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Just when I'm trying to save some money, it has to be the very same moment that I need to get new clothings and working pants. T______T

I swear to God I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO SHOP!!!! But..... there are times that we can't fight with the human body cum natural order and just have to give in - gaining weight!! The last time this happened to me, I've gained almost 10kg, and trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight at all. Been thinking of few solutions:

1) Cut down my food intake - This is gonna be a big problem for me, as I have BIG BIG LOVE for food and due to my super duper high metabolism, I get hungry almost every 2-3 hours. So basically, I need 4-5 meals a day to "replenish" my lost energy.

2) Going to Gym or do some excersive, or whatsoever - Did that and failed greatly!! Only issue for this is, I don't like most of equipment in Gym and I only went there for the dance classes. Neither do I like jogging ><. I love swimming, but the closest pool is kinda dirty and I have tiny bits of issues sharing a pool with too many people. Fred not! I still love badminton and tennis and squash. You'll be thinking "Well... that's easy. You can find a badminton court in almost anywhere!! Problem solve!!" NOOOOOOO!!!!! I don't like open court (which means I only go to badminton courts that have been partitioned), and the nearest tennis court is quiet a distance T_T

Hence, I'm still trying to figure out what to do to stop my body from gaining too many unnessecary 'meat" at all the unwanted "spots"!!!!


The Hoofed, TTDI

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What you ladies and gentlemen were doing on a Wednesday night? Went out for some ladies-night fun?? ^^

Me and my boyfriend went to The Hoofed in TTDI. For those of you that don't know where's the Hoofed, it is located right above Tom, Dick and Harry. Many of you might be wondering why did we choose a weekday night to go there for dinner. Well, thank to me forgetting that I've bought the voucher for that place and did not manage to go over the weeked, due to making late reservation. =(

It took us quite a bit of time to find a parking even it is on a Wednesday night *phew*. Luckily we made the reservation rather than walk in, as we saw tables with "Reservation" sign on them. Hmmm.... talk about having good business on a weeday night! We were being sitted near to the entrance, but it was quite an ok spot to sit. Patrons were already eating and enjoying their beers when we arrived, and I must say, the environment was not bad. With the dim lightings and the space between tables are consider spacious (I really do not like restaurants that arrange their tables to close to each other, as you lose all the privacy you would want over a meal). It is a bit noisy though, due to the music blasting from downstairs, but you are still able to talk to each other without having to shout. =p

The wall at the sidewalk while walking up the stairs are full of these cute 'lil flying pigs ^^

Our voucher consists of a soup, a main course, and a dessert:

Tomato Soup (personally..it tastes more like a tomato puree rather a tomato soup....)
Chilled Tomato Juice

Fried Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce and vegetables

Pork Shoulder

Vanilla ice cream and banana topped with chocolate sauce

Browies served with vanilla ice cream

The food were generally ok, but I was kinda disappointing with it. First of all, the main course were not served hot. They were not cold, but they were at room temperature. You would expect a piping hot dish when they serve you the food. Besides that, the portion of the food. It is reaaaally too small, be it the main dish or the vegetables at the side. They only have 2 snow pea, 2 carrots and 2 brocollies. Other then that, by looking at the dish, it is really not that appetizing. I guess this might be due to the plating of their food. They were just practically a piece of meat stacked on top of a barely-there-mashed-potato, and with few vegetables at the side. I'm not sure this is how they plate their food or was it because we were using the voucher so they kinda "cut-cost".

The dessert was not bad. I'm more of a ice cream person than a brownies gal. However, I still think the brownies were not bad. They hit it up before serving, so you'll get that moist and warm texture. Pair it with the ice cream, you'll get that warm and cold sensation in your mouth. Their brownies is not too sweet, so it is just nice to eat it with the ice cream.



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Talk about obsession, what's yours? Shoes? Clothings? Or accessories? I'm kinda obsessed into one cute 'lil fella - Danbo!!! Been bringing that little guy around and taking pictures, be it at my house or office. For those of you that do not know what's danbo, please go google. Or alternatively...refer to the pic below (if you are too lazy to google ^^)


Danbo is cute!!! Aint he???? lol!!!

Thanks to my boyfriend that "introduce" me to danbo, and from that very day onwards (which was actually just last Sunday), I'm in love with this little cardboard man that always have that emo looks on this face!!! I'm still exploring with my boyfriend's danbo, while waiting for MINE to come and then......I'll come out with tons and tons of ideas to take this 'lil guy's pics!!!

Wonder would I get to bring "him" out this weekend and take some more pics or not.... *wink*