NutriBrownRice: Smooth and Yummy Instant Brown Rice Drink!

Eating healthy can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you are rushing for time and needed something fast and healthy at the same time. If you are constantly on the go, Nutri Brown Rice might just be what you need.

Brown rice's health benefits have been known for many years and are strongly recommended by dieticians and nutritionists as an excellent source of all-round nutrition. There are 5 wonders of brown rice - lower blood cholesterol, promote healthy blood pressure, protect heart, improve digestive system, and help in weight control.

To ensure everybody will get the nutrients they needed without having to spending too much time, Abrand Food has created Nutri Brown Rice, an instant brown rice drink creating an alternative method of consuming power-packed brown rice in a smooth and yummy way.
There are 6 flagship flavours to choose from.

1. Original

2. Original Flavour (No Sugar Added)

3. Oat (with Soy Lecithin)

4. Honey Flavour

5. Chocolate

The packaging is very user-friendly, with a cut-out to close the box and with clear illustration of graphics on the instructions in making the drink.

I was expecting to see bits and pieces of oats, but it turned out to be in fine powdery form.

Once added with water, it turns into a thick and creamy oat drink with a little bit of textures. Some of the oat drinks in the market can be too sweet to compensate the flavours, but the sweetness of NutriBrownRice is just nice. I tried the chocolate flavour and it has very subtle hint of sweetness. 

A glass of this can really keep me full till my next meal, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who are into hassle-free and healthy lifestyle. Oh ya, NutriBrownRice is halal too!

You can get Nutri Brown Rice major hypermarket such as AEON, Giant, Cold Storage, and Mercato.

To know more about NutriBrownRice, check out their Website and Facebook.

District 13 Cafe @ Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya

Aman Suria is another place to go if you are looking for food in PJ area. Joining the cafes and kopitiams in the neighbourhood is a friendly cafe named District 13 Cafe. District 13 Cafe is a very simple cafe that serves honest food.

Had a chat with the owner cum chef of the cafe, Howard and found out that they will source their ingredients from the market every morning. With ingredients this fresh, you don't need much of seasoning or marination; rather, Howard believes in letting the ingredients shine. Hence, there are very minimal seasoning and marination in the dishes at District 13 Cafe.

Smoked Duck Salad with Pear Dressing (RM 23). The duck has been nicely rendered and all it left was slices of tender duck meat with a nice hint of smokiness. I took a look at the menu, it says "tea and pear infusion dressing". Though I couldn't really taste the tea but I love the sweetness of the pear that balance out the savoury notes of the duck. Overall, we love this dish to the core.

Chicken Popcorn served with Cheese Sauce (RM 15). If you love the cheesy wedges from KFC, you'd love this even more. Crispy fried chicken popcorn drizzled with spicy cheese sauce, the chicken popcorn are tender and juicy, while the heat from the cheese sauce is a good way to kick-start your appetite. I will have no problem sacrificing my calories for these!

Pan Seared Sea Bass with Cauliflower Puree (RM 21). Sea bass is meaty and flaky. The salsa is light and very refreshing, and I especially love the cauliflower puree.

Pork Schnitzel (RM 18). Juicy meat and crispy batter, the Pork Schnitzel definitely hits all the right mark when it comes to fried food.

Miso Seafood Pasta (RM 25). It was my first time trying miso with pasta. District 13 skillfully incorporated the umami flavours of miso into the pasta without overpowering the entire dish with miso flavours. The Miso Seafood Pasta is definitely a unique dish worth trying and also my personal favourite too.

Ahi Tuna Rice Bowl (RM 20). I love how simple rice bowls are yet you can do so many things with them, just like this bowl of Ahi Tuna Rice Bowl at District 13. Slices of perfectly cooked smoked tuna with runny onsen egg, a simple bowl of smoky and creamy goodness!

Grilled Pork Rice Bowl (RM 18). If fish is not your thing, opt for the grilled pork then.

Juicy Pork Burger (RM 25). Homemade patty by the chef himself at District 13. If you are a fan of burgers, give their burger a try!

Cappuccino (RM 10). District 13 roasts their own coffee beans. Instead of robust flavours, the coffee at District 13 is on the milder side.

Mocha (RM 11). A bit of chocolate to your daily cuppa of coffee.

T.I.E (RM 15). Espresso with soda.

Rose Tea with Milk (RM 10). For non-coffee lovers, give the Rose Tea with Milk a try. A hint of floral note in warm milk, not too bad actually and I'm kind of liking it.

As an experience chef himself, Howard who is also the owner of the cafe, does the ingredient shopping every morning at the market, and prepare the food himself. Every ingredients that goes into the dishes are very well thought of. District 13 doesn't have very extravagant or hipster-liked interior but the sincerity and passion of the owners towards serving good food can be seen through the dishes they serve. If you are at the neighbourhood, why not drop by District 13 and try it out for yourself!

To know more updates on District 13 Cafe, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: 11am to 10.30pm (Tuesday to Thursday) | 11am to 12am (Friday) | 10am to 12am (Saturday) | 10am to 10.30am (Sunday) | Monday CLOSED
Contact: +603 7886 6568

Afternoon Tea at Butterfly Dessert Cafe @ Sri Petaling: Afternoon Tea Set at RM48 for 2!

Usually when it comes to afternoon tea or hi-tea, the pricing can be a bit steep. Tiers of pastries, cakes and sandwiches for 2 could go as high as RM100 and above. Regardless of how much I enjoy having delicate pastries while sipping on tea, I would still think twice before actually spending on afternoon tea or hi-tea. Lucky for me, Butterfly Desser Cafe is now offering Afternoon Tea Set at RM48 for 2!!

The Afternoon Tea Set is available on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday. There are 3 tiers of pastries and cakes, and they are all freshly made on that day itself.

First, start off with some buttery croissant and buttermilk scones at the middle. Slap on some butter and homemade jam, and you are good to go!

Next, we had something heavier such as Cream Cheese Cucumber Sandwiches, cakes and their famous Orange Mango Trifle.

The Earl Grey Cheesecake is smooth and creamy; while the tangy flavours of the passion fruit goes is a perfect match with the sweetness of the meringue.

American Chocolate. A slice of moist and chocolaty cake for chocolate lovers.

Last but not least, some light and chewy macaroon along with fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce to end our lovely afternoon tea at Butterfly Dessert Cafe.

The Afternoon Tea Set comes with a pot of tea of your choice too. I like how Butterfly Dessert Cafe has kept their pastries and cakes selections simple yet without compromising the flavours and quality. The selections will be change from time to time too.

An afternoon tea set for 2 that cost less than RM50?! This is really a deal not to be missed!!! Looking for a place to spend the weekend? Why not drop by Butterfly Dessert Cafe and enjoy a lovely afternoon with their Afternoon Tea Set?

Apart from afternoon tea, Butterfly Dessert Cafe has a variety of decadent desserts too. Click here to find out more!

To know more updates on Butterfly Dessert Cafe, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: Unit 3-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 2pm - 10pm Daily | Wednesday CLOSED
Contact: +603 9054 0289

Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café @ Oasis Square Ara Damansara , PJ

Though I enjoy the casual and relaxing vibe of cafes, it is a nice break for me to dine in a non-cafe eatery once in a while. Having said so, my friends and I were honoured to be invited to a food review session at Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café.

Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café is a cafe during the day and a casual fine dining restaurant during the night. The restaurant is located inside Oasis Square.

The interior of the restaurant has been kept simple, and I especially like the black & white posters on the wall.

Mushroom Bruschettas. We kick-started our dinner with some earthy Mushroom Bruschettas.

French Onion Soup. I am a soup lover and really looking forward towards the onion soup. I love the sweetness of the onions.

Grilled Skinless Chicken Caesar Salad. It is always a good idea to have something light and crunchy as appetizer, especially when it comes with creamy cheese shavings! Yumzz!!

Chilli Garlic Vongole. Compared to the French Onion Soup, I'm a huge fan of the Chilli Garlic Vongole. The vongole is packed with the umami flavours of the clams and it has a nice subtle spiciness to it. On the other hand, the clams could have been plumper.

Salted Egg and Tempura Prawn Alfredo.Unlike many salted egg dishes, the salted egg flavours in the alfredo wasn't too overpowering. The pasta is really creamy and I like the bits & pieces of the salted egg in the dish.

Belacan Seafood Aglio Olio. If creamy pasta is not what you are looking for, add some heat to your meal with a plate of Belacan Seafood Aglio Olio then. The belacan flavours are really very subtle, so don't worry that it will overpower the entire dish.

Grilled Prime Leg of Chicken. For something simple, you may opt for the Grilled Prime Leg of Chicken as your mains. I can't say the chicken is super tender, but the texture isn't too bad; while the gravy has nice earthy flavours.

Summer Crush. Our 1st intermezzo before the pasta dishes. A very refreshing drink with very mild flavours of lemongrass.

Pink Panther. Before going for dessert, we were served with a 2nd intermezzo. Pink Panther is on the sweeter side, which is a perfect transition from savoury main to dessert.

Triple Play Sunday. A glass of bitter-sweet frozen ice coffee.

Chocolate Lava. Ended our dinner with a plate of sweet chocolaty Chocolate Lava.

Grilled Lamb Shoulders with Ratatouille.

Le Shogun Burger.

Salmon Steak and Lemon Caviar.

Fish Fillet and Pepper Coulis.

Island Pizza.

We tried out some other mains too, and do drop by my friends' blog to check them out!

Angeline -
Cinda -
Freda -
Jessy -
Josephine -

Once again, thank you Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café for the invite. If you are looking for a nice place to dine with your special someone, but not too comfortable with fine dining ambiance, Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café would be a good choice.

To know more updates on Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: D-G-06, Block D, Oasis Square Ara Damansara, No.2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operation Hours: 8.15am to 10pm (Monday to Thursday) | 8.15am to 11pm (Friday & Saturday) | Sunday CLOSED
Contact: +603 7859 9998