Unique gelato - Cielo Dolci again!

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Talked about whacky and creative flavors of ice cream nowadays!

I was in Paradigm mall with Joe the other day and passed by Cielo Dolci when we were looking for a place to rest our feet. I blogged about Cielo Dolci previously on their unique flavors - Nasi Lemak Gelato (http://galnextdoor-becky.blogspot.com/2012/09/cielo-dolci-interesting-flavors.html). This time we came across something even more...i would said....creative *ehem* :

1. Sticky Rice + Mango
2. Citrus Chiller
3. Chocolate + Cili Padi
4. Wasabi

We never got a chance to try out their daily specials, but I was so super interested in their Chocolate and Cili Padi flavor! You folks that dig into very different flavors of gelato, do give Cielo Dolci a try. I'll definitely go back there again to see what other daily specials they have. Oh ya, they have very friendly staffs too! ^^

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