Tickling My Tastebuds

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Hola senor and senorita! How you boys and girls doing? It is almost towards the end of the weekday, and yes I know today is only Thursday, but you can't blame a girl for wanting her Thurdays and Fridays to pass by faster! Hehehehe...Anyway, I just wanted to share a nice cosy place with you boys and girls out there, a nice little place named Bon Bon's Bakery and Cafe. It is located in Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya. If any of you people know where is KDU main campus in PJ, or the old Atria Shopping Complex, the cafe is located very near there. Is somewhat easy to find, but with all the constructions going on at the area, makes it hard to find.

The cafe operates from Monday to Saturday (not quite sure the exact time). The cafe operate 5 days a week (Monday to Tuesday, and Thursday to Sunday) from 7:30am, and they are close on Wednesday and Sunday. **P/S: Thx to a kind-hearted soul who provided with this update ^_^

I used to go there for their breakfast, and will always order to their American Big Breakfast. It is a hearty breakfast that comes with toast, baked beans, sausages, ham, and egg (your choice of sunny-side up or omelette); fresh fruit juice and coffee or tea of your choice. They have other ligher breakfast such as french toast, sandwiches and many more. For the non-morning folks out there, don't worry! They serve quite an extensive list of lunch menu too! From western to Asian/Local food, they have chicken chopped (my all time favourite would be their honey mustard chicken ^^) to spaghetti and Asam Laksa. Apart from their day to day list, they would have a daily special menu. One of my favourite from their daily special is their "Mee Rebus", which is yellow egg noodles cook with spicy slightly sweet curry-like gravy. The gravy is normally made of potatoes, curry powder and many more; but most of the time you can't really taste the sweetness of the potatoes in the gravy but you end up getting a bowl of noodles soaked in a diluted yellow soup. Yucks!
Mee Rebus

In Bon Bon's they have a serious quality control in everything they serve. The food will be personally cooked or baked by their pretty lady boss. Hence, you can really taste the sweetness of the potato and aromatic curry in their well-seasoned gravy. The noodles are served with chicken and fried beancurd, hard-boiled egg and garnish with dried shrimp and shallots. They also serve it with half a lime on the side, so that you can squeeze in some lime to add some acidity into the dish and bring out the flavors even more. The gravy was so aromatic and tasty, that I finished the entire plate and was tempted to lick all the gravy!

Tiramisu with Whisky
Besides their main dishes, their desserts is always a must have for me. I seriously love their dessert. As usual, I had their Tiramisu cake. I believe that when it comes to Tiramisu, many people have different preferences. Some people like their Tiramisu to be made of short bread; some like theirs to be made with alcohol and some don't. I prefer my Tiramisu WITH alcohol! LOL! Bon Bon make a killer Tiramisu, if you ask me, but hey...palates are subjective! If you like your Tiramisu to be filled with aromatic alcohol then you are at the right place. Their Tiramisu cakes are light and moist in the middle even though with all the cream, and they actually add in a whole bottle of whisky into making the cake, but the alcohol is not too over-whelming. To add in some textures, they make the base of their cake using digestive biscuits, which make the cake extra yummy!

To add on to my cake, I had their Banana Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream, which is also another satisfying dessert to end your whole meal. They warm up the banana crumble (which I believe I tasted a hint of cinnamon) for us and paired it with cold vanilla ice cream. With every mouthful, I could taste the sweetness of banana that goes so well with cinnamon. For those that don't really fancy cinnamon, fred not! The taste of cinnamon was not over-powering, but it had the right amount that make you go spoon after spoon of the crumble.
Warm Banana Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream

Interior of the cafe, with the pretty lady boss at the counter

The address:

22 Jalan SS 22/21  47400 Petaling Jaya, Damansara Jaya

Telephone: 03-7728-6357