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Hello people! My name is Rebecca but some of my friends prefer to call me Becky. A little bit about myself:
  • Born in Selangor but grew up in a lovely small town named Muar in Johor.
  • Love food, beauty products and wish to travel the world (well...at least 50% of the world, I hope!)
  • Love singing to the max!

I love to share new discoveries with my friends; hence, the birth of my blog. Despite having a full time job, nothing give me much joy than writing and sharing my passion with all my readers. I mainly blog about food and beauty, and occasionally on movies too. 

I'm enjoying my blogging life as I've came to know a lot of nice and amazing people - bloggers, PR and of course the readers! I will continue to work on my blog and hope to make it even better, and I thank you for all of your support!