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After extensive research of where to have a birthday dinner for Joe, I've decided to go to Sumi-Ka, since I've seen quite a number of bloggers recommended this place. (Talk about the power of word of mouth!)

It took us a little bit of time to find the restaurant as it wasn't facing the main road. Also, it is at 1st floor and the restaurant signboard is black (if I remember correctly). The moment we went into the restaurant, immediately I felt we were in Japan. At that moment, except us and a few waiters and waitresses, the rest of the patrons including the chef himself - all japanese!!!!!! Well, this shoud be a good sign right? A japanese restaurant run by an enthusiastic Japanese chef, and happy Japanese patron. I was even more excited to try out their yakitori.

I wanted the seat by the grilled, but decided to go along with where they seating us, so long not outside of the restaurant! The moment we were seated, I noticed there were already appetizers waiting for us - simple cabbage salad and edamame (my all time favourite!)

The cabbage was super crunchy! It was like they have just harvested the cabbage from their backyard. It was drizzled with some sauce that has a sourish taste, but was not too overpowering and I believe I tasted a hint of wasabi in it. After glancing through the menu, we couldn't help it but order quite a few things in the first round.
Quail Egg - nothing really special about this, but the smokiness definitely wakes up my palates for the food to come!

Blood Vessel - I am very adventurous when it comes to food. So the moment I saw blood vessel on the menu, I know I MUST have this! It has the just nice chewy texture that makes you want more after every each bite.

Chicked Breast with Wasabi/Ume (Far Left) - The breast was super tender! I am not a fan of chicken breast because people always have the tendency to over-cook them and makes it too dry. Sumi-Ka grilled their breast to perfection! Tender and juicy! I've ordered one with wasabi and one with ume - I prefer the one with wasabi since I'm more of a savory person, but the ume on top of the chicked breast brought a hint of sourness, and that is perfer when you are having a meal that's full of meat!

Gyutan (Beef Tongue) - For years I've been searching for grilled beef tongue, but did not have any luck, especially when I'm hunting a a delicious one. I absolutely love the beef tongue in Sumi-Ka. For anyone that have yet to try beef tongue or have the worries that it is gonna be chewy and tough - worry not! Their beef tongue has the pleasant chewy texture, but was tender enough to bite through. Don't need to worry that you will have to pay a visit to your dentist after having this! LOL!!

Chicken Soft Bone (Far Right) - I did not try their soft bone, since they are really not my cup my tea. So, no comment here.

Squid - Seriously, I don't really think anyone can go very wrong with grilled squid. Unless they seriously grilled the squid for super long and toughen it! By the time I get to my squid it has cooled down a bit, and was a bit chewy for my liking. Nevertheless, I like the smokiness on the squid.

Barbecue Eggplant - I've tried barbecue eggplant before but never liked them. I've always find them nothing special. But Sumi-Ka converted me! The gravy used is the same as their cabbage salad, where you have a bit of sourness in it. Personally, the one thing that makes this dish so delicious is the smokiness of the eggplant. By its own, eggplant is not an ingredient with much of a flavors. However, by grilling them, once can always go wrong and often they came out either too greasy, too soft or too charred. The sourness of the gravy goes perfectly well with the smokiness of the eggplant and katsuobushi (aka fermented bonito).

Chicken Skin - Another favourite of mine. The skin was crispy and delicious, and did not have that greasy taste when you put into your mouth.

Shimeji Mushroom with Butter Sauce - One word - DELICIOUS! 2 of my favourite things - mushrooms and butter sauce! Perfect combination. However, I would like it if the butter is a bit lesser.

Onigiri (aka Rice Ball) - Joe ordered this but I did not try. So, no comment here.


Shiitake and Eryngii Mushrooms - The chef keeps it simple. They were grilled and sprinkled with a hint of salt. We are able to taste the aroma of the mushrooms.

Chichen Hearts - Another simple yet delicious dish. It was just grilled with a hint of salt, and the hearts were not tough to bite on.

Chicken Neck Meat (Far Left) - Like the sauce on the meat, and it was tender.

Gizzard Skin (Middle) - Frankly, gizzard never really was my thing, neither is this gizzard skin. But still, it find it not too bad.

Hip (aka Chicken butt) (Far Right) - Love it! The skin was crispy and aromatic. It was so tender and juicy, and did not have the greasy taste that you'll usually have when eating chicken butt.

More Gyutan!!! This time is Gyutan with Ume! Not too bad, but I still personally perfer the original flavor - just salt! LOL!!!!

I did not captured the picture of the chicken gizzard and enoki with pork. We were too hungry and Joe could't wait to sink his teeth into his food. LOL!

The bill came up to RM150.80 with us order soda and coke for drinks, and no alcohol beverage. The price is a bit to the high side just for yakitori, but for the standard of the food, I would say it worth every penny of it!
Address: 19, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya
Tel:         +603-5632-9312

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