[Food] What's Your Roll: Okonomi @ Publika

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Sushi lovers! It's time to try some innovative sushi roll other than the ones you find on the conveyor belt.
Perhaps you heard about Okonomi before this, but let me give you a brief introduction just in case you are not too sure who are they. Okonomi has been in the market for about 6 months now and they have received a lot of positive reviews on social media. They served mainly Japanese fusion highlighting in customized Maki rolls. This means you can customized your very own sushi roll. Hence, the slogan - What's Your Roll? You can choose from 40 different fillings, 20 different sauce and dressings, and 16 different toppings to create your preferred Maki roll.

The moment you step in to the restaurant, you'll walk pass the "kitchen" area which has an open-concept, and you can see the ingredients displays by the window. It's always good to know how fresh your ingredients, isn't it so?

Thanks to Foodink, we were invited to a food review at Okonomi over the weekend to try out some of their new dishes.

Caesar Salad Roll (RM 19.90)
Never thought a salad could be presented in sushi roll form, until I had the Caesar Salad Roll (RM 19.90) from Okonomi. It's a uramaki of white rice wrapped soy wrap, chicken karaage, crispy coral lettuce, boiled egg with croutons and grated parmesan on top and cheddar mayo at the side. With the chicken karaage and croutons, this is one sushi roll that's full with crunchy texture!
Crunchy Crab (RM 26.90)
The Crunchy Crab (RM 26.90) is another uramaki of Hokkaido crab meat, soft shell crab, carrot, tempura crunch wrapped in white rice and seaweed with togarashi and cheddar salad dressing. The sushi roll has a slight heat due to the togarashi, which is red chili peppers. The soft shell crab was also nicely fried and not oily at all.

Mango Prawn Salad (RM 20.90)
The Mango Prawn Salad (RM 20.90) is a bowl of succulent prawns, mangoes and Japanese cucumber topped with tobiko and mango salad dressing served over mixed greens and cherry tomatoes. The mildly sweet salad is very refreshing and perfect as an appetizer.

Ebi Fry (RM 15.90)
Fan of fried food? Try the deep fried succulent breaded prawns of Ebi Fry (RM 15.90). Worry the dish might be too heavy? Few drops of the tangy lemon juice would do the trick!


[Food] D'King Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake

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Mid-autumn festival is just around the corner. I used to have tons of fun celebrating this meaningful festive season with lanterns and mooncakes. My brother and I would light up a lot of lanterns and hanged them around the house, while the rest of the family members gather around to chit-chat.

The other "must have" in celebrating the mid-autumn festival is the mooncake. Mooncake used to be the simple lotus paste with or without salted egg yolk; but as time goes by, we have more and more varieties in the market.

This year, apart from the usual mooncake, I'm very happy to celebrate this festive season with my family with D'King Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake!

D'King is a mooncake branch of Duricious Sdn Bhd, which is a durian food specialist since 2010. The company's products ranges from durian skin, durian pancake, durian paste, and mooncake which are sold in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. The D24 durian mooncake were so well received last year, and D'King decided to introduce vegetarian snow skin Musang King durian mooncake, which are handmade and does not contain preservatives and artificial flavouring.


[Beauty] Protect Your Skin with Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV

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One of the essential skincare it ones beauty regime is having a good sunscreen. With the climate changes and weather going crazy over the years, it's very important to apply sunscreen both indoors and outdoors.
No matter where I go, applying sunscreen is a must and thanks to Sunplay, I had the chance to try out the Skin Aqua Sarafit UV SPF50+ PA++++.
Skin Aqua Sarafit UV from Japan is formulated using the double silky powder technology. This means NO MORE feeling of greasiness and stickiness even after you sweat.
The sunscreen claims:
  • Offer the highest protection against UVA with its 4PA+ to protect against UVA rays which is the main cause of premature aging.
  • Ultra-light silky smooth matte finish texture makes it an ideal for daily use in hot and humid weather.
  • Ensure skin remains hydrated throughout the day.
  • Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Super Hyaluronic Acid that helps deliver long lasting hydration by targeting different layers of the skin.
  • Collage infused to help improves skin elasticity while keeping the skin smooth and youthful-looking.
  • Alcohol-free, colorant-free, and mineral oil free
The Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV range consists of Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence and Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Mist.


[Beauty] C Jello Collagen Jelly Bar by SkinSoul

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Collagen is very important to retain youthful and radiant skin, and it comes in various form - ranging from liquid to powder. Today, I'm going to introduce a different collagen to you - C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar!
C-Jello is one of the best sellers in SkinSoul and it's certified Korean halal. I'm sure by now, many of you would know collagen can be found in skin, bone and cartilage; but do you know different types of collagen can be found in specific places of the body?
  • Type 1 - bones, tendons, ligaments and skin
  • Type 2 - cartilages and structure of the eyes
  • Type 3 - liver, lungs and arteries
  • Type 4 - Kidneys and several internal organs
  • Type 5 - Surface of cells, hair and placenta

C-Jello contains Type 1 collagen, which is highly beneficial for the skin. Although Type 1 collagen doesn't burn fat, but it can assist the body in building muscles by using excess calorie in the body, which some theories believe that these nourished muscles will burn off the excess calories in the body.
Apart from the 9 powerful antioxidants, there are 18  proven age fighting benefits of C-Jello too:
  1.  Aids in digestion
  2. Attenuates dark spots
  3. Brightens skin
  4. Binds moisture & enhances skin's hydration level
  5. Boosts immune system
  6. Boosts energy production
  7. Delays the ageing process
  8. Excellent skin whitening effect
  9. Inhibits melanin production
  10. Low in calories, high in essential nutrients and vitamins
  11. Promotes skin firmness & youthfulness
  12. Promotes healthier joints & ligaments
  13. Promotes healthier hair & stronger nails
  14. Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  15. Rich in peptides and antioxidants, anti-carcinogen
  16. Reduce calcium loss
  17. Stimulates collagen synthesis
  18. Overall health improvement
Most of the ingredients are derived by fruits extract and there aren't any chemical presence in C-Jello. It's a 100% natural collagen jelly.


[Food] Crave Cafe @ Oasis Square, Ara Damansara

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Crave is an Australia-inspired café in Oasis Square at Ara Damansara. They offer healthy dishes of both Western and Fusion cuisine.

The cafe is spacious and very cosy. Fancy some chit-chat with the barista? Take a sit by the bar and sip on your coffee while talking to the barista.

The outdoor seats are PERFECT to start off your day or spend a lazy afternoon, if the weather is good.

Chicken Pesto Toast (RM 11.00)
A simple Chicken Pesto Toast (RM 11.00) is an ideal light yet filling breakfast.

We, the foodie, enjoyed the toast A LOT! The toast was crunchy and the pesto chicken was succulent, though the pesto flavours could have been more pronounced.


[Food] Shunka Japanese Restaurant @ Aman Sura, PJ

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Since the month of May, Shunka has been operating in the neighborhood of Aman Suria for about 4 months now.

Founded by Edisson, YC and Elven, Shunka joined the F&B scene in Penang 5 years ago; and now they've stepped foot into the dining scene in Klang Valley. With a cozy neighborhood concept, Shunka is bringing Japanese cuisine to patrons from all walks of life.

Lucky me, I was invited by OpenRice to savor the food from Shunka.
Grilled Pork Belly (RM 7.30)
The dinner was kick-start with a satisfying savoury Grilled Pork Belly (RM 7.30) that's full of crunch.
Crispy Sushi (RM 13.90)
The Crispy Sushi (RN 13.90) has the combination of unagi (eel) and cucumber, and topped with mayonnaise. I like the bite size sushi, but felt the mayo is too much for my liking as it drown out the flavours of the sushi.