Waffuru5 Dessert House @ Taman Paramount, PJ: Creative Waffle Bowls

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What's your favourite when it comes to waffles? Are you a simple waffles and honey or maple syrup person? Maybe waffles with ice cream? Or savoury waffles are your go-to? I love waffles, be it sweet or savoury. And few weeks ago, I discovered a new waffle place at Taman Paramount - Waffuru5 Dessert House.

Driving around Taman Paramount, it is very hard not to notice the pink-coloured number 5. Waffuru5 has a very simple interior, and all of their tables and chairs can be moved or dismantled in order to fit bigger crowd for events purposes.

Flipping through their menu, they have quite a varieties of waffles (we were told they will be expanding their menu in the near future).

Charcoal & Cheese Jr (RM 15). Charcoal cheese waffle with Parmesan cheese gelato topped with roasted nuts, wild berries and maple syrup. The waffle is light and crispy, and the savoury-sweet Parmesan cheese gelato tasted surprisingly good.

To give the dish a bit more sweetness, drizzled some maple syrup according to your liking.

Introducing Waffuru5 signature - The Waffle Bowl! The waffle bowls are made using yeast, hence the texture is a bit tougher than usual. The bowls come with different combinations, and each combination has been thought out carefully to ensure it delivers bold flavours, incredible texture and unique memorable experience.

Strawberry Cheesecake (RM 20). Red velvet waffles bowl filled with baked cheese cake bar, strawberry cheese gelato with assorted berries, covered in strawberry sauce. Isn't this a pretty looking bowl of waffle? I was quite worry that it might be to heavy or sweet due to the cheesecake and ice cream, but it turned out to be a bowl of light dessert. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone without a sweet tooth.

Green Tea & Mochi (RM 20). Green tea waffle bowl, green tea mochi with red bean paste garnished with nut bread, green tea gelato and wasabi gelato. If tangy berries are not your favourite, how about a bowl of moist, chocolaty brownies with soft and springy mochi and rich green tea gelato? Personally, I like the small kernel of wasabi gelato that added a hint of savouriness to the dessert.

Egg Mayo with Ham (RM 11). Apart from sweet waffles, Waffuru5 serves savoury options too. The Egg Mayo with Ham comes with a choice of original milk waffle or toast, served with cheese, creamy homemade egg mayo & ham, garnished with bonito flakes. Compared to the sweet version, the savoury waffles have a fluffier texture.

Cheesecake. The cheesecake at Waffuru5 is rich and creamy, and I like the crispy texture of the thin layer of hard caramel on top of the cake.

Chocolate Mud Cake. Chocolate lovers, you can't go wrong with a slice of rich and moist chocolaty mud cake at Waffuru5.

Matcha Latte - Hot (RM 12).

Matcha Latte - Cold (RM 14). The green tea latte is smooth and creamy but I would preferred the green tea flavours to be slightly stronger.

Hojicha Latte - Hot (RM 12) | Cold (RM 14).

Hot Chocolate. A glass of Hot Chocolate for non coffee or tea drinkers.

Waffuru5 Dessert House has only been operating for less than 2 months and there are still rooms for improvement. We had a chat with the owner and were told they are still in the midst of both tweaking and expanding their menu. I would definitely be back again at Waffuru5 not only for their waffles, but to try their fermented coffee! Yes, they have fermented coffee!!!

To know more about Waffuru5 Dessert House, do check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: 5, Jalan 20/14, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: 12pm to 11:30pm (Sunday to Monday) | 4pm to 11pm (Wednesday & Thursday) | Tuesday CLOSED
Contact: +6018 668 4084


Butterfly Dessert Cafe @ Sri Petaling: A Romantic Dessert Date with Madame Butterfly

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Yep, another dessert post! I'm not sure if desserts cafe/bar is the trend now, but there seems to be A LOT of dessert places popping up around Klang Valley. My friends and I have also been going around trying out new desserts places, and today I like to share with you a new dessert place at Sri Petaling - Butterfly Dessert Cafe.

Butterfly Dessert Cafe has only been operating for 2 months.

Stepping into the cafe, I had only 2 words to describe the place, which is "romantic and sophisticated". Unlike many dessert cafes or bars, Butterfly Dessert Cafe mainly serves plated desserts instead of your usual cakes and pastries. With this in mind, I thought both the owners are professional pastry chefs. Little did I know, they were never professionally-trained!

There are not many places serves plating desserts around Klang Valley, and I couldn't wait to see how pretty and delicious the desserts going to be!

Orange Mango Trifle (RM 25). Layers of orange and mango mousse intertwined with sweet fresh mangoes. The jar is generously filled with aromatic fresh oranges and mangoes, and the mousse is smooth, creamy yet light. This is perfect for sharing with 2-3 friends.

Strawberry Lime (RM 18). Made with yogurt and fresh strawberries imported from Korea, the Strawberry Lime is light with a nice combination of sour-sweet from the strawberry jam.

Deconstructed Strawberry Opera (RM 28). Almond joconde, sponge cake, almond wafer crisp, strawberry cream, strawberry-coated almond, strawberry jelly, dark chocolate ganache, meringue cookies, Chantilly cream and strawberry syrup. Not just pretty looking, but I like the texture of the cake and the entire dish is not overly-sweet. I know this is an Opera, but somehow reminded me a lot of strawberry shortcake!

Chocolate Banana (RM 25). Chocolate and banana is a very classic combination, but Butterfly Dessert Cafe took it to another level by incorporating bananas and caramel chocolate Chantilly with dark chocolate ganache inside a chocolate crispy dome. I absolutely love this dessert!

Classic Opera Cake (RM 18). Opera is a very classic and commonly seen French dessert but I dare say this was my first time having really well executed Opera - chocolaty yet not too sweet with hint of nutty flavours in it.

While we were enjoying our Opera we had a chat with the owner, Lai Leng, and learnt that there are altogether 16 layers in an Opera. My friend and I tried to count all the layers, but NO LUCK! XD

Roleaf Tea (RM 9/pot). With such delicate desserts, tea is the best pairing option, and there are 6 types of tea for you to choose from.

Passionfruit Soda. Cold, fizzy and tangy Passionfruit Soda is refreshing and I like how it works as a palate cleanser, especially after all the sweet desserts.

The desserts at Butterfly Dessert Cafe are really very pretty, and can tell they have put in a lot of effort into every plate they put out. Butterfly Dessert Cafe has a really small menu, and the pricing can be considered on the high side; but if you are in the mood to splurge on desserts, why not consider Butterfly Dessert Cafe!

For more information on Butterfly Dessert Cafe, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: Unit 3-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 2pm - 10pm Daily | Wednesday CLOSED
Contact: +603 9054 0289


Soothing Experience with KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Masks

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Spending long hours in front of the computer working has started to stress out my eyes. Sadly, due to my nature of work, I have no choice but to face the computer screen or mobile phone for long hours. Although I’ve tried cutting down the hours of me spending in front of the computer screen, I guess I need to start treating my eyes better than.

Recently, I’ve came across steam eye masks and it got me curious over it. I did some research and found out about KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Masks from Japan, and I got the chance to try the masks out!

KAO MegRhythm is a healthy and beauty product from Japan, and it has No.1 sales in the country! Honestly, this is my first time coming across KAO MegRhythm so I did further ‘digging’ on the brand and found out that it has self-warming function to help soothe tired eyes or help with sleepless night problems.

Each box of KAO MegRhythm comes with 5 pieces of individually-packed steam eye masks. So, it’s very convenient and don’t need to worry that the rest of the masks will start heating up due to exposure to the air.

It is currently available in 5 different types:

Unscented – De-stresses, relaxes and brightens up tired eyes.

Chamomile-Ginger – Reduces and relieves stress.

Lavender-Sage – Calms and relaxes your senses.

Fresh Rose – Soothes and brightens your mood.

Yuzu – Refreshes and calms your sense.

How to Use the Eye Masks

1. Remove the eye mask from the pouch.

2. Tear along perforation and place the white-coloured side of mask on eyes.

3. Place the ear straps around ears.

The mask begins to warm up very fast as soon as the pouch is opened. So, don’t leave it for too long and use immediately after opening.

You can use the mask almost anytime you want – after shower, before going to bed or anytime when you needed a short-break to relax your eyes. For me, I use it before calling it a day. Putting on the eye mask, lying on my bed with worship and praise songs playing from my Spotify, is totally a much needed relaxation that I need. The eye mask really does “steam up” when I put it on. I could feel the moisture on my skin. However, it only goes up to around 40°C, and the warm sensation is very soothing to the eyes. I usually leave it on till the heat goes off and I’ll know is time to remove the eye mask, which is usually around 10 minutes.

I always felt lying on the bed not doing anything is one of the most boring things that I could be doing. Turns out, I actually do enjoy the 10 minutes of lying down, putting the eye mask on while listening to music. As I said it’s a much needed relaxation for me – not just to have some quiet time to myself, but also I get to “recharge” my eyes too! It has been such a soothing experience for me, which brought me to a more relaxed state too. Highly-recommended for ANYONE who needs to de-stress and/or relax their eyes. On the other hand, the eye mask doesn’t work as a solution to curing dark eye circle.

Oh, don’t forget to take some precautions too:

1. Stop using the eye masks immediately when you feel it’s too hot, or feeling any pain, unusual physical change or discomfort.
2. If develop rashes, persistent redness and itching or any other skin changes around the eyes, stop usage and consult a doctor.
3. Do not use with other eye masks.
5. Keep eyes closed and do not press the eye mask against your eyes during application.
6. Do not use a damage eye mask.
7. Do not reuse the mask after it has cooled down.
8. Do not use microwave to heat up eye mask.
9. If eye drops are applied, please wait for a few minutes before using eye masks.
KAO MegRhythm is now available across all AEON Wellness and Watsons nationwide. For all you online shoppers, you can get it at Lazada, 11street and Lmall.
Get your free sample of MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask from here.
For more information on KAO MegRhythm, check out their Facebook. Don’t forget to Like their Facebook page to know their latest news and surprises too!


CNP Laboratory Review: Propolis Energy Ampoule & Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit

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Introducing CNP Laboratory products by CNP Cosmetics today!

I've seen and heard of CNP before this but this is my first time trying out the brand. CNP Cosmetics was established with participation of 50 dermatologists and 10 years of expertise from the R&D stage. Since the introducing of medical skincare concept in the 1990s, CNP has been growing at the forefront of the Korean beauty industry.

CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampoule

For decades, propolis is known for its skin protection and healing efficacy and the main ingredients of CNP Propolis Energy Ampoule is 10% of propolis extract, which has great anti-inflammatory properties to enhance the skin's natural defense as well as deeply moisturize the skin. Apart from propolis extract, the ampoule contains Anti-Irritant Complex and Sophora extract that helps to protect the skin against external environmental factors too.

What's so special about the CNP Propolis Energy Ampoule:
  • Soothing effect. Soothes sensitive skin that has been exposed to external environmental factors.
  • Hydrating. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the key moisturizing ingredients that help the skin to maintain a firm and glowing appearance.
  • Enhance skin's vitality. With antioxidant properties, Propolis extract helps to enhance the skin's vitality for firm and glowing skin.
  • Paraben-free. Harmful components such as parabens are not added to the product.

After cleansing morning and night, following toner, apply a moderate amount of CNP Propolis Energy Ampoule and massage gently, covering the entire face. The ampoule has a thick and sticky texture. Initially, I was expecting it to leave a sticky residue on my skin due to its texture; but it turns out that the ampoule was actually quite light on the skin and easily absorbed into the skin
Apart from using it on its own, you can also apply the ampoule in different ways:
1. Mixed into your cream to help boost its effects on skin and even your moisturizer more spreadable. You'll be waking up to a radiant skin the next day too!
2. Mix with your BB cream, CC cream or sunblock so it doesn't become cakey or dry throughout the course of the day. 
3. Gently dab a bit of the ampoule on the apples and brow bones of the face to brighten up the face, with a subtle shimmer as compared to using a highlighter.
4. Use as lip serum which is good in nourishing your lips.
I have dry-combination skin, and I find that 2 drops (roughly a pea size) are just nice for me. I tend to have breakouts easily and it has always been a painful process to extract them due to the lack of moisture if my skin. After using the ampoule, it is so much easier to extract my breakouts, and the scars heal faster than before too.
Product: Propolis Energy Ampoule
Price: RM 106.98
Interested to know more about the CNP Propolis Energy Ampoule? Head over to here now!
CNP Laboratory Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit
As the name suggested, this is a 2-step mask set that helps clear the nose from blackheads. The mask contains:
Witch Hazel Extract. Reduce swelling, repair broken skin & fight bacteria.
Peppermint Extract. Clear, cool, remove unwanted oil from skin.
Sage Extract. Anti-inflammatory.
The kit comes with 2 types of masks - Black Head Clear Mask & Pore Tightening Mask.
Step 1: Black Head Clear Mask - Blackhead & Sebum Removal
The mask contains natural ingredients that will gently dissolve blackhead and sebum while lifting unseen sebum via maceration.

How to Use:
1. After cleansing, put on mask for 10 minutes,
2. Remove mask and use cotton swab provided to remove blackheads and sebum.
3. Roll cotton swab from the outer to inner corners and from bottom to the top to wipe off the blackheads & sebum,
Step 2: Pore Tightening Mask - Powerful Pore Tightening
With Witch Hazel Extract, the mask effectively tightens the pores and it is safe to be used on sensitive skin.
How to Use:
1. Place the mask on for 10 minutes.
2. Remove the mask and gently dab remaining soothing gel onto the skin till absorbed.
I like the mild peppermint scent of the mask. It is very relaxing.
The Verdict: It is super easy to use the mask. Just roll the cotton swab and no more squeezing! I was expecting to see lots of blackhead and sebum sticking onto the cotton swab, but ended up only a few came out. I'm not too sure was it because mine are really stubborn or I need to use a few more times to see better results.
Product: Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit
Price: RM 72.64
Find out more about CNP Laboratory Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit here!
There are more CNP Laboratory products to be found on Hermo, and don't forget to follow both Hermo Facebook and Instagram for more of their amazing deals!