[Food] Grab Cafe @ Damansara Jaya, PJ

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Hello, lovely people! I bet you folks had a crazy and fun New Year Eve countdown. Just in case you are wondering, I spent my eve writing my blog post. LOL!!
Any burger or rib lovers out there?*waving* I would like to suggest to you a nice café located in Damansara Jaya - GRab Café. It's a family-run café, and they offer some mouth-watering gourmet burgers and ribs. The café is located at the last block of shop lot (towards the highway) behind the PETRONAS (nearby KDU Damansara Jaya).
Thanks to FoodInk, Joe and I had the chance to try out some of their dishes.

Bull Going Nuts (RM16) - Beef patty, beef bacon, cheese, caramelized onion, blueberry jelly and peanut butter, butterhead lettuce and fresh tomatoes. The patty was nice and juicy but was a little disappointed as I can't taste the peanut butter in the burger.
Tokyo Drift Chicken (RM14) - Chicken patty, grilled pineapple, cheese, caramelized onion, teriyaki sauce, butterhead lettuce and fresh tomatoes. Same as the beef burger, the chicken was tender and juicy too with a nice touch of the sweetness from the teriyaki sauce.
Lamb Bizkit (RM16) - Lamb patty, hash brown, cheese, gherkin, minted mayo, butterhead lettuce and fresh tomatoes. This lamb burger was one of my favourite - the lamb patty was juicy and gamey. So, this could be a good choice for all of you lamb lovers out there.
Spice-Up Ribs Burger (RM23) - Beef rib, grilled pineapple, caramelized onion, Indonesian sambal, butterhead lettuce and fresh tomatoes. The rib was fork tender, but it's lacking in some beef flavours. As a lover to spicy food, I was excited when I heard they incorporated Indonesian sambal into the burger, but it was a let-down as I did not taste any spiciness in it. I wasn't too sure if it was the chef's intention to minimise the heat of the sambal.
Hashtag Vegan (RM12) - Fried Portobello mushroom, hash brown, cheese, homemade Grab sauce, butterhead lettuce and fresh tomatoes. Not a meat lover? Vegetarian? No worry! They offer vegan burger too. Another favourite burger of mine - it was tough to say no to the rich and earthy fried Portobello mushroom.
Looking for something other than burgers? They offer some delicious non-burger dishes too!
Beef Stroganoff Rice (RM18) - Fillet Mignon quick seared for flavour cooked in heavy cream with mixture of gherkin, bell peppers, button mushroom and onion served with rice. Simple looking yet it was flavourful, and the fillet mignon was perfectly seared. Personally, I would advice to share this dish if you are a small eater - the rice and heavy cream can really be a killer!
Fricassee (RM23) - Two fried eggs, braised short ribs, sautéed potatoes, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and tomato relish with toast. I think this is a pretty looking breakfast, especially the heart-shaped fried eggs. Cute! Though the rib was fork tender, it could use a little bit more of seasoning/rub or cheddar to add some extra flavour to it. You can choose to have either white of whole meal bread as your toast.
Aviator Salad (RM15) - Crisp mesclun salad, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, poached egg coated in corn flakes and seaweed with vinaigrette dressing. We were told that this was one of their specialties, and I was looking forward when I heard "poached egg coated in corn flakes". It's an interesting salad, and the vinaigrette wasn't overpowering. It's really important that a salad dressing is well-balanced or else you might end up with an overly acidic salad, and I think the chef has done a good job here. You can have a choice of smoked salmon or smoked chicken breast to go with your salad.
The coffee were not too bad, and I'm still quite puzzled what was the art supposed to be on my Mocha. Hmmm~~~~
If you not a coffee lover, they offer tea and sodas too (RM5 - RM9), and I was told their red tea was really good.
Do drop by and give the café a try, and I'll love to know your thoughts on them too! ^_^
No 7, Jalan SS 22/11
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya
Selangor, 47400
Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday (9am - 7pm) *4:30pm kitchen close
For more information:


[Beauty] Enchanteur - Teases the Senses

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Many girls I know are really into perfume and fragrances, and they usually have more than one bottle of perfume. I, on the other hand, am not really a perfume person because - 1) my nose is seriously sensitive towards a lot of fragrances, 2) the strong scents make me nausea. Hence, I'm very picky over the ones that I use.
I'm sure many of you would have heard of Enchanteur. They are one of the leading mass market fragrance brands not in developing enticing new fragrances but also enhances its reach and engagement with the consumers. They have a wide range of quality French-inspired products such as shower, talc and deodorant; and now they are launching an advertising campaign which will tease the senses as part of its new fragrance introduction.

The new form of advertising is targeted at evoking the senses by way of "sight", "sounds" and "smell". For the first time ever Malaysians will get to experience a multi-sensorial commercial that stimulates all these 3 senses!

According to their Product Manager, Ooi Boay Khim, audiences are now able to get a whiff of the fragrance being promoted as soon as the commercial is played in the cinema. This campaign will be promoting the newly launched ENCHANTEUR PARIS EDT FASIONISTA and the commercial will be running for till February 2015. Consumers can catch it at selected TGV cinemas.

I was lucky enough to be given a chance to try out 2 of their fragrances - Fashionista and Glam. I like the bottle a lot - a very ladylike heart-shaped designed bottle!

Let's look into each of the fragrances, shall we?


[Review] My FoodPanda Experience

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After all the recent beauty posts, I'm back again with another kind-of-food-related review!

Ever wished that your meal will be delivered to your doorstep, especially when you are too caught up with work or to exhausted to cook a meal after a whole day of work? We are talking more than just fast food like McD or KFC here.
I'm sure you are familiar with FoodPanda by now. They are an online food delivery service, who believe that ordering food should be easy, fast and definitely fun!
After hearing so much about FoodPanda, I decided to give it a try.


[Beauty] Mon Amour Snail Collagen Gel Mask

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Question: How far are you willing to go to pro-long your youth or maintain your beauty?
Ever since the ancient time, human being has been finding ways to either pro-long their youth or maintain their beauty. In the modern time, many are even willing to go under the knife just to achieve this goal. Today, I have something to share with you and it involves a certain small slimy creature.
Photo source from internet
Yes, they are snail indeed! It's no news that people have been using snail slime as part of their beauty treatment, and usually this kind of treatment tend to cost a bomb! Frankly, if you ask me, I wouldn't want to these slimy crawlers all around my face. So, what options do I have if I want to experience the "miracle" of snail slime?
Mon Amour Snail Collagen Gel Mask is my alternative. It's made up of 100% natural ingredients.


[Non-Halal] Old School @ The School, Jaya One

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When people found out that my office is in Jaya One, I'll always get the same respond - "So nice! They have so many eateries there!"
Frankly, if you are here 5 days a week, it will eventually became quite difficult to think of something to eat inside the area. So, my friends and I were quite excited when Old School finally opened for business!

They are an Asian-fusion restaurant that serves variety of pork dishes, ranging from Nasi Lemak with Grill Pork Chop to Pork Ribs.

The Classroom
The Canteen


Malaysian Furniture & Furnishing​s Fair (MF3) 2014

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It's mid of December, and a new year will coming real soon. How many items on your 2014 resolution list have you crossed out? Or you have started to make a new list for 2015?
If you are looking into getting new furniture, I have some good news to share with you!
Malaysian Furniture & Furnishings Fair (MF3) 2014 will be held at Ideal Convention Centre Shah Alam, Section 15 from 19 - 21 December.
The fair is organized by the Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Furniture Entrepreneur Association (KLSFEA) to celebrate the best of the furniture industry with the biggest home furniture fair in Malaysia. The MF3 provides a wellspring of information and tips on transforming your home styles and improving your home furniture and furnishing needs.
The MF3 marked its 7th year of charm it brings about satisfying the growing needs of home buyers towards passion for better lifestyle, and branded furniture of export quality at best deal. It has received a huge turnout last year with homeowners vying for the good bargains in furniture and home furnishing products. 
Not too sure if you want to embrace the crowd? I shall change you mind then!
  1. It is FREE admission!
  2. A perfect way to see what's new in the market - an extremely time-efficient way to keep up to date with the latest innovations.
  3. You can compile a wide range of competitive information on products and suppliers in a concentrated period of time.
You can sources for ANYTHING you want just at this one-stop exhibition:
  • Door & Window                                              
  • Curtains
  • Wallpaper
  • Ceramics
  • Flooring
  • Decorative items
  • Design & Renovation
  • Safety Box
  • Home Appliances
  • Mattress
  • Sofa
  • Living Room/Bedroom/Kitchen/Dining/Washroom/Office/Outdoor Furniture
Wow! That's definitely a long list of vendors!
That's not all!
To encourage the public to drop by the fair, MF3 will be having some "rewards" for you too!
Early Bird - Daily Goodies Bag & Cash Voucher
Be the 1st 111 visitor of the day to grab RM33 cash voucher + Goodies bag! Spend your voucher at any MF3 exhibitor during 19 - 21 December 2014. Register & redeem at registration counter, Hall 1 Foyer from 10:30am onwards.
Register & Win
Register yourself at the registration counter and stand a chance to win attractive gifts worth more than RM50,000! Daily draw is at 3pm on every show day.
Spend & Win
RM 50,000 worth of cash & gift to be won! Spend a minimum of RM 1,000 in a single receipt and you are automatically eligible for one entry. Present the ORIGINAL receipt, ORIGINAL credit/debit card transaction slip to obtain the Spend & Win Form at "Spend & Win Info Counter, Foyer Area".
Spend & Win Period: 19 - 20 December 2014 (10:30am - 8pm)
                              21 December 2014 (10:30 am - 7pm)
The draw will be conducted at 7:30pm on 21 December 2014 at Spend & Redeem Counter Area, Hall 1; and the winners will be announced on the spot.
Gift Redemption
Spend a minimum of RM500 in a single receipt and you can redeem an awesome gift at the Spend & Redeem Counter. The Spend & Redeem Counters (Hall 1 & 9) are open from 10:30am - 8pm. The gifts are only available while stock last, so hurry up!

With so many gifs and prizes to be won, there's no way that you could possibly miss out this chance and not visit the exhibition!
So, what are you waiting for? Block off the dates and drop by the MF3 during 19 - 21 December 2014 at Ideal Convention Centre Shah Alam, Section 15.
Date: 19 - 21 December 2014
Venue: Ideal Convention Centre Shah Alam, Section 15 (refer to map below)
Time: 10:30am - 8pm
Admission: FREE
 Waze Search Keyword: IDCC or MF3
For more information:
Contact: +603 6140 1202
Website: www.mf3.my


EBiz.Kidstore: Quality and Comfort

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Christmas is just around the corner, and how's your Christmas shopping so far? Personally, I have quite a list but haven't started to buy anything yet! I really should stop sitting on that list and start my Christmas shopping!
Today, I'd like to share with you another online clothing store which I came across recently - EBiz.Kidstore.

We all know how difficult it is to shop in the mall AND taking care of your kids at the same time. So, why not sit back, relax and shop online at the comfort of your own home?
EBiz.Kidstore is an online clothing store specializes in children's clothing for ages ranging from 1 to 12 years old. Despite being a newly established store, they understand the importance of quality especially in children's clothing due to their delicate skin. Hence, you'll be assured to get high quality apparels for your precious ones from EBiz.Kidstore as the clothing are 100% cotton.

They have some cute and pretty collections for your little munchkins too!
Colourful and cute!
It's so colourful and it attracted my attention right away!!


[Movie] Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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"Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day".

Wow, This is one long movie title!
Thanks to ChurpChurp, I got invited to the premiere screening of this Disney production.
Movie Info:
"11 year-old Alexander experiences the most terrible and horrible days of his young life. His day begins with one disaster after another. However, when he tried to tell his family of his misadventures of his disastrous day, he finds little sympathy from them and begins to think bad things only happened to him but not his perfect family. Soon, he realised that he's not alone in this - when his family all find themselves going through their own disastrous day."


iPrice Shop: Shopping with Ease

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Recently, I came to know an amazing site called iPrice Shop. For all of you online shoppers out there, this is definitely a dream come true. Not only iPrice Shop offers varieties of amazing brands, but they also carries online coupon codes for webstores such as Zalora, Lazada, Q100, Foodpanda and many more.
Not only I'm able to shop within the comfort of my home, but I no longer need to browse site by site just to search and compare the best deal I can get. Yay! You'll be glad to know that they sometimes offer discount up to 70% too!

I browsed through the site and found a few of my favourite.

Make Up For Ever
I've heard many good reviews on MUFE and it's time to do some Christmas shopping. I'm pretty sure the prices will be higher in the retail stores.