The BEST Assam (tamarind) Fish - Muar, Johor

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I was going through my facebook albums and I stumbled across one of my eat-out aka makan album - Muar Assam (tamarind) Fish! So I've decided to share this little restaurant in my hometown - Muar, that sells one of the best Assam fish that you can find. It is not a very grand or nice restaurant with air-conditioner, but a nice little shack (a cosy one of course) that serves their food with fresh ingredients.
Shades along side the restaurant

I'm not really sure how extensive or limited their menu is, because we never requested to look at their menu and just made our order with the waitress the moment we arrive. It seems like we kinda know what dishes to have for, without further adieu, I'll go straight to the dishes. First of all, of course the main attraction of the restaurant - Assam Fish. They serve their fish fillet in a sour and spicy soup, which you can request to refill whenever you want! I understand some people prefer their soup to be less watery, but I perfer mine more to the spicy and slightly watery side. My understading from the owner of the restaurant, they import their Assam from Indonesia, which is very different from other shops. Apart from their delicious soup, their fish is very fresh. The owner insists of purchasing from the fisherman early in the morning the moment their boat hit the shore.
Delicious fish with Spicy and Sour Assam soup ^^

Besides the fish dish, we would always order their stingray stir friend with black beans and dried cillies. This is also another specialties of theirs. I'm a girl that love my food to be as spicy as they can get. Their stingray dish is also my big time favourite. For those of you that don't really like or have a weak stomach for spicy food, don't worry! This dish will give you enough heat to make you want more, but would not be too spicy till you can't take a second bite! As mentioned that their owner insisting of getting his ingredients as fresh as they can be, their stingrays are also very fresh.
Yummy stingray with black beans and dried cillies
I would also recommend their stir fried octopus with prawns. No surprise there that this is another dish that have some heat in it. I have big issues with over-cooked prawns, as I prefer my prawns to be al dente. In other words, I like them to be firm but not cooked till they have a hard texture. The prawns and octopus are stir fried with black soya sauce with dried cillies, which give you a slight bitterness from the black soya sauce. I never like black soya sauce because they always have an over-whelming bitterness in them, but this did not happen to their dish. They balance off the flavours well.

Octopus and Prawns

Vege stir fried with Spicy Sambal (cilli paste)
To complete our lunch, we would always order a vegetable dish. I love my vege and greens, especially when they are freshly grown at the backyard of the restaurant.

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