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When Secret Recipe opened a branch in Tropicana Mall, it caught my eye immediately with their name - Beyond Veggie. This was the first time that I've ever came across a vegetarian restaurant by Secret Recipe. Though it caught my eye, but I wasn't really that eager to try it out. After all, I love to try vege meal, but has been disappointed way to many times. This restaurant just slipped through my mind, until one weekday after work, me and my mom ended up in Tropicana Mall. Not really sure where to dine in, we decided to give this Secret Recipe a try. After the first tryout, this would definitely be my usual place to dine in. So, I went back the second time with Joe. Unfortunately, I was too concentrate on my food and did not really take much picture of the surroudings and menu >.<

The deco and layout was simple. I like that. They designed one section of their restaurant with leaves and the whole thing scream very tropical to me.

During my first visit, me and my mom decided that we will share the food, as we both are not really that big eater. We had their Deep Fried Oyster Mushroom with Sesame and Coriander as starter and shared a bowl of their Red Yeast Noodles .
I love my mushroom a lot! And I totally love this dish. The mushroom is cripsy on the outside and it has the fragrance of the sesame. Squeeze some lime onto it, and you totally bring out the flavor of the mushroom and sesame.

Twice visiting the restaurant, I've ordered this same dish. Initially. I was not having much hope on this noddles dish, as the soup of a veggie I've had are either usually quite bland and tasteless and/or they are too oily. So, when the waiter served the noodles, without any hesitation I've asked for cili padi, just as precaution. How wrong could I have been! The soup was not even oily, neither was it bland! It was flavorful and it has the sweetness of the wolfberry that they cooked with the soup. It was delicious!!Not only that, they are definitely not stingy with their vegetables and mushrooms. They don't just give you normal canned button mushroom, it has enoki and oyster mushrooms in it, also another favourite of mine - cauliflower. After dinning out too much, I really dislike soups or broth that are made tasty from adding MSG or too many salt. That just totally unhealthy. So, that being said, I really am very taken into this dish, and I would say it definitely worth a try.

During my second visit with Joe, he ordered Carbonara with Shitake Mushroom, Snow Peas and Asparagus. I only took a bite and couldn't really comment much, but from that one bite I would say the carbonara is really creamy and delicious.

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