Yuniku Japanese Restaurant @ Jaya One

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Had been some time since I had Japanese buffet. Last Friday, my colleagues and I decided to try out the Japanese buffet dinner in my office area - Yuniku Japanese Restaurant at Jaya One. The price was RM50/pax, and so we decided to give it a try since it is not too pricey. Given the price, the spread was relatively satisfying - although there were no Unagi but there were Sashimi and Sushi!!

First of all, I started off with my favourite appetizer - baby octopus, pickled jelly fish, pickled scallops and fried prawn.  Overall, the appetizer were not bad. ^^

From top clock-wise: Pickled Scallops, Pickled Jelly Fish, Fried Prawn and Baby Octopus

Next, I moved on to another of my big time favourite - Sushi, Sashimi and Fresh Oysters! One can NEVER and I mean NEVER NEVER skipped all these freshly served raw seafood during a Japanese meal. Although their raw fish and oysters were not super duperly fresh, but for a place in Jaya One and the price we were paying, it was consider kinda decent.

Salmon and Tuna Sushi balls (ain't them cute??), and Fresh Oysters
From Left to Right: Salmon, Tuna and Butter Fish Sashimi
More Sushi balls and Inari and Ebi and Maki ^^
Next stop... to fill our hungry stomach with their cooked dishes - tempura, teppanyki, sukiyayi, edamame and etc. Due to I am more of a raw meat person, I actually perfer my food to be as simplified as possible. After all, when the ingredient are fresh and awesome, why ruin it by adding on unnecessary stuff? We should just let the ingredients speak for themselves. ^^ Hence, I was only busy attacking their edamame.

MORE cute sushi balls and edamame!! Next to it is some Unagi Fried Roll
My colleagues had their Fried Rice (Garlic Fried Rice i think), and they said that it was nice. I did not have their rice as I'm not a big fan of garlic or rather, I perfer not to consume any rice during buffet (in order to eat more... =p).

Fried Rice along with Prawn Tempura
We also tried their other spread such as grilled salmon, teppanyaki, sukiyaki, chawanmushi, Soft Shell Crab Handroll, and some dessert.

Assorted ^^
Clamps... Teppanyaki style
Beef Sukiyaki


Teppanyaki clamps, beef and squid

Soft Shell Crab Handroll

Red bean Dorayaki

Hand-made Coffee and Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert

  Fresh Mangoes

It was a satisfying night with lots of laughters with a bunch of nice and crazy but fun people. Always looking forward for our next hang out! ^^

Total bill of the nite for 7 pax

Updated 28/09/2014: This restaurant has closed down.                                     



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Once upon a time, people have trust in each other; care for each other. Unfortunately, all these has changed drastically. It has happened in many countries in the world, and now it's happening in our very own land - Malaysia.

Recently, whenever I check my Facebook, with no surprises I'll read news about someone got mugged or robbed. These crimes have been around for ages, however, what is going on now is more than just a crime. It looks more like an organize crime. From carpark inside the malls to outside the malls, and now... It had escalated to taking place OUTSIDE of the victim's house.

We have been educated since young to lend a helping hand to the poor and needy. However, people has abuse this kindness, and take advantage on it by conning and snatching and robbing and other what nots. Those were the good old days where you will just give someone a lift without thinking twice because their destination is just around the corner; those were the days where you will stop and help out someone who seems lost and asking for directions.

Worst of all, even people don't feel save while driving in their car. No more the luxury of enjoying the music or songs while driving and relax; but we have to put our guard up every second and every minute. Worry that someone will just drive through on a bike and smash the mirror, in order to snatch whatever they can grab from the car.

I've heard many statements saying that people nowadays are cold and don't bother. Are we really that cold blooded inside? Are we really that heartless and emotionless, so far so that we don't care about the others around us? Or are we just too scared of what might happened to us, if we have mistakenly help out the so-called-helpless-looking people? Where are the trust that GOD has gave us as a gift? Where is the ability of us to feel sympathy and empathy to the less fortunates?

I've always believe the one thing that separate us from animals are, human ability of being able to sympathize and able to differentiate right from wrong. Unfortunately, with he recent events taking place, almost on a daily basis, I shall say that the little faith that I have in mankind is drifting away.

The final debating question is, are we, the human being, really that bad to the core?

Updated a few link:




These are a few cases that has happened recently! There are many many many many countless more cases, in fact!


Red Meat Delicacies - Jake's Charbroil Steaks

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Been ages since I've updated my blog..laziness...omg!!!! LOL!!! Been having some nice eating out for the past few weeks, from Western to Korean to Thai BBQ. One of the things that can really cheer me up is FOOD!!! Lots of lots of nice food!!

One of my "most satisfying" eat out was going to Jake's Charbroil Steaks at Medan Damansara, very near to Bangsar.

Jake's is so far my the most favourite steakhouse. Been there a few times and never once they failed my in my all time favourite - Medium Rare Steak!!!

Lobster Bisque garnished with Caviar
We started the dinner with a bowl of lobster bisque.I am a soup person, be it creamy-type or not! I've tried their Oxtail Soup previously and that was delicious. So, this time round, decided to just ask for their soup of the day and give it a try. In short -  I LOVE IT!!! The sweetnest of the lobster and the creamy of the soup, just made me want to have few more bowls!!!

I had their tenderloin cook to medium rare. I always like my steak to be nothing more then medium rare, and the juicy blood oozing out from the meat, the moment I slice it up! Yummy!!! Too bad I do not have a clear picture of my steak. Only if I have a clear picture to show you guys how pink/red inside of the meat was. Many people will have the impression that raw or almost-raw meat are hard to cut and chew. I've tried steak in many different restuarant, and always order them to medium rare. I believe whether the steak are tender to bite into or not, it all depends on the chef - did they choose the right meat? Is the meat itself already too old? Is the meat the right cut to be served rare or medium rare? Did the chef slice the meat correctly? All these are few of the factors that contribute to a soft and tender piece of meat.