[Beauty] Happy Bath Moment with YOKO

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With the weather getting crazier nowadays, we have been reminding our loved ones to stay hydrated and consume more water. But, what about our skin? 

Do you know it's important to keep our skin hydrated at all times in order to have a healthy skin? Plus, with the haze situation, it could prevent itchiness to your skin too.

Thanks to the lovely people from Natta Cosme, I've been recently introduced to a skincare product from Thailand named YOKO.

YOKO has been established since 1999 and they have expanded their distribution market to more than 35 countries such as Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Middle East countries, Philippines and many more. 

Over the years, YOKO has maintain its high standard in product quality by using natural ingredients.

YOKO Milky Shower Cream

I am a sucker when it comes to milk, especially in beauty products. Milk is good for whitening and hydrating the skin, and I seriously need BOTH! The black and white design of the bottle reminded me a lot of a dairy cow!

Your skin loses moisture during shower. Instead of replacing the moisture, why not prevent it from happening?! YOKO Milky Shower Cream is specially formulated for the skin with selection of quality ingredients that contain beneficial moisturizing vitamins to allow deep moisturizing into skin:
  • Milk Protein. Maintain skin youthfulness and softness as well as forming a layer to protect the skin hydrate. Maintain skin moisture balance and reveal the velvet smooth skin.
  • Vitamin E. Protect the skin from UV ray while moisturizes and reduces skin toughness.
  • Vitamin B3. Whitening and moisturizing skin.
  • Sweet Almond Oil. Keep skin soft and smooth. Relieve irritation.
  • Yeast Extract. Give the skin a moisture boost and retaining it. Maintaining the skin natural balance.


[Beauty] Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam

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I'm sure many of you are familiar with the brand Avène and the positive feedbacks on the brand, but do you know their history goes all the way back to 1736? Wow, that's more than 200 years of experience! It all started from a horse that was suffering from stubborn pruritus and was healed after a few swim in the spring water, to America using the Thermal Spring Water to treat burnt victims of the Great Chicago Fire. Amazing, isn't it?!

Ever since then, Avène Hydrotherapy Centre has attracted 2800 patients per year who has benefited from this excellent products in France and 100 other countries. I've been given an chance to try out this amazing product and I would like to share with you on the Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam.

The gentle cleansing foam was ALLURE Best of Beauty winner in 2013. It is specially formulated for normal to combination, and even sensitive skin! The cleanser might be gentle, but it can help to regulate excess oil and removes make-up leaving skin perfectly matte.


[Beauty] Eyelash Extension @ Pink Passion The Signature Salon

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I always believe the saying "eyes are the windows to your soul", and if you have read my previous posts you would know I am a true believer to this. To have an "attractive" eyes, I believe eyelashes plays a very important role.

I've tried all means to have long, curly and thick lashes, from applying serum to using the best mascara that could create this effect. Recently, I was given the opportunity to have an eyelash extension experience at Pink Passion The Signature Salon at Aman Suria.

With the shocking pink exterior, it's very easy to spot the salon. Parking would probably be a problem during weekdays, but since I went on a Sunday late afternoon I had no issue getting one.

The interior is very feminine, They have used the colour pink in a very brilliant way, creating a cosy and welcoming ambiance at the salon. Pink Passion has been in the industry for more than 5 years. Apart from eyelash extension, they provide body and face treatments too, such as body massage, and facial.

I was led into the room with dimmed lighting and soothing music playing at the background. Although I wasn't nervous about the extension, but the lighting and music was very calming - and I really liked it  a lot. p/s: sorry for not taking the room's photo due to the dimmed lightings.

Before starting the procedure, I was given a choice to have a dramatic look or a natural; and I go for the latter. A piece of surgical tape will be placed just under the eyelid to separate the upper and lower lashes, and to prevent the glue from getting into the eyes. I did not feel any pain nor uncomfortable throughout the process, except the feeling of them trimming the false lashes. 

Once it's done, you'll have to wait for a bit for the glue to dry up. I was told the extension process would take about an hour, but I was done less than that. So..... how's the result?!!


CubeCrate: Your Monthly Box of Surprises!

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At one point, beauty boxes used to bloom like mushrooms after the rain but it eventually dies off. Truth to be told, I jumped onto the bandwagon too but got pretty disappointed - the products were either useless to me or not worth the value (you'll see tons of samples that you could redeem from those beauty counter =_=||).

Due to my past experience, I did not have much expectations when I came across CubeCrate thinking it's just another beauty box. I realized how wrong I could have been when I opened my very first mysterious box from CubeCrate.

CubeCrate is very similar like beauty box. What set them apart? One word - varieties! In addition to beauty products, CubeCrate add in various items such as decor items, handy everyday things, midnight snacks (Yes, they have food too!!!!) and cute accessories. On top of this, subscribers would not get to choose what categories you prefer, so it's really a mysterious box. This is like celebrating Christmas and birthday EVERY MONTH. Worry the goodies in the box might not suit you? Fret not, as they will send you another one at no extra charges.

Every items in the box were carefully handpicked by them. For a box full of actual size items at only RM25, I find it to be very affordable. In fact, the value of the box is more than what you pay for! I opened up my September box, and it immediately put a smile on my face. =)

Joey's Homemade Peanut Butter
I'm a huge fan of peanut butter, especially the creamy ones but I've never tried any other nut butter before. I'm now definitely a fan of Joey's Homemade Cashew Butter. Compared to the usual peanut butter, the texture is slight runny and might not be as runny but it tasted soooo good! It's nutty and not too sweet - perfect to spread over bread or crackers. Psst...I heard they have Almond Butter too ^_^

Charmaine Handmade Keycovers
The keycover from Charmaine Handmade Keycovers is a cute yet practical. Basically, the covers were designed to keep your keys away from scratching your phones. Also, it made finding keys in your bag a much easier job now.


[Beauty] Esmeria Organics: Soothing Hair Care Range

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More people are switching to organic products, and not just on the food or drinks they consume. This because we are more health conscious and only want the best for us and our loved ones. Some might be skeptic about organic products, but 60% of what we applied onto the skill will be absorbed into our blood stream.

Having said so, it's better to use or consume organic products to avoid or reduce harmful chemicals going into our body system.

Today I'm going to talk about an organic product - Esmeria Organics. Esmeria Organics is one of the world's few ECOCERT certified organic hair and body care products that specifically targeted at sensitive skin and problem scalps.

Thanks to Esmeria, I've received some of the products to try out, and I would like to start off with their hair care range.

1. Soothing Shampoo for Dandruff Scalp

Having dandruff issues? This might be your answer. The shampoo has a combination of a natural anti-dandruff active and potent anti-bacterial organic tea tree oil relieves itchiness, controls dandruff problems and restores the scalp to a healthy condition.


Nano Resvera: Healthy Red Wine in A Bottle

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Lovely readers, today I'm going to talk about something very special - red wine!

We all know the benefits of consuming a glass of red wine a day. Unfortunately, some of us were either a super light-weight drinker or has issue with drinking alcohol due to health/religion. Luckily, all these worries can be solved by Nano Resvera.

Nano Resvera or Nano Red & Wine, is a premium product made of Pinot Noir grapes from the organic vineyards of Oregon, USA that is then flown to Japan for production. Using advanance Japanese distillation technology, the grapes were fermented as how they would be in producing red wine, BUT bypassing the alcoholic-production stage

Not only Nano Resvera is sugar-free, but this breakthrough product is also alcohol-free. The product has been tested in a lab in Singapore and the results shown the red wine to be both Methanol and Alcohol free. Therefore, making it certifiably Halal and to be enjoyed by all!

Some of the benefits of Nano Resvera are:
  • Reduction of cholesterol and high blood pressure to prevention of heart diseases and stroke.
  • Helps accelerate fat-burning.
  • Has anti-aging, antioxidant properties to help promote good blood-circulation.
Some of the top reported results:
  • 85% reported weight-loss in just 3 weeks and improved metabolism.
  • 98% reported better sleep quality.
  • 86% reported improvement on facial complexion.


IsMe Beauty & Cafe @ Nu Sentral

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Staying healthy and looking good has been a goal of many people nowadays, and IsMe Beauty & Café understands the importance of this. They are a beauty theme café with a combination of both beauty and food.

For years, we've heard of the phrase "you are what you eat" and IsMe Beauty & Café has designed their menu surrounding the idea of bringing nutritious, healthy, low calories and delicious food to their patrons. They have sandwiches, croissant, spaghetti, dessert and coffee; and all of their dishes are prepared with fresh and natural ingredients.

Patrons can shop around for beauty products from USA, while waiting for their food to be served.

A cozy corner inside of the café with a little bit of privacy.
German Chicken Thuringer Sausage (RM 25.90)
One of their Frankfurt series, the German Chicken Thuringer Sausage (RM 25.90) consists of wholemeal loaf, low-fat Thuringer sausge, mayo, German mustard, lettuce, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, gherkin, and olives.
Cheesy Chicken (RM 28.90)

The "awesomely" cheesy and healthy Cheesy Chicken (RM 28.90) comes in a wholemeal loaf, filled with premium chicken salami ham, mayo, sesame dressing, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and mozzarella cheese.