Leptin Green Coffee 1000

14:07 becky-wong 3 Comments

Recently I've came across with a diet supplement product - Leption Green Coffee. From magazines to virtual world and to beauty shops such as SaSa. There's 18 sachet in a box, and it cost about RM70 per box. Basically, how this drink works is that, you have to drink one sachet per day 30 minutes before meal and it will help to surpress your diet (as I was informed by the staff from SaSa).

Out of my curiosity, I bought 2 boxes from SaSa, since they are having promotion 2 boxes for RM110. I just started drinking it so don't think I'll be seeing any results within few days. But flavor wise, as a coffee lover, it tasted quite good I would say. Hmmm......

I was doing some tiny bits of research online trying to collect some feedbacks and reviews of some other consumers about this product. So far, I've been reading some good and positive reviews about this product. Anyone has tried this and could kindly give me some feedback????? ^__^