant in my hometown - Muar, that sells one of the best Assam fish that you can find. It is not a very grand or nice restaurant with air-conditioner, but a nice little shack (a cosy one of course) that serves their food with fresh ingredients.
Shades along side the restaurant

I'm not really sure how extensive or limited their menu is, because we never requested to look at their menu and just made our order with the waitress the moment we arrive. It seems like we kinda know what dishes to have for, without further adieu, I'll go straight to the dishes. First of all, of course the main attraction of the restaurant - Assam Fish. They serve their fish fillet in a sour and spicy soup, which you can request to refill whenever you want! I understand some people prefer their soup to be less watery, but I perfer mine more to the spicy and slightly watery side. My understading from the owner of the restaurant, they import their Assam from Indonesia, which is very different from other shops. Apart from their delicious soup, their fish is very fresh. The owner insists of purchasing from the fisherman early in the morning the moment their boat hit the shore.
Delicious fish with Spicy and Sour Assam soup ^^

Besides the fish dish, we would always order their stingray stir friend with black beans and dried cillies. This is also another specialties of theirs. I'm a girl that love my food to be as spicy as they can get. Their stingray dish is also my big time favourite. For those of you that don't really like or have a weak stomach for spicy food, don't worry! This dish will give you enough heat to make you want more, but would not be too spicy till you can't take a second bite! As mentioned that their owner insisting of getting his ingredients as fresh as they can be, their stingrays are also very fresh.
Yummy stingray with black beans and dried cillies
I would also recommend their stir fried octopus with prawns. No surprise there that this is another dish that have some heat in it. I have big issues with over-cooked prawns, as I prefer my prawns to be al dente. In other words, I like them to be firm but not cooked till they have a hard texture. The prawns and octopus are stir fried with black soya sauce with dried cillies, which give you a slight bitterness from the black soya sauce. I never like black soya sauce because they always have an over-whelming bitterness in them, but this did not happen to their dish. They balance off the flavours well.

Octopus and Prawns

Vege stir fried with Spicy Sambal (cilli paste)
To complete our lunch, we would always order a vegetable dish. I love my vege and greens, especially when they are freshly grown at the backyard of the restaurant.


Kinohimitsu BB Drink

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Beauty and Forever Young!! Which girl doesn't want these? I am ADDICTED to beauty products and skin care and whatever in between that can improve my skin. I have seriously sensitive skin and acne problem. and I have hunting up and down for some miracles to could help solve my problem. In the past, we use to look for skin care to improve and/or maintain our skin. Now, we are hearing more and more of the word - collagen drink. There are so many different brands in the market, and I believe many of you girls definitely have tried collagen drinks at some point in your life.

I went online did some research and decided to give Kinohimitsu a try. I was struggling on which range to choose, as they have VARIETIES!!!! Finally, I made up my mind and started off with thei BB Drink.
It's said to restore your skin's natural glow and clarity, and able to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate every single cell in your body by giving rich, healthful nutrients to promote a baby-like rosy complexion. I was excited the moment I saw the descriptions, of course a few reviews that complimented this drink. I have all the beauty problems in the world, from acne, blemishes, chapped lips and open pores to dull-looking skin. I went on to buy a box from SaSa as they are having promotion (10's + 2's). I had try Lennox many years ago, but wasn't impressed by the results, or I should say, no results. Hence, I was not putting any hopes when consuming the drink.

I followed the instructions given, which was to drink 6 days continously and 1 bottle every 3 days. For the first few days, I didn't really see any results, but by the 6th days I realised that my skin looks better, without and/or without make up. To add on, my skin looks way nicer now when I just put on minimal makeup (without any concealer or whatsoever), and they stays longer. I was thinking these might be my personal opinion, but then just last week my mom complimented that my skin looks fairer and brighter. I did not change my facial routine neither did I go for a facial that week. Personally, I would say that the drink does work for me and I will continue to consume this before I switch to their Collagen Diamond 5300 drink. I plan to finish up another box of their BB Drink before I start pumping collagen into my system.

Will definitely write up another review after I've tried their Collagen Diamond 5300 drink. In conclusion, I am very very excited to try out Kinohimitsu other range. ^^


Cielo Dolci - Interesting Flavors

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"People nowadays are looking for something with an edge, they are always searching for something different...."

That was my statement few weeks ago when I was talking to my boyfriend. I've always notice that as years gone-by, we are looking for the edgy and differences not only in fashion, but also the food or gourmet that we consume. Last week in my window shopping-spree in Paradigm Mall (in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya), it once again confirmed my statement.

We were about to to leave the mall, and we passed by a gelato shop name "Cielo Dolci".

"Cielo Dolci, pronounced as “ceh-lo dol-chee” , means heaven’s dessert, in Italian. It embodies the very essence of our Dolce Freddo Artigianale (artisanal frozen desserts). We handcraft our Dolce Freddo with much passion; creating heavenly flavours with cloud-like smoothness. Fusing Italian techniques with local flavours, we bring you the best of both worlds."

I am very very adventurous when it comes to food, the weirder and out of the earth they are, they more I would LOVE and WANT to try them!! I got all excited when I saw their daily special written on their board - Salted Calamansi, Nasi Lemak, and Cempedak! Finally, some gelato flavors that gets my palates all excited!

Whacky daily specials ^^

Without a second thought, I requested to have a try on their nasi lemak gelato. I must say, who ever thought you  can have savory in dessert, and personally, it tastes weird but in a good way! Hey....I'm not the only one that thought so, judging by how fast the gelato is finishing, I would say there are definitely a lot more people that find this flavor interesting. The moment I put the tasting spoon inside my mouth, I could taste the aromatic sambal (for those that not sure what's "sambal" is, it is a cili paste that is usually used as a condiment), anchovies, and toated peanuts. All these one of the kind flavors in cold gelato!! How whackyis that??!!! ^^

I myself thought I would order their Nasi Lemak, but due to my extreme curiosity, I've decided to try out their other flavor - Salted Calamansi. I was kind of worry that the calamansi going to be too sour, so in order to balance out the potential acidity of the gelato, I had it with their Mango Sorbet, hoping that the sweetness of the mango sorbet would bring down the acidity a little. In fast, I made the right decision. The mango and calamansi go well together. Personally, the acidity will be too powering if I have the calamansi solely, and the mango sorbet will be too sweet for me if I did pair it with other flavors.
Left: Salted Calamansi; Right: Mango Sorbetto

Hey folk!! If you are one of the adventurous foodie, go to "Cielo Dolci" in Paradigm Mall (located at the LG, opposite Papparoti).


Hoodia P57 - Slimming Pills

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Recently I have been researching on a few slimming/diet supplements, and I've heard of the name "Hoodia P57". I went online to do some research on this "Hoodia P57", and found out that it works as a appetite suppressant. As quoted from their website :

".......It contains a compound called, "P57," which is a molecule that is said makes you feel full. The P57 molecule is estimated to be more potent than glucose in sending the signal to the brain that tells your body it is NOT hungry......."

Also, on their website stated that the consumers would not experience the following:
  • No Shakiness
  • No Stomachaches
  • No Headaches
  • No Come Down
  • Non Addictive & Non-Habit Forming

    I was actually actively looking and HUNTING for a slimming/diet supplements that REALLY work!! I have been going to gym (well....sometimes on and off due to laziness and work and some others errands....), however, due to my appetite my weight just doesn't seems to be under control, and I'm starting to grow unwanted fat at unwated areas T___T. Hence, when I came across this products I went on to do further research and I've seen several good reviews on Hoodia P57. Without second thoughts, I bought some to try for myself and my bf too! I've been taking one pill per day for almost one week, and I must say, I do see results. Especially around my tummy area, I've definitely lost some fat at my tummy area. I was excited to find that I'm able to find into certain pants a bit easier!!

    With all these results going on, I've decided to do slightly more research on the pills. Out of my expectation, I found an article from the FDA website. For those of you doesn't know what FDA is, it stands of US Food and Drugs Administration. FDA will examine and re-examine on all the drugs that are going into the market and/or drugs and food and others that are already in the market. Their purpose is to make sure the food, drugs and products going into/and or already in the market are safe for the consumers, and they do not contain any harmful ingredients. OK! Back to what I was saying earlier, I saw an article on the FDA website warning the consumers NOT TO CONSUME these pills, as it contains undeclared drug ingredients, that will may be life threatening. I was shocked and kind of in a dilemma now. My sane side is telling me that I SHOULD STOP TAKING THE PILLS - even though they really work on me, but my crazy side is still struggling, maybe is okay if I just finish what I've bought.

    Haizzzz.......... Conclusion, I'm still figuring out what should I do to my remaining pills. Why not you readers be the judge of it? Should I continue with the pills? Or should I stop consuming them?


    Stalactites, Melbourne

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    The weather has been pretty hot and humid recently, and this makes me miss Australia more!!! Been to Australia a few times, and I especially like their winter in Melbourne. Many of you would think that I'm mad, as whoever stasys or been to Melbourne would know that the weather there is very unpredictable. It could be chilly at one moment and hot the next moment. Well... maybe I am a lil crazy, because I miss the raining days in Melbourne during their winder time!! Hahahaahaha!! I think the hot and humid weather in Malaysia is really getting into me! LOL

    Apart from the cold weather, one of the thing I missed is a Greek restaurant in Melbourne called "Stalactites". It is located in Russel Street, and is a very famous restaurant in the city.

    My brother brought us there last year while we went for his convocation. The pricing there is reasonable and the food is YUMMY! We were there kinda early for dinner, but there was already a queue outside the restaurant, and we were waiting outside under the cold weather in the evening. *Cold~~~~~* Finally when we were being seated my stomach was protesting and I almost told the waiter to give us one each of their entire menu. I felt that I could have swallowed a cow! Luckily my senses were still there and I did not go that insane. We ordered their grilled lamb and chicken, mousakka and salad.

    Grilled lamb and chicken

    Bread use to wrap the meat.. yummy!!!


    Salad with chesse and olives