REALASH: Eyelash Enhancer (1st Month)

14:33 rebecca wong 60 Comments

Ola~ another beauty post!!
If you have been following my posts, you would know that I have written on an introduction of Realash Eyelash Enhancer about a month ago. You can read here if you would like to read the intro and know more on the product.

I'm quite fond of the product after trying it out for a month. The application is really super easy - like how you would draw your eyeliner, and it doesn't irritate the eye at all!
Realash claimed that you'll have 10% longer lashes after one month.
Let's move on and see the results, shall we?

By comparing my "Before" and "After", I can see that my lashes have grown longer by a bit. Also, during this period of time, I realised that my lashes don't fall off that much; it seems like Realash does strengthen my lashes.
Overall, I'm really satisfied with the product - gentle on the eye area and seem to be working effectively. However, I guess I would have to wait till the 3rd month if I really want to compare if there are any drastic differences.
So, do stay tune for my 3rd post - coming soon in 2 more months!

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