Make A Wish at Spritzer Sparkling Globe @ Pavilion KL

What are your wishes this Christmas?
Remember how we all used to make wishes before blowing out the candles on our birthday cake? Or the times you made a wish in front of a wishing well? Everyone has wishes, and we all hope the wishes will come true.

This year, Spritzer Sparkling presents you with the Wishing Globe. A HUGE and pretty looking snow globe where you can take your photos and take part in their photo contest!

Look out for the globe that is located at the main entrance at Pavilion KL.

So, how do you take part in the photo contest? 

Simple! Just follow these simple three steps and you will stand a chance to win shopping voucher (yay!!! more shopping!!):

1. Snap a photo at the globe.
2. Upload your photo to your Facebook and #SparklingXmas. (Don't forget to set the post as "Public")
3. Like Spritzer's Facebook Page and wait for the result!

Each week, 10 winners will be selected based on "Likes and Creativity". To know more of the term and conditions, do visit there page here.

Have fun taking lots of photos at the Sparkling Globe!

Till then, Spritzer Sparkling wishes you a Merry Christmas and may ALL your wishes come true!

Cubecrate October 2016 - Halloween Party in A Box!

What would you relate to the month of October? Yep, Halloween!! And when it comes to Cubecrate mystery box, I could already foresee it's going to be a box full of awesome Halloween-related items!

These came in with my Halloween box~ ^_^

Love Is skull bubble bomb. This has to be my favourite from the October box - cute and totally Halloween-ish! All products at Love Is are handcrafted locally using the finest ingredients. Isn't it just cool to take a shower with bubble from a skull?!

Another handcrafted soap from Ilsa Soap Wagon. This is Wake Me Up and it has all my favourite ingredients in it:

1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil - heals and rejuvenates the skin
2. Peppermint Essential Oil - counter stress and mental exhaustion
3. Tea Tree Essential Oil - fight off fungi and bacteria
4. Lemon Essential Oil - good for acne and eczema, also for anti-aging

The cutest stickers from STICKWITME. Wishing if you could customize your bags, clutches or phone casing? These stickers are made for you!

Black tea from OISHI Malaysia. The tea is nicely chilling in my fridge at the moment,.... LOL!!

Want to know more about Cubecrate? Interested to subscribe their boxes? Check them out at their Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Live.Eat.Slim- Detox with Passion D'Tox

Apart from exercising and having a healthy diet, detoxification is a crucial factor in keeping a healthy body. Toxins in our body will get accumulated over time due to several reasons:

1. Overloaded with work
2. Stressful life
3. Lack of sleep
4. Having too much takeaways or fast food
5. Insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables
6. Insufficient consumption of water
7. Not enough exercise

Some of you might wonder is it really that important to detox regularly? The answer is YES!!!!

Why is it so important, you ask? The answer is simple... How could your body absorb further any nutrients if the systems are full of crap and toxins? We are not just talking about nutrients from your daily meal, but also the supplements you are taking day and night.

Personally, I've been through quite a few detox programmes - some work like a charm and some.... gave me a "painful experience". Despite so, I've never stop working on my detox and recently I stumbled upon Passion D'Tox.

So... what is Passion D'Tox?

Passion D'Tox (PDX) is a nutritious drink that contains passion fruit powder and a mixture of berries that are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is a fiber drink that helps block excessive carbs and calories from your daily meals intake.

The nutrition information and expiry date are clearly stated at the back of the box.

Passion D'Tox contains natural ingredients such as passion fruit powder, fresh fruit powder, wheatgrass powder, and psyllium husk. No added sugar, laxatives and artificial colours were added into the drink.

If you are still wondering what are the benefits of detox? You definitely want to read further:

1. Energy boosting.
2. Remove excessive water in the body.
3. Weight loss.
4. Strengthen your immune system.
5. Improve your skin condition (yes! toxins in your body are also the culprit of your bad skin condition!!)
6. Better breath (who doesn't want that?!)
7. Promote healthy diet
8. Clearer thinking (
9. Healther hair (it's time to get that lustrous hair of your dream!)
10. Lighter feeling
11. Anti-aging benefits
12. Improve sense of well-being

Wow!! With so many benefits, I don't see any reason for anybody not to detox!!!!

Ok, back to Passion D'Tox. What are the benefits of consuming this fiber drink, you ask?

There are quite a few benefits with Passion D'Tox:

1. Rich in fiber, Vitamin C & Vitamin E
2. Soluble fiber forms gel in the digestive track to flush out impurities and toxin
3. Help with constipation - the fiber work like a broom that sweep colon clean
4. Reduce unhealthy fat by blocking excessive carbohydrates and calories
5. All natural - no added sugar, laxative and artificial colours
6. No side effect - all natural ingredients clinically formulated
7. Increase the number of healthy bacteria
8. Improve skin quality (
9. Prevent skin aging (Oh yeah!!)
10. Enhance skin moisturising (*doink doink* to the skin!)
11. Promote skin whitening

Before I go any further, I must say that I really like the packaging of Passion D'Tox. Each box comes with 15 sachets of powder with 12g each.

The powder is olive green in colour.

Before going to bed, I'll mix 1 sachet of the powder with 150ml of room temperature water. Due to it being a fiber drink, it took a bit of effort to thoroughly dissolve the powder.

At first glance, the drink reminds me a lot of assam boi... I don't know why~~ LOL

To my surprise, the drink tasted good! I could taste the passion fruits in it, but the fiber texture caught me off guard at first sip.

The results? Though I don't see much weight loss, but I felt lighter and my tummy has gotten smaller (flat tummy...I'm coming!!). On top of this, my bowel movements are much more regular nowadays WITHOUT the painful experience of detoxing!!! Also, there have been some peeling around my palms area and it seems to be healing - this is certainly a plus for me!!!

Though Passion D'Tox is safe to be consume by everyone, do consult a doctor or qualified physician if you falls under any of the below category:

Product: Passion D'Tox
Size: 12g x 15 sachets
Price: RM 110

For my readers, you are entitle for a free gift when you key in beckywongPDXMY when you purchse from Passion D'Tox fanpage here.

For more information on Passion D'Tox, check out their Website, Facebook.

Save More with Worthy Book: Ladies Edition 2016 to 2017!

To all of you shopaholics out there, I'm gonna share something with you that... might just make your shopping experience much more exciting.

Ever came across Worthy Book?

Worthy Book is a book full of discount vouchers, and they have 2 edition - Ladies and F&B. I had my hand on the Ladies Edition 2016-2017.

There are 150 discount vouchers in the book with more than RM 30,000 worth of freebies and vouchers covering over 50 shopping malls! From online shopping to spa and fitness, you named it they have it!

Sneak peak of the voucher...

Not sure which vouchers you'll be using? Bring the book along with you then! The size of the book is really handy and fit nicely into a bag.

It's also super easy to use the vouchers. It only requires 3 steps:

1. Pick the brand/outlet
2. Choose your voucher
3. Redeem upon visiting/making the payment

Don't forget to read the terms & conditions behind each voucher before using it, to avoid any disappointment.

Desperately in need of a pair of high heels for my best friend's wedding and I gotten myself a pair of high heels from Christy Ng at 30% discount!!

Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016-2017 is now available at major bookstores. You can get it at RM 25.00 at MPH, Times, Kinokuniya,, Popular, Borders and 7-11 around Klang Valley. Alternatively, you can get it online

For more information on Worthy Book, do visit their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Yummy and Healthy Snacks with Cubecrate September Mystery Box

Hey there, lovely people! Hope all of you had a great weekend.

Past couple of weeks has been crazy for me, and now I finally have the time to share with you my September mystery box from CubeCrate Malaysia.

Oh yeah~~~~ I can see it is food theme again!

Homemade Kombucha from Scoby Farm. I've heard of kombucha multiple times and it's benefits, but never tried one before.

I did some research and found out that kombucha is made from fermented green tea. So, how would a glass of fermented green tea taste like? It tasted like carbonated vinegar. I was a little taken aback at first sip, but I got used to the vinegar-like taste after a while.

Despite the vinegar-like taste, there are a few benefits of kombucha too:

- Improve digestion
- Weight loss
- Increase energy
- Cleansing and detoxification
- Immune support
- Reduced joint pain
- Cancer prevention

Green Tea Original Flavaours courtesy of OISHI Malaysia. For someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth, this is definitely my cup of tea. :)

Lovely honey sticks from The Honey Hearts Cafe & Hive. These sticks are perfect if you need some honey on the go.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE snacks, especially when it is savoury! Sadly, most of the snacks are super duper unhealthy. But, with Amazin' Graze, I can now snack guilt-free with their wholesome and freshly-baked granola and nuts! My favourite is the Rosemary Pepita Crisp.

After receiving months of mystery boxes from Cubecrate, they have never ceased to surprise me with the varieties of the products in it.

You can subscribe to Cubecrate from as low as RM35. To know more about Cubecrate and their updates, drop by their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Caversham Wildlife Park @ Perth, Western Australia - Heaven for animal lovers!

Heyyyy~~~~~ how ya'll doing? It was months ago when I went to Perth, but I still can't get over this beautiful place.

The clear blue sky, the warm and friendly locals and the amazing cafes!

I came across this balcony cafe, Moana Coffee when I was researching on cafes in Perth. The cafe is located in a restored heritage building along Hay St. Mall, where they share the building with an artists-run exhibition space. I love sitting by the balcony sipping on my flat white (AUD$ 3), while doing some people-watching.

Another favourite spot of mine at Perth is Polly Coffee Bar at Northbridge. The concrete coffee bar might seem like a pop-up, but they are definitely there to stay. They are strategically located at the Perth Cultural Centre. The coffee is ok, but the sandwiches are really good. If you love sitting outdoor, the coffee bar is worth a try.
Flat White (small) - AUD$ 3.70
Can't get enough of the outdoor and blue sky? Hop over to Livingston's Urban Jungle to enjoy a cuppa. I like how they have created a jungle-liked seating area next to their shop for the customers to hang out. It's very relaxing and this was one of the spot where Joe and I would hang out to get our coffee when we were visiting Perth. There are 3 sizes to their coffee (small, medium and large), and they offer toasties and bagels too.

We made a trip out of the city to Caversham Wildlife Park too. The wildlife park is located inside Whiteman Park, and you can either drive or take a public transport there. Since we did not rent a car, we took the bus to the park, and it was roughly 45 minutes bus ride.

The bus dropped us off opposite of the park entrance, and we have to walk about 1.9km (roughly 23 minutes) to reach the wildlife park. Seriously, the park is HUGE!!!!

Let the walk begin...

Spotted a group of kangaroos hanging at the bushes while walking into the park, and I strongly believe they are wild!

Finally, we are near the park after a looooooong walk! We decided to have our lunch before going to the wildlife park.

Chai Latte.

A mountain of nachos to compensate all the energy lost. XD

The admission fee into the park is AUD$ 28 per adult and you can check for further fees on the website. Oh ya, don't forget to pick up the map of the wildlife park along your way in. It includes the timing of their shows too, and you definitely don't want to miss any of it!

Get ready to snap away... Kangaroos are everywhere!!!!!!!!! They are too cute and I can't resist not to pat and feed them! The park has prepared kangaroo food for you to feed and interact with these cute creatures.

Wanted to take a photo with the wombat, but the queue was too long and I just gave up. Nevertheless, I still get to snap photos of some of these cuties.

Cute koalas~~~

Visited Molly's Farm for sheep shearing, lamb feeding and whip cracking. Yep, you get to volunteer and play with the whip... if you are bold enough! LOL

Stand too close, and they will nibble your clothes.....

There are a lot more animals at the park, and if you are lucky, you might come across some very active Tasmanian Devil in captivity.

Time flies when we were having fun. By the time we stepped out from the park, the sun was already setting. We actually spotted more wild kangaroos on our way out, but we did not stop to take photos because to be very honest... it was kinda scary to be the only 2 people walking across the park with the sky getting dark..... >.<

If you have a whole day to spare, Whiteman Park is a nice place to be. On top of Caversham Wildlife Park, you can visit some of the museums in the park too.

For more information on Caversham Wildlife Park, do check out their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Address: Unit B, Lot 99, Lord Street, Whiteman Park, Whiteman, Western Australia 6068
Operation Hours: 9am to 5:30pm daily (Excluding Christmas Day - 25th December)
Contact: +61 8 9248 1984