Birthday - Decanter, Seksyen 17

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For the past few years I either spent my birthday having my final exams, out of the country or on a plane! This year..I spent my birthday falling sick - talk about being kinda unlucky! Though I'm sick, this would not stop me from celebrating my birthday, though it was just a simple yet sweet dinner.

Since I'm on leave but Joe is working, he decided that we would go out to celebrate my birthday over a nice dinner. It's a weekday, so we did not go far, but chose to go somewhere near - Decanter at Seksyen 17. I've been to this restaurant a couple of times, and I like the food there. They serve Western and Asian food, so the patrons have a wider range to choose from.

This time, we ordered their Mixed Grill (RM45) and share, since the waitress adviced it was for 2 person to share. It comes with grilled prawn, lamb, chicken and fish. Also, it was served with mashed potatoes with black pepper sauce and salad as their sides. It was not bad, but if you are a big eater or absolutely love your meat, then this would not be the ultimate dish for you. 2 reasons: first, the portion is enough for small eaters to share, and secondly, they serve one portion for each of the protein mentioned above.


Since I wasn't really hungry and was kinda worry that we wouldn't be able to finish the food, we decided that we'll order a main dish and some sides or soup. I'm a big time soup lover, so I ordered Oxtail Soup (RM10) without hesitation and Joe had Wild Mushroom Soup (RM9). I wasn't really into their Oxtail Soup, as I think Jake's Grill serves better version. I didn't really have that beefy-kinda taste when I had the soup. However, I would order their Wild Mushroom soup the next time I go there. Most of the time when I see Mushroom soup on a menu, I would never order that. That's simply because most of the time they taste pretty much like Campbell soup, and I never like the taste of it. This is different in Decanter. You can definitely taste the mushrooms in the soup, and it was strong, unlike some instant mushroom soup you get from the groceries.
L: Wild Mushroom Soup; R: Oxtail Soup
Normally, I would like to end my meal with a dessert, especially if it's a dinner. However, I've decided to skip dessert this time. Anyhow, I had a lovely dinner and recevied a surprise gift from Joe - Instant Camera from Fujifilm!!!

 Surprise birthday gift ^^
Also, I've received some gifts from some very lovely peeps!!
Top from cousin
Body Scrub from BFF
Last but not least, you can't have a birthday without a birthday cake!!
Cake from RT from cousin
Can't quite put my fingers on the cake flavor, and stupid me of not asking my cousin what flavor she bought for me. LOL!!! It has a hint of chocolate and coffee (if I'm correct) and I love the nutty flavors of the cake from the nuts on top.
Happy 27th birthday to myself!!!!!! ^^


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