Thursday, 24 July 2014

SmarterShop88: Save More!

Thanks to SmarterShop88, I was given 4 samples from their product list to try out. SmarterShop88 offers wholesale low prices and multi-items discount on their products.

1. Collagen Crystal Eye Bag Mask.

When I got hold of the eye mask, the first thing I noticed was the amount of the essence in the package. So, what can this eye mask do:
  1. Prevent and reduce dark circles
  2. Removes puffiness
  3. Refine aging

The mask contain Coenzyme Q10  - which has potent antioxidant effect. Although our cells are able to produce this by ourselves, however, as we age, the production of Q10 tapers off; and our skin will start to age.

I like the texture of the mask. It's so jelly-like!

After placing the mask around the eyes area, all I need to do is sit back and relax for 15 minutes while waiting for my skin absorb all the goodness of the essence. ^_^

I'd prefer to put on mask right after my shower, as the pores will be open and will tend to absorb the essence easily.

You are supposed to apply the mask for 14 days in order to see the results. Since I've only applied it once, I can't really comment much on this. However, I like the feeling of the mask on my skin.

2. Shiseido Black/White/Orange Mask II Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive skin care - exactly what my skin needed.

I was looking for the instructions for the mask, but unfortunately they were all in Japanese. So, I did some research online.

I tried out the Shiseido Face White Mask. The mask has a glue-like texture, so I would advice you to use a spatula to scoop the mask out of the packaging. It would definitely be less messier if you scoop everything out into a small bowl before applying it.

If you are having pigmentations and dull skin problems, you might want to try out this mask. Developed by Shiseido laboratories all the way in Japan, the mask is especially helpful in whitening, revitalising you skin, with anti-aging effects. Also, it prevent dark spots, sun spots, black heads, and pimples, decreasing pore size, reducing wrinkles, enhancing skin collagen regeneration, renewing elasticity, resulting in soft and smooth skin.

The application of the mask is really easy, but you might need a longer time while doing it as it takes slightly longer for the mask to dry up:
  1. Dry your face after cleansing it, and gently apply the mask evenly over your face (avoid your hairlines, areas around eyes, lips and eyebrows).
  2. Leave on for 30 minutes or until completely dried before peeling off gently. A gentle reminder, peel in the direction from your chin to your forehead. Apply toner and your daily skin care products.
I can see my face brightened up a little after using the mask, and they don't look so dull anymore.

3. Shiseido Black Peel-Off Mask

This is another peel-off mask, to remove impurities and blackheads, skin-tightening, pore minimizing, and whitening. Once again, it is advisable to use a spatula to apply the mask. Apply the mask for 30 minutes or until it dries up and ready to be peeled-off.

4. Shiseido Naturgo Mask

It can efficiently removed dead skin, white and blackheads.

Although these peel-off masks are really effective, but if you have a sensitive skin like mine, I'd advise not to use them too often.

There are more products in SmarterShop88 and you can got their Facebook to check them out! They have really fast delivery service. I received my orders on the next day, after confirming my orders the day before.

For more information:

Contact: +6016-553 5101

Address: Jalan Adenium 2G/5, 48300 Serendah

Monday, 21 July 2014

Shopping the World This Year

Ramadhan has been going on for some time, and Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just a week away! Can you believe it? How time flies. For those celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri, I believe you are getting busier in making all the preparations to welcome the festivities.

While it may be fun to shop on weekends for best deals from store to store, we can all agree that it is really a hassle to battle the crowds - and the worst would be the amount of traffic jam! Don't even get me started on getting a car park in the malls. However, fret not, as I have a solution for you here - online shopping.

It's not just about the ease (and headache free) of shopping in just few clicks, but being able to browse and compare the deals at the ease in your home. Even at this technology-savvy era, I understand there are some certain amount of people that have their worries on online payments.

PayPal enables consumers to make safer online payments by not sharing its users' financial details with millions of merchants around the world that accept PayPal. By using PayPal, you can shop around the world - anytime, anywhere! You can check out more on PayPal here.

In conjunction with this Hari Raya, they have partnered up with a few merchants so that YOU are able to shop for your Raya items!

1. JelitaSara
A local online store where you can find all fashionable hijabs and attire that caters for Muslimah fashion. Check out their Facebook page for more updates:

2. Minusey
A Korean casual wear online store where you can find effortless and chic essential attire for your day and night out with the family during this festive season. Enter promo code PPSECURE2014 to enjoy 10% off from now until 30 September 2014. A reason for you to change your wardrobe now? =)

3. Koreadepart
Looking for something apart from clothing? Then you should check out Koreadepart. They are a Korea's online shopping mall that carries a variety of Korean cosmetics, clothing and accessories. Dress up to look like your favourite celebrities this festive season. From now until 30 September 2014, enjoy free shipping with minimum spend of USD150.

4. StrawberryNET
A leading online discount retailer of skincare, makeup, haircare and fragrance. They have over 3,000 genuine product listings at up to 60% off retail price including FREE worldwide shipping.

5. Eachbuyer
They are a Hong Kong online stores that carries over 100,000 products from electronic gadgets right up to health and beauty items. It is definitely an exciting experience for any shopaholic at this one-stop online store! It is so convenient. Enter promo code EBPAYPAL to enjoy up to 70% off gifts plus FREE shipping.

6. HopShopGo
Always wanting to get your hand on that particular brand or products from US? Here's your chance! Shop at HopShopGo and have it delivered to your doorstep faster and at lower shipping rates! From now until August 2014, enjoy 20% off shipping rates + FREE express upgrade.

Check out these amazing online stores and start shopping! Redefine your Hari Raya shopping experience this year with a faster, safer and more convenient way to shop anytime and anywhere.

Amante's Charity Fair

Good Morning everyone! How was your weekend? Hope you have enjoyed some delicious buka puasa food.

Today, I'm going to share something nice with you. Ever heard of Amante? They are a superlative spa for women housing popular beauty and wellness need.

They will be hosting a one-day Amante Charity Fair on 7th September 2014 from 10am to 6pm

In conjunction with this fair, customers can purchase the Amante Charity Coupon booklet for ONLY RM35! Inside the booklet ha 7 x RM5 cash vouchers where you can purchase treatments, activities, food and games at Amante Charity Fair and BONUS thank you RM88 Hot Stone Massage treatment. Pampering yourself while doing charity? WOW!!

So, where the proceeds go?

All the proceed will be donated to GOOD SAMARITAN HOME - Home for children in Malaysia for their education. A little insight on the Home:

"Children that arrived at the Home - they have either lost both of their parents due to unfortunate events, or have been removed from home because of derelict parents, or have suffered the heartbreak of a home shattered by divorce, ran away parent, abandoned.

Good Samaritan Home is a non-profit charitable children’s home committed to serve the poor and needy children in our society. Its aim is to provide for the physical, spiritual and educational well-being of the children. The home started operating in January 1999 with just one child and currently has 32 resident children and another 30 children in the Extension Program."

By raising funds for this home, it would make learning possible for students of all ages, from pre-school to graduate school, providing basic education to those who need it most.

Personally, I'd say the Home has done a good job in providing these children. They gave the most precious things to these helpless children - Love, Home... Hope!

Please do support this course, and join us on the 7th September 2014 at Amante Kota Damansara to show your support for these amazing young children and to Good Samaritan Home.

How can you help:
  1. Purchase the Amante Charity Voucher booklet from the nearest Amante outlet. Visit for a list of locations near you.
  2. Don’t have time? You can transfer/bank in to Amante Beauty Care Sdn Bhd (MAYBANK ACC NO. 512491131743). Send transfer note/bank-in slip to with name, e-mail address & mobile number. You can collect your Amante Charity Coupon Booklet on 7th September, 2014 at Amante Charity Fair.

 ~ Supporting underprivileged children to live their dreams, through better education! ~

Friday, 18 July 2014

Whittaker’​s Chocolates!

I apologize again for my last post... T_T

Any chocolate lovers out there? If you are a huge chocolate lover, then you'll be happy to know that Whittaker's Chocolates has now entered the Malaysia market, and made widely available through leading retailers.

Whittaker's Chocolates has been voted as New Zealand's most trusted brand for the past 2 years. They are a family-owned maker of artisan chocolate hat is in high demand, and lucky for us, Malaysia has been high on their list for a number of years. The entire Malaysia range has been Halal-Certified by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand.

A little background on them. Whittaker's was established in New Zealand by James Henry Whittaker in 1984. Over its 120-year history, they are proud to become an iconic New Zealand brand valued for its honesty and steadfast commitment to quality. Throughout the years, they have received awards and recognition on their brand. To guarantee their quality and Halal status in their chocolates, they are in controls of the whole manufacturing process - from bean to bar - from its factory in Wellington, New Zealand.

Being someone who support Fairtrade, I'm glad to know that Whittaker's is committed to using ethically-sourced ingredients and its two top selling 250g blocks - 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk and 72% Dark Ghana - are Fairtrade Certified.

The Malaysian product range includes chocolate slabs, bars, blocks and assortments, with a total of 27 unique products available. Along with all the flavours that they offer, it includes unique flavours that have not been widely available in Malaysia before, such as peanut butter chocolate, macadamia nut chocolate and dark peppermint fondant-filled chocolate. Whittaker's are constantly developing new chocolate flavours, and I really hope that they will have more new and unique flavours in the future.

Currently, apart from the duty free shops, they are available in major retail outlets including AEON Big, Tesco, and the Dairy Farm Group; and they will look to expand trade channels further in the future.

For more information:

Twitter: @WhittakersNZ

[Review] Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Thanks to +ChurpChurp, I managed to get the premiere tickets to the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

For those who don't know, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the sequel of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Before I go further, let me give you a short synopsis of the movie:

"A deadly virus has wiped out majority of the mankind a decade ago, and the growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by the surviving human being. They have been living in peace, until both world collided - and both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will survive on the planet earth."

Check out the trailer at YouTube.

They have quite a cast here. Let's check out few of them:
  • Andy Serkis as Caesar - the same actor who portrayed Sméagol/Gollum in The Lord of the Rings.
  • Gary Oldman as Dreyfus - I'm sure you remember his work in The Dark Knight and Harry Porter; and also the recent Robocop.
  • Jason Clarke as Malcolm - He's an Australian actor who was involved in some major films such as White House Down and The Great Gatsby.
  • Keri Russell as Ellie - Remember this pretty face? She was in Mission Impossible III few years ago.
  • Judy Greer as Cornelia - She's best known for portraying a string of supporting characters. She had a strong supporting role in last year's Carrie too.
First of all, I must say that they have very good CG and they did a good job in capturing the essence of the apes. As for the story line, though it is a sequel, but they have brilliantly kept it interesting. Even with all the computer animation, they still managed to showcase the emotions of the characters. The effect and design was great too. They successfully created the sets of that gloomy, creepy abandoned streets.

I particularly like the parts where human and apes share some quiet moments together. It taught us, although we might look different, but we are still the same after all. On top of that, the message of "family" and "home" has been brought across very strongly throughout the movie, through the character Caesar.

Overall, it is a movie with great story and computer animation. So, looking for a movie to watch over the weekend? Why not drop by your nearby cinemas and check out Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?

"The War Has Begun"