Gentlemen or Slavery? XD

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This is gonna be a post with nothing but words and I'm kinda sure it is going to piss some of the ladies out there. But who cares! This is my blog and a space to dump my thoughts!

Among all of the things I despise ( I know...that's a strong word), I really can't stand the girls having their bf/husband carrying their handbags, and vice versa. Every time I see this, it really makes me feel like going up to them and shout at them! It is really ridiculous, don't you think? There are NO FREAKING EXCUSES that could justify this kind of act!!!!!

1. Well....the bag is too heavy

For goodness gracious, if the bag is too heavy take out those unnecessary stuff! You don't need to bring your whole dressing table out! All you need is your house keys, car keys (if these girls even drive!), powder (if you want to touch up), purse and phone. That's all!! Are these things that heavy???? The answer is obviously NO.

2. My shoulders get tired after carrying the bag

WTF?!!! Are you trying to say that your shoulders get tired but ours don't? What? Are we some superwoman or alien that we don't get tired? Hello....our shoulders get tired too, but do we make our men carry the bags for us? Hell NO! You have 2 shoulders, so switch side whenever one side get tired! Problem solve! After all, back to point 1, if you do not bring your entire dressing table out, generally your bag won't be so freaking heavy till it hurts your shoulder!

3. It is a gentleman job to help their lady to carry the bag

There's a very thin fine line between gentleman and slave (oppss...another strong word).Opening the door , carrying heavy items for her and pulling the seat for her is called gentleman; carrying her bag is nowhere near being a gentleman. Seriously, do you know how ridiculous the men look when carrying a lady handbag? To make things worst, many girls like their bag to be real feminine, and just paint that picture in your mind and imagine the scene. Scary, no?

4. I'm too lazy....

This, I would say, is the worst excuse. What do you mean by "you are too lazy to carry your bag"? Then why even bother buying it in the first place? Well, if you are that rich and like to buy pretty bags BUT TO FREAKING LAZY TO CARRY THEM OUT, easy solution - display them in your house then! That way you can admire them all you want, or maybe invite few friends to "admire" how pretty are they!

Guess I should stop all these bitching before I start pissing even more people out there.


Idiots Pedestrian in Malaysia!

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I am not a racist person or will discriminate others, but there are times that "certain people" just gets under my skin. I was on my way back after a dinner with my mom, and there were these 4 Indians were crossing the road like they are the freaking king of this country and walking across the road at their own pace! Not exaggerating or any kind, THEY WERE PRACTICALLY IGNORING ALL THE CARS AROUND THEM AND CROSS THE ROAD!!!!!!! WTF!!

It is just so typically them! For those of you who are Malaysian, you would totally understand what I meant! I'm just amazed by that 4 dudes! "Hello!! I was practically behind you and there were cars around WAITING for the 4 of you IDIOTS to cross the road at your own freaking sweet pace!!!!!!!" ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I understand all the heroes in the bollywood movies always survive no matter what injuries they suffered and they never seems to die! BUT this is freaking real life and for goodness gracious YOU GUYS ARE NO FREAKING WAY BOLLYWOOD ACTORS!!!!

All I wanted to say is, YOU DO NOT OWN THE ROAD SO PLEASE MOVE WHEN THERE ARE CARS COMING! Apart from obstructing the traffic, it is really very dangerous! There are always some idiot drivers that think they are driving some Ferrari and speed like crazy! By the way of these idiots crossing, the possibility of getting hit by these drivers are way to high!!! And quite frankly, I would say that they asked for it. I know that's mean, but is a fact.


Christina Perri - Distance (feat. Jason Mraz) [Official Music Video]

Love the collaboration between Christina Perri and Jason Mraz. Though Jason Mraz did not have a solo part in the song, but his voice gave this song a different feel. The very least, it painted a picture for me of a boy and a girl that are in love with each other, but are too afraid to let it out loud. The song might not be what I have interpreted, but hey, ain't songs are subjective to individual interpretation? What's yours then?



Fun.: Some Nights [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Music is very very close to my heart. Regardless my ups and downs, I always like to express myself through musics and songs, and I'll sing them out loud! This song by "Fun" is called "Some Night", which is a song that I'm very into recently. The reason I love this song is simple, apart from the vocalist voice, it always makes me smile. I guess that's because this song tend to give me a "lion king" feel due to their background music.
Music has no boundaries, neither does music care about skin color and religion. 


Unique gelato - Cielo Dolci again!

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Talked about whacky and creative flavors of ice cream nowadays!

I was in Paradigm mall with Joe the other day and passed by Cielo Dolci when we were looking for a place to rest our feet. I blogged about Cielo Dolci previously on their unique flavors - Nasi Lemak Gelato ( This time we came across something even more...i would said....creative *ehem* :

1. Sticky Rice + Mango
2. Citrus Chiller
3. Chocolate + Cili Padi
4. Wasabi

We never got a chance to try out their daily specials, but I was so super interested in their Chocolate and Cili Padi flavor! You folks that dig into very different flavors of gelato, do give Cielo Dolci a try. I'll definitely go back there again to see what other daily specials they have. Oh ya, they have very friendly staffs too! ^^


My latest find - CellAct

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We gals all know how hard is it for us to find a products that really work on our skin. After all, when it comes to skin care, is really depends on individual. After years of finding and trial and error on tons of products (which some were really really really....a waste of money!!), finally I found a 'lil something that work on me - CellAct!!

I just started using their products bout 2-3 months ago, and so far, I'll say I like the results!! ^^

Whitening Concentrate - 5 bottles in a box

In Asia countries, like Malaysia, we get the sunlight a 'lil too much (sometimes...I'll say). Thus, we can see there are tons and tons of whitening and lightening products in the market. And, can deny, we gals have also been hunting these products everywhere that really works for us. After all, is important to fight off the UV rays using good sunblock, and also is super important to prevent those little freckles and pigmentation on our face!!

After all the years of hunting, I found CellAct Whitening Concentrate. I have been using their concentrate (something similar to a serum) bout 3 month ago, and I can already see the results. I find it is better then all the other whitening and lightening products that I have previously used. Well, once again, this is very subjective. The bottles may look small to you ( is really small =p), but it can last quite long for its size due to it is really concentrate and you don't really need to apply a lot on the face.

Other than the concentrate, my another all time favorite is the whitening lotion:

I know....i have lots of whitening products!! Can't help it..... !! So far, I'm still testing out the lotion. ^^ To add on to my whitening collection, I have one more product that is also working for me - Skin Lightening Mask!!!

Tried on the agnes marks on my face, and guess really does lightened them. Hmm.....

In conclusion, I really like the products from CellAct. Unfortunately, it is slightly pricey compare to some of the brands. Am also using their cleanser and toner, I'm really seriously thinking should I switch my current brand to theirs...Hmmmmmmmmm.... ><


The BEST Assam (tamarind) Fish - Muar, Johor

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I was going through my facebook albums and I stumbled across one of my eat-out aka makan album - Muar Assam (tamarind) Fish! So I've decided to share this little restaurant in my hometown - Muar, that sells one of the best Assam fish that you can find. It is not a very grand or nice restaurant with air-conditioner, but a nice little shack (a cosy one of course) that serves their food with fresh ingredients.
Shades along side the restaurant

I'm not really sure how extensive or limited their menu is, because we never requested to look at their menu and just made our order with the waitress the moment we arrive. It seems like we kinda know what dishes to have for, without further adieu, I'll go straight to the dishes. First of all, of course the main attraction of the restaurant - Assam Fish. They serve their fish fillet in a sour and spicy soup, which you can request to refill whenever you want! I understand some people prefer their soup to be less watery, but I perfer mine more to the spicy and slightly watery side. My understading from the owner of the restaurant, they import their Assam from Indonesia, which is very different from other shops. Apart from their delicious soup, their fish is very fresh. The owner insists of purchasing from the fisherman early in the morning the moment their boat hit the shore.
Delicious fish with Spicy and Sour Assam soup ^^

Besides the fish dish, we would always order their stingray stir friend with black beans and dried cillies. This is also another specialties of theirs. I'm a girl that love my food to be as spicy as they can get. Their stingray dish is also my big time favourite. For those of you that don't really like or have a weak stomach for spicy food, don't worry! This dish will give you enough heat to make you want more, but would not be too spicy till you can't take a second bite! As mentioned that their owner insisting of getting his ingredients as fresh as they can be, their stingrays are also very fresh.
Yummy stingray with black beans and dried cillies
I would also recommend their stir fried octopus with prawns. No surprise there that this is another dish that have some heat in it. I have big issues with over-cooked prawns, as I prefer my prawns to be al dente. In other words, I like them to be firm but not cooked till they have a hard texture. The prawns and octopus are stir fried with black soya sauce with dried cillies, which give you a slight bitterness from the black soya sauce. I never like black soya sauce because they always have an over-whelming bitterness in them, but this did not happen to their dish. They balance off the flavours well.

Octopus and Prawns

Vege stir fried with Spicy Sambal (cilli paste)
To complete our lunch, we would always order a vegetable dish. I love my vege and greens, especially when they are freshly grown at the backyard of the restaurant.


Kinohimitsu BB Drink

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Beauty and Forever Young!! Which girl doesn't want these? I am ADDICTED to beauty products and skin care and whatever in between that can improve my skin. I have seriously sensitive skin and acne problem. and I have hunting up and down for some miracles to could help solve my problem. In the past, we use to look for skin care to improve and/or maintain our skin. Now, we are hearing more and more of the word - collagen drink. There are so many different brands in the market, and I believe many of you girls definitely have tried collagen drinks at some point in your life.

I went online did some research and decided to give Kinohimitsu a try. I was struggling on which range to choose, as they have VARIETIES!!!! Finally, I made up my mind and started off with thei BB Drink.
It's said to restore your skin's natural glow and clarity, and able to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate every single cell in your body by giving rich, healthful nutrients to promote a baby-like rosy complexion. I was excited the moment I saw the descriptions, of course a few reviews that complimented this drink. I have all the beauty problems in the world, from acne, blemishes, chapped lips and open pores to dull-looking skin. I went on to buy a box from SaSa as they are having promotion (10's + 2's). I had try Lennox many years ago, but wasn't impressed by the results, or I should say, no results. Hence, I was not putting any hopes when consuming the drink.

I followed the instructions given, which was to drink 6 days continously and 1 bottle every 3 days. For the first few days, I didn't really see any results, but by the 6th days I realised that my skin looks better, without and/or without make up. To add on, my skin looks way nicer now when I just put on minimal makeup (without any concealer or whatsoever), and they stays longer. I was thinking these might be my personal opinion, but then just last week my mom complimented that my skin looks fairer and brighter. I did not change my facial routine neither did I go for a facial that week. Personally, I would say that the drink does work for me and I will continue to consume this before I switch to their Collagen Diamond 5300 drink. I plan to finish up another box of their BB Drink before I start pumping collagen into my system.

Will definitely write up another review after I've tried their Collagen Diamond 5300 drink. In conclusion, I am very very excited to try out Kinohimitsu other range. ^^