[Beauty] SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara

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As the saying goes "The eyes are the window to your soul". Hence, good mascara that could enhance the eye's beauty is very important, and today I'm going to share with you on SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara.
Natural Volume Attack Mascara (RM 206.70)
The Natural Volume Attack Mascara (RM 206.70) is one of SkinSoul's bestsellers and customers all-time favourite. Staying true to their principal of using harmful ingredients, the mascara is also 100% paraben and prostaglandin free.
One of the key ingredients in the mascara is natural mulberry extract. Natural mulberry extract has been scientifically proven to be rich in polynutrients and vitamins that rejuvenate hair follicles, promote hair growth, retains natural hair colour, and prevents hair fall. It's antioxidant content also protects hair follicles from free radical damage.


[Beauty] SkinShield with SkinSoul Travelling Set

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Recently, I done a review on SkinSoul's Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes here and I was very impressive with the results. I've been given a chance to try the SkinSoul SkinShield travelling set and I can't wait to see the results!

The main ingredient in the SkinShield range is Ashitaba, a perennial plant that has thrived for centuries in the rich volcanic soil of Hachi Jo Island in Japan. Ashitaba means "tomorrow's leaf" in Japanese due to the plant's miraculous ability of self-generating when injured.
1. Hydra-Purifying Cleanser
Hydra-Purifying Cleanser (RM 210.94)

The cleanser is packed with skin vitamins and minerals of Ashitaba encapsulated in pure Swiss Glacier Water that gently washes out impurities, excess sebum and pollution while nourishing the skin's softness and suppleness.


[Beauty] SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes

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After taking some time off from writing beauty post, I'm going to talk about a brand that I've came across multiple times but never tried before - SkinSoul.

SkinSoul was developed by Dr Joanne Au Yong, which is kind to the most sensitive skin while restoring the skin through the miraculous powers of nature. Staying true to their philosophy, their skincare and make-up range are free from ingredients that are harmful to the skin such as Paraben.
The SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes a.k.a Clinical Wipes are formulated with Swiss Glacier Water 4.4.3 -  4 Essential Oils, 4 Antioxidant, and 3 Hydrating & Soothing Ingredients.
The facial wipes claim:
  1. It takes off everything in one swoop includes waterproof mascara and stubborn make-up.
  2. It wouldn't clog your pores.
  3. It wouldn't leave make-up residue on your beloved pillowcase.
  4. It doesn't irritate the skin or eyes.
  5. Good for acne-prone and ultra-sensitive skin, and friendly for all skin type.
  6. Not harsh or over-drying your skin.
  7. Not greasy, not oily, not soapy and it doesn't sting.
  8. Skin is fresh, cleansed, hydrated, calmed, smoothed, lifting and moisture after used.
  9. No artificial perfume, colour, harsh chemicals are added and Paraben and Lanolin free.
  10. It's simple, easy to and convenient to use just in 1 simple wipe.

The facial wipes are longer in size compare to your usual ones but not as thick. Because of the wipes are not too thick, you can easily tear it into half if you do not need to use the entire to remove your makeup or cleanse your skin.


[Food] Eat @ J's, Taman Sea

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Eat @ J's is a hidden gem in Taman Sea. Instead of the busy commercial shop houses, the owners decided to have their little café in a more quite housing area. Personally, I felt it's a perfect place to have a short getaway from the busy schedule.
The owner (Sue) has spent some time in Melbourne and fell in love with the valley over there. So much so that, she decided to design the café surrounding that idea. Though the place wasn't very spacious, they have kept the interior very simple - brick walls and wooden chairs.
Eat @ J's offer mostly Western dishes such as penne and grilled salmon, but they have specialty dishes such as Lamb Roganjosh with Rice.

Chips (RM 8.00)
Farm Eggs on Toast (RM 16.90)
Our lunch started off with one of their all day breakfast - Farm Eggs on Toast (RM 16.90). Scramble eggs with smoked salmon and fresh tomatoes served on toast. The scramble eggs were light and creamy, and the smokiness in the salmon was just nice. I like the arugula touch on the toast which gave a slight herbaceous and peppery flavour to the dish.
Pumpkin Carrot Soup
I'm a big fan of a creamy pumpkin soup especially if it's a spiced pumpkin soup. The Pumpkin Carrot Soup from Eat @ J's weren't as creamy as I would have preferred and the pumpkin tasted very mild in the soup.


[Food] Raku Pizza @ Subang Jaya

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Over the years, different type of Japanese food has been introduced into Malaysia food scene, and Raku Pizza is the new addition tot it. It's located along the busy street of SS15 in Subang Jaya. Don't worry if you'll miss the place, as you can spot the signboard outside of the café and it's next to McDonalds.
Walking into Raku Pizza, you can tell that the owner has stay true to the "minimalist" concept of the Japanese - simple black and white interior yet the place is quite spacious.

Thanks for Food Ink, I was invited to try out Raku Pizza in Subang Jaya. As the name suggested, Raku Pizza offer Japanese-style pizza, so don't expect to have tomato-based pizza here. Instead, you'll have ingredients such as wasabi mayonnaise, onsen tamago, and bonito flakes.

We were lucky to have tried some of their signature pizzas!
Tony Chopper (RM 11.90)
We started off with the Tony Chopper (RM 11.90). A pizza with teriyaki sauce, topped with mushrooms, cheese, shredded seaweed and generously drizzled with Japanese mayo. The crust was thin and crispy, and it was light despite all the mayo on the pizza.
Tokyo Delight (RM 11.90)
Potatoes lovers would love the Tokyo Delight (RM 11.90). It's has curry sauce, cheese, boiled potatoes, sweet corns, mentai mayo, and shredded seaweed. This was one of my happy pizza as I could taste potatoes in every single bite. Yummy!!