Tsubohachi Izakaya-Hokkaido @ Publika

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Located above Ante Kitchen & Bar at Publika, is Tsubohachi Izakaya-Hokkaido very first branch in Malaysia. Tsubohachi is a renowned Izakaya restaurant with more than 300 outlets in Japan, and the brand is well-known for more than 40 years since it first established in 1973 in Hokkaido.

During my countless times of visit to Publika, I've came across Tsubohachi and was quite attracted to the authentic Japanese interior of the shop - very Edo period. In order to bring the authentic Izakaya dining experience to their customers, Tsubohachi imported most of their ingredients from Japan and other countries, and also ensure their food materials are of the highest quality and freshness. Thanks to OpenRice, I had the opportunity to try out some of the mouth-watering food at Tsubohachi Izakaya!

Since it's a culture in Japan to have Izakaya or skewers over some booze, we started our night some alcohol drinks!
Asahi Sub-Zero (RM 25.80/ half pint)
Get yourself some ice-cold Asahi Sub-Zero (RM 25.80/half pint) while waiting for your food. It kinda get us into the "Izakaya" mood too! =)
Whisky Highball (RM 20)
The Whisky Highball (RM 20) is a mixture of whisky and soda. I did not have the chance to try it out, but this drink is one of the popular choices among the customers and I could tell that it was very much well-received - judging the amount of people ordered and re-ordered that night!
Yuzushu Glass (RM 19.80)
This is a MUST order if you are a Yuzu lover! The Yuzushu Glass (RM 19.80) is a very refreshing Yuzu wine and would definitely keep you going for more food.
Sake & Sochu
Tsubohachi offers several Sake and Sochu options too. 

Drink all you can at Tsubohachi Izakaya with their Banquet Dinner!
Shirley Temple, Apple Frazzel, Saratoga Cooler (RM 8.80/drink)
Tomato Sunset (RM 8.80)
They serve non-alcoholic drinks too - Mocktails and soft Drinks.
Ramen Sarada (RM 16.90)
The Ramen Sarada (RM 16.90) was served with noodle, lettuce, onion, egg, cucumber, bacon, leek, carrot, cherry tomato with sesame dressing. This crunchy and refreshing would be a good option as a starter.
Eihire (RM 12.9)
Eihire (RM 12.90) was actually grilled ray fin, and it tasted very much like grilled squid. A very addicted appetizer and goes very well with some chilled beer.
Nonkatsu Karaage (RM 18.90)
The Nonkatsu Karaage (RM 18.90) is another must have for an Izakaya-style dinner! The chicken soft bones were fried to perfect and non-greasy and we were all busy "attacking" it over dinner.
Not feeling too adventurous? The succulent Karaage would make an excellent choice too! Despite the "photo session", the skin still remained crispy and juicy! ^_^
Imo Mochi (RM 8.90)
The Imo Mochi (RM 8.90) is a Hokkaido-style deep fried potato. We were informed by one of their friendly staffs that this is made from potato starch and deep fried, that's why it has very similar texture to mochi. This was so good that we ordered a second plate!
Poteto Mentaiko Yaki (RM 13.90)
The Poteto Mentaiko Yaki (RM 13.90) is another favourite dish of mine! Potatoes served in sizzling hotplate and topped with seasoned cod roe, melted cheese and mayonnaise... ADDICTIVE!

Look at that cheese!!! If you love cheesy food AND potatoes at the same time, you definitely have to give this a try.
Ontama Tsukune Teppanyaki (RM 12.90)
Ontama Tsukune Teppanyaki (RM 12.90) - Grilled minced chicken with hot spring egg. First glance at the dish, I was a little worried that the dish would be a little bit dry. Surprisingly the minced meat was juicy and I personally liked that the egg yolk added slight creaminess to it.
Hokke Hiraki (RM 52.90)
A dish from Hokkaido, the Hokke Hiraki (RM 52.90) is perfect to be shared and paired with some booze. The mackerel can be pretty bony, so do be very careful while eating this dish.
Seseri (RM 7.80)
Finally, some yummy skewers for the night! We started off with some juicy Seseri (RM 7.80) - Chicken neck meat skewers. 
Torikawa (RM 7.80)
It's always pleasurable to have something crunchy such as the Torikawa (RM 7.80) - Chicken skin skewers.
Negima (RM 7.80)
Negima (RM 7.80) - Juicy chicken thigh with leek. 
Bonjiri (RM 7.80)
The Bonjiri (RM 7.80) is a chicken tail skewers and the meat was slightly fattier than your other usual parts from a chicken.
Karei Karaage (RM 42.50)
Need another crunchy element to your meal? Try the Karei Karaage (RM 42.50). The flounder was deep fried till perfection and wasn't greasy. To make this dish slightly more refreshing, squeeze in some lemon juice then.
Sake no Chanchan Yaki (RM 21.50)
The Sake no Chanchan Yaki (RM 21.50) is another Hokkaido specialty. The grilled salmon was fresh and flaky and the sauce was very flavourful from the vegetables in it.
Ishikan Nabe (RM 19.90)
This pipping hot Ishikan Nabe (RM 19.90) is perfect to warm-up the stomach before hitting the alcohols. Though it's miso-based soup, the flavours were quite subtle and don't worry if the salmon taste would be too strong.
Nagashi Somen Setto (RM 27.90)
The Nagashi Somen Setto (RM 27.90) was very fun to have during our dinner. In Japan, this flowing somen noodles would be served using bamboo. The dish was served with ice water, and we had the chance to put in the noodles, tomatoes and cucumber when the water started to swirl. Because of the ice water, the noodles were very cooling and nice to have - especially after so many plates of hot food.

A piece of advice, be fast when "catching" the noodles; and if you are bad in using a chopsticks like me, please seek for "professional help" from your friends....LOL!

You may choose your noodles and add on more noodles (RM 8.90) or tempura (RM 12.90). The flowing somen noodles are fun for kids too!
Tarabagani Kamameshi (RM 36.90)
The Tarabagani Kamameshi (RM 36.90) is a King Crab pot rice and it needs to be cooked for 20 minutes at table side. I truly wasn't aware there were rice hiding underneath the broth and seafood...

Patiently waiting 20 minutes for the rice to cook....*waiting~~waiting~~~waiting~~~*

Tadaaaaa~~~~ Our rice was ready to be eaten!! The whiff of aromatic seafood awakens my hunger once more. The rice was packed with the umami flavours of the seafood! If you are a big eater, you might be able to finish the entire pot of rice. However, it's always nice to share...and leaves your tummy for more delicious food!
Tonpeiyaki (RM 12.90)
At first glance, I thought it was Omu Rice, but it turned out to be omelette with sliced pork and crunchy shredded cabbage - Tonpeiyaki (RM 12.90). The omelette was thin and light and drizzled with mayo and takoyaki sauce.
Buta Hakusai Nabe (RM 29.90)
I love this A LOT!!! The Buta Hakusai Nabe (RM 29.90) is a nicely plated pork belly and Chinese cabbage Mille-Feuille claypot. Same as the rice pot, this was cooked table side too.

The dish was a little bland if consume without any dipping sauces, but the lightly citrusy soy sauce goes very well with the pork belly and cabbage. The dish just gets sweeter as the ingredients continue to simmer in the claypot, and the portion would be perfect to be shared among 2-3 pax.
Yaki Gyoza (RM 12.90)
The Yaki Gyoza (RM 12.90) tasted very much like any decent Japanese-style dumplings - non-greasy thin dumpling's skin and juicy minced meat.

If you think we are done for the night after so much food, you thought wrong! We can NEVER NEVER end a meal without desserts!
Matcha de Roru (RM 14.90)
First up, the Matcha de Roru (RM 14.90) - Paper-thin green tea crepe wrapped with Vanilla ice cream, rice cake and red beans. The ice cream and red beans were a perfect match, and the rice cake added a pleasant chewy texture to the dessert.
Shiratama Matcha Kurimu Zenzai (RM 12.90)
Green tea lovers, be prepared to enjoy the Shiratama Matcha Kurimu Zenzai (RM 12.90). A dessert that came with green tea ice cream, red beans and chewy rice flour dumplings.
Kakurenbo Aisu (RM 14.90)
Personally, I thought the Kakurenbo Aisu (RM 14.90) is a very cute dessert. I got curious of the name and asked the staff what's the meaning, and we were told it was as if the ice cream were playing hide and seek. I seriously like the combination of chewy rice cakes and ice cream.
Yuzu Shabetto (RM 9.90)
Not a fan of green tea? The Yuzu Shabetto (RM 9.90) would be a perfect choice! The yuzu wasn't too sweet and I like the slight bitterness that came from the citrus zest in the sherbet. The tangy and refreshing sherbet was a perfect way to cleanse the taste buds, while ending the night with something light.

Tsubohachi is really a very nice place to chill out with friends, be it over a proper meal or you are there for the drinks. A highly recommended place to any of you who are seeking for a pleasant and authentic Izakaya experience!

Address: A2-UG1-9 Publika Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Hartamas Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday Lunch (11.30am to 3pm)
                                Monday to Sunday Dinner (5.30pm to 1am)
Contact: +603 6206 5526 

For more information:

Website: http://www.tsubohachi.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsubohachimalaysia/?fref=ts


Christmas Surprise with Cubecrate!

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Merry Christmas everyone! How did you spend you holidays? Since we are having a considerably long holiday, I've been eating quite a bit. =p

This is my 4th mystery box from Cubecrate, and this time is a Christmas theme from them! Ain't the snowman stocking just too cute?! ^_^

Thanks for the beautiful flower from Happy Bunch (online florist) and the yummy snack from EatSeize (get your healthy food delivery everyday!).

Sneak peak on what goodies are inside my December box!

Let's have a closer look in the goodies!


mAi Dark Mocha

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Nowadays, there are thousands of beverages that claim to have slimming effect. I've personally tried quite a few of them, and I must say not all of the products able to deliver. Out of the products I've tried, mAi Dark Mocha is among the few that I could truly feel the effect.

What is this mAi Dark Mocha?

In this modern times, coffee has become a daily need to many people and many of them are either looking for ways to have a healthier lifestyle or slim down but just can't afford the luxury of investing their time going to gym. With this in mind, mAi has come up with a recipe that rewards coffee lovers and helping them maintain their physique at the same time.


Worth Book Ladies Edition 2015-2016

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Ladies, how many of you LOVE shopping??? If you do, I have something awesome to share with you!

Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2015-2016 is a book full of vouchers offering savings from fashion to massage and spa. There are 160 discount vouchers to be used, and you can enjoy more than RM 20,000 worth of freebies and savings!


Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015-2016

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Due to busy schedule, many people have the tendency to dine out, and most of the time the bill doesn't come cheap. In times like this, discount and vouchers will be very handy.

Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015-2016 is a book full of vouchers offering savings for various eateries. There are more than 50 eateries to choose from the book, and you could save more than RM 3,000 in freebies and discounts. You can find eateries such as Komugi, Sushi Tei, BBQ Chicken, Morganfield's and many more in the book. Each eatery comes with a brief description, so you'll know more about the place before visiting.

The outlets have been categorized carefully by area, shopping mall, and states. To use the vouchers? It's super easy! Pick an eatery, choose your voucher and redeem it upon ordering your food. Do remember to read the terms & condition before using the vouchers, to avoid any disappointment.


Monthly Surprise with Cubecrate!

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December is my favourite month and mostly due to it is the month of joy - Christmas!!! How many of you have started your Christmas shopping? If you are still not sure what gifts to surprise your loved ones, I have the solution here for you - Cubecrate!

Cubecrate is a monthly mystery box where the subscribers will get different surprises every month, ranging from food to beauty products and many more. I've been receiving my Cubecrate boxes since September and were very satisfied with the surprises I've gotten in both my September and October box. 

So..Let see what surprises I've gotten for my November box!

Claire Organics
Yay!! Another Claire Organics product ^_^ I've tried out their facial scrub that came with the October box, and am super satisfy with it. You can read further on my review here

The Claire Organics Herbal Balm is anti-bacteria, nourishing and anti-eczema. It is great for:
  • Sensitive skin
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Reduce itchiness, prickly heat
  • Soothe insect bites, burns & cuts, and allergic skin

The balm is made from natural and organics ingredients. The texture is a little bit oily but very thin and get absorb into the skin in no time. Personally, I felt the tea tree and peppermint scent are very soothing, and I really like it a lot.