[Review] De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus

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Once again, thanks to HiShop, I got the chance to try out De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus.

Do you face constipation problem all these while? Looking to get rid of that extra belly fat of your? Or battling with acne scars and wants to have radiance skin?
If you do, then read further!


[Movie]: The 100 Foot Journey

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"Food is memory..."

We might be culturally different, but food allows us to understand each other cultures a little more, and sometimes, it can tell a whole story. This is how I feel about The 100 Foot Journey.


"Hassan Kadam is a genius in culinary. After their house was burnt down due to election dispute, the family decided to move to Europe. After leaving London, where they've been staying for a bit of time, they found themselves in a beautiful village of St. Antonin-Noble-Val in South of France. Mesmerized by it's picturesque and elegant, the father (Papa) decided to settle down and open an Indian Restaurant, Maison Mumbai - exactly 100 foot across a Michelin starred classical French Restaurant. The restaurant owner (Mdm. Mallory) gets wind of it, and watch how she and their father 'battle' out with each other; while Hassan and Mdm. Mallory sous chef, Margurite, enjoys a flirtatious relationship. Despite the "war" between her and Papa, Mdm. Mallory recognizes Hassan's talent and takes him under her wing"


[Event] The Butterfly Project: Glucerna Challenge Me!

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Diabetes is an issue that is close to home as one of my family members is a diabetic. Diabetes is caused by high blood glucose in our body, and it has been a worldwide concern for years. The numbers of diabetic adults are shocking! In 2013, the diabetic adults reached a total of more than 380 million and by 2035, the number is estimated to reach over 592 million!

What about us, Malaysia?

Being one of the fattest nations, we have 2.6 million diabetics, and expected to grow to 4.5 million by year 2020! It's alarming how high our diabetes rates are. There are many things that I would like our country to be on the chart, but definitely not in this issue. Diabetes, if left untreated, patients may face various complications:


[Review] Lucy

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Once again, I was lucky to get the invites to Nuffnang's movie premiere screening of "Lucy".

Having a strong line-up of Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-Sik and Amr Waked; the story was about a young American woman was tricked into working as a drug mule to deliver a highly valuable drug, but unfortunately the drug bag broke and a large quantity of drug went into her system. Since then, she began to acquire powerful and enhanced physical and mental capabilities.


The Elite Seafood Restaurant @ Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya

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Few months ago, my family and I visited The Elite Seafood Restaurant at Seksyen 13 Petaling Jaya, which owned by Unique Seafood Group of Restaurant. They were previously knows as Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant (PJ). Although with the name change, they still stay true to serving the customers the freshest seafood, ranging from common choices to rarer ones such as French Turbots, Australian Snow Crabs, Alaskan Spider Crabs and Canadian Geoduck Clams.
It was my first time dining there, but I find the staffs to be professional and attentive. The menu is predominantly Cantonese cuisine, serving from Appetizer, Soups, Main Courses, Dim Sum and Desserts.


Kelvin Gems Jewellery Merdeka Free Voucher 2014

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"Diamonds are a girl's best friend"

Hardly any woman out there doesn't like jewellery. I particularly like earrings a lot, especially the dangling ones! Today, I'm going to talk about jewelleries.

Kelvin Gems is a homegrown jeweller with an established for 40 years. They have been committed to source and design jewellery with finest quality; and with their signature interplay colour in the designs, they have created jewelleries with distinctive styles that are both modern and glamorously timeless. Whether you preferred precious gemstones or crystal, fret not, as they have varieties ranging from precious gemstones and Swarovski gems, to certified diamonds and other crystals; from mixed media to bead-weaving and wirework.


[Review] ZA: Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation & Gel Eyeliner

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Hi there!
I'll be doing another beauty post again today. I'm very sure the brand name ZA is not a stranger to many of you. After the ZA product launch that I've attended last month, we were given some of their new products to try on. Click here to read on the launch.
Today I'd like to review on their liquid foundation and gel eyeliner.


ZA Autumn/Winter 2014

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I'm sure the name "ZA" is very familiar to you, and I was lucky to be invited to their Autumn/Winter 2014 launch.


[Review] GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment

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I'm super excited on today's post! That's because I'm going to review an amazing product - GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment! Thanks to The Butterfly Project, I get to try out the mask.

As you should know by now, I'm a huge fan of mask! Let's check out this mask together. 


[Review] My Velvet Smooth Journey with Scholl

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Happy Friday, lovely people! The weekend is around the corner, what's your plan for this weekend?

I'm back with another beauty post. This time round, I'm going to share my experience of #MYVelvetSmooth with Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi.

Many of us are aware of the importance in taking care of our skin, but most of us tend to neglect or tend to have lesser effort of taking care of our foot. I once learnt from a Taiwan beauty programme that, few areas on our body actually gives away our age - elbow and foot.


Juan Valdez Cafe @ The Intermark

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Hey peeps! I'm back with another coffee/café post. Heard of Juan Valdez? They are another new player in the KL café scene too, and opened their very first Malaysian branch in The Intermark. They are here to bring us the 100% Colombian coffee experience.



PULP by Papa Palheta, Bangsar

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You might have heard of PULP by Papa Palheta in Bangsar. No? Then you really should check it out, if you are a huge coffee lover! They are a player in the KL café scene, and they have already attracted a huge crowd!


[Review] Arte Belle Beauty Scraping Therapy

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2 weeks ago, Sin Yee and I had our very first beauty scraping therapy by Arte Belle. Both of us were kind of anxious as we did not know what to expect. Our beauticians were 2 very young and really pretty ladies - Yee Mun and Fiona.

So, what is "beauty scraping therapy"? It is what commonly know as "Gua Sha" a.k.a "美容刮痧". I think our impression of Gua Sha is painful and the skin will turned very red after scraping. Scary huh?! However, this beauty scraping therapy is in fact very relaxing and painless.

"Gua Sha is a traditional treatment that has been used for thousand of years. By using buffalo board to scrape our face, it can enhances facial complexion and skin radiance. Gua Sha can also energizes our internal organs and strengthen immunity."

Traditionally, therapist will use oil or baby to perform Gua Sha; but we know that our face is more delicate and is not suitable to be massaged with these kind of oil. Arte Belle understands this too. Instead of using normal oil or baby oil, they use Artistry - a world-renowned product - on their clients.


[Review] Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Stardust)

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Thanks to Natta Cosme, I got the chance to review on Miss Hana again - Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Stardust)! Check out my previous review on Miss Hana here.

This time, I was given 02 Galaxy Black and 04 Golden Brown to try out.