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We gals all know how hard is it for us to find a products that really work on our skin. After all, when it comes to skin care, is really depends on individual. After years of finding and trial and error on tons of products (which some were really really really....a waste of money!!), finally I found a 'lil something that work on me - CellAct!!

I just started using their products bout 2-3 months ago, and so far, I'll say I like the results!! ^^

Whitening Concentrate - 5 bottles in a box

In Asia countries, like Malaysia, we get the sunlight a 'lil too much (sometimes...I'll say). Thus, we can see there are tons and tons of whitening and lightening products in the market. And, can deny, we gals have also been hunting these products everywhere that really works for us. After all, is important to fight off the UV rays using good sunblock, and also is super important to prevent those little freckles and pigmentation on our face!!

After all the years of hunting, I found CellAct Whitening Concentrate. I have been using their concentrate (something similar to a serum) bout 3 month ago, and I can already see the results. I find it is better then all the other whitening and lightening products that I have previously used. Well, once again, this is very subjective. The bottles may look small to you ( is really small =p), but it can last quite long for its size due to it is really concentrate and you don't really need to apply a lot on the face.

Other than the concentrate, my another all time favorite is the whitening lotion:

I know....i have lots of whitening products!! Can't help it..... !! So far, I'm still testing out the lotion. ^^ To add on to my whitening collection, I have one more product that is also working for me - Skin Lightening Mask!!!

Tried on the agnes marks on my face, and guess really does lightened them. Hmm.....

In conclusion, I really like the products from CellAct. Unfortunately, it is slightly pricey compare to some of the brands. Am also using their cleanser and toner, I'm really seriously thinking should I switch my current brand to theirs...Hmmmmmmmmm.... ><

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