Pancakes in Sydney, Australia

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I'm never really a dessert person, however, there's one place in Sydney has made me fall in love with their dessert - Pancakes on the Rocks!

 Usually the conventional pancakes, or the more common pancakes, that we had are sweet. In Pancakes on the Rocks, they serve both sweet and savory pancakes! Our initial plan was to have some dessert, because we had a filling dinner at one of their best ribs restaurant by their Darling Harbour - Hurricane's Grill (which I'll talk about it in another post). However, looking at their menu, I got greedy, and decided to order 4 of their dishes - 3 savory and 1 dessert! >.<
Nachoes with diced tomaties and cillies and sour cream
I don't really fancy sour cream, but I definitely love my nachoes with tomatoes, cillies and lots of cheese! Hence, I didn't really touch the sour cream.

 I couldn't really remember the name of our second dish, but it was served with packakes, bananas, pineapples, fresh tomatoes and greens, and of course not to forget sour cream and drizzled with cheese! Another dish that I could really do withouth the cream cheese. I love the bananas and pineapples, as they really brought out the sweetness after they have pan seared the fruits.

We also order a wrap (can't recall what was inside, I think it was tuna) that was drizzled with CHEESE!!!!lol!! Guess I just can't get enough with cheese! Since I can't really remember the fillings, I'm not gonna comment on this.

Last but not least, our dessert of the night!

Since my parents were really full that night, so they decided to leave the dessert to me and my brother. Trust me, it really wasn't an easy job to choose ONE dessert, as all of their list looks really tempting. After minutes of thinking, I've decided to go with their Triple Chocolate. First of all, who doesn't like ice cream, and secondly you can't really go wrong with chocolate! I love the combination of warm pancakes topped with cold ice cream and some chocolate fudge drizzled by the side. The main thing that makes a pancake delicious is that it is fully and light. This is how their pancakes are.

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