Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask: Gentle Exfoliating Creamy Milk Bubbles Mask

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Another beauty review! And yes, another product from Althea ^_^

Ever since Althea came into Malaysia, it has quickly become of the most visited beauty sites for my friends to get their beauty hauls. Started as a site that sells Korean beauty products at a lower price, Althea is now also producing their very own line. One of their products is the Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask.

I wasn't quite sure what the product actually was when I first saw the name. Is it a milk-based cream mask? Is it a peel off mask? The answer is: It is a gentle exfoliating mask with milk. Some of you might wonder if it's really important to exfoliate, and my answer would be "Yes", especially if you put on makeup regularly. But then again, you don't want an exfoliator that is too harsh on the skin too.

Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask is a gentle peeling mask that contains both AHA and BHA extracts. The mask transform from clay to a whipped cream lather, whisking away dead skin cells to prevent flakiness. It is also formulated with casein protein from milk to revitalize and moisturize the skin. It is said to give the result of a radiantly smooth, healthy skin that's bouncy to the touch.

The product is said to be suitable for all skin type and has 3 key ingredients:

Milk Protein Extract: Moisturizes and strengthen the skin.
AHA & BHA: Gently exfoliates away dead skin cells for a smooth complexion.
Kaolin: Detoxifies and pulls out impurities from the pores.

The Milk Peel Cream Mask is suitable for:

Combination Skin Types
Enlarged Pores
Rough, sensitive skin that needs gentle exfoliation
Dry skin that needs to stay moisturized even after peeling

The mask comes in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The packaging is very simple, and I think the colour of blue and white fits the "milk" theme perfectly. Another plus point of the packaging is that it comes with a sturdy cap that doesn't fall off easily.

The application of the mask is pretty straight forward:

1. Dampen the skin.
2. Apply a thin layer of mask onto the skin.
3. Massage till it forms a rich lather.
4. Leave on for 30-60 seconds before rinsing away with warm water.

Personally, the 30-60 seconds of waiting time is a huge plus point, especially during the days when I'm too exhausted or rushing for time. The mask comes in a creamy-clay texture but it turns into bubbles when apply onto the skin. As I continue to massage the mask, it turns into a rich lather that has very similar texture to very fine whipping cream. Also, I like the powdery-milky scent of the mask. I wasn't expecting much from the mask, but I realized my skin looks clearer and brighter the next day. As for the moisturizing part, I don't feel any much difference after using the mask but it didn't dry out my skin either - which is good, considering I have dry-combination skin.

Overall, I had so much fun trying out and using the Milk Peel Cream Mask. If you are looking for a mask that requires a minimum amount of waiting time yet still deliver results in giving you a brighter looking skin, I would say it is worth giving the product a try.

You can purchase the Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask (50ml) @ RM 36 on Althea. To know more updates and products from Althea, you can check out their website and follow both their Facebook and Instagram.