Post-Valentine's Day Dinner - Kame Sushi @ Hartamas

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Over the weekend, Joe has brought me to Kame Sushi to have our Valentine's dinner. Kame Sushi is opened by a a Japanese chef, Mr Kame, who is very friendly and quite surprisingly, can communicate in Malay language.

I thought we were going to have a hard time finding the place, but it turns out we were wrong. After turning into Hartamas, and pass by an Old Town White Coffee on your right, you'll spot the cute turtle logo with the word "Kame Sushi" facing the main road.

After being seated and had our order taken, we waited patiently for our food while watching the chefs work. The chef on the far end is Mr Kame, and the person in front of us is his apprentice - who are also very friendly. They don't really have a menu, so we've decided to try their "omakase" - where the chef will decide what to serve.

Sipping our hot green tea and enjoy watching the chef working skillfully on the ingredients with their sushi knife.

Slightly sweet and savory appetizer. I couldn't quite make out this is this - though I once suspected it could be seaweed. My bad, I should have asked what is this.

Another appetizer - marinated cockles. Not too bad, but I personally prefer my cockles to be have raw. =p

Assorted Sashimi
8 different types of sashimi were served with fresh wasabi, and 2 different type of sauces. I was grinning from ear to ear when these were served. I'd love nothing more than savoring fresh seafood - especially when it comes with ebi (raw prawn) and hotate (scallops). I've had countless Japanese cuisine - even those from 5-stars hotel, but this was the first time I truly experience how a raw fish could melt in your mouth. The toro (tuna), especially the tuna belly, it was thick and fat (in a very absolutely positive way) that it melted slowly in my mouth. One bite into the fish meat, I could feel and taste the omega oozing out from the meat; and I must say, it was really satisfyingly orgasmic! LOL!! I must also mentioned the scallop too. Unlike the raw scallops I've had elsewhere, which were usually mushy -  the hotate in Kame Sushi has a rich sweetness and crunch to it.  Same goes to the Ebi too - it was sweet and firm.

(L) Tuna Belly; (R) Tuna

Look at the marbeling - thick and fat!

Fried Cod Fish
This was another favourite of mine! The cod fish was fried perfectly - crispy on the skin and moist on the inside. Some might find it's a little too oily, but it agreed with my tastebuds.

Turnip with Oysters and Prawns

I finished the entire bowl of this, and almost wanted to lick every single drop of it! At first sight, I thought it was soaked in oil, but I was wrong. It was light, and kinda perfect for me after having the sashimi and fried cod. There were some ginko in it too.

There were 2 oysters in it, but I ate the first one before I remember to snap some photos. I don't usually fancy cooked oysters as they tend to have weird taste to it, but I love these.

Deep Fried Potato
The fried potato was flavorful yet non greasy. It was served with a dipping sauce, where you could pair it with the horseradish that came with the potato. Instead of making it creamy and smooth, there were bits of chucks of potatoes in it that gave you a bit of bite to it.

Assorted Sushi
There are no questions that the raw seafood are as fresh as they could get. The rice were firm and flavorful. Another broad smile appeared on my face the moment I saw Uni (sea urchin) on the plate! The creaminess and umami of the sea urchin was totally mind blowing! Needless to say, that the rest of the sushi were as good as their sashimi too! One downside, I only wish that there was salmon on it.

Miso Soup

Unlike the typical salty miso soup that we used to have out there, theirs are subtle and has the right balance of saltiness to it.

Genmaicha (Rice Tea)
I totally need this after the entire dinner - a hot tea to wash down all the food. I enjoyed  very much sipping on the hot tea, while watching the interaction between the chefs and the patrons.

Black Sesame Ice Cream
Joe went for the Black Sesame Ice cream - it was flavorful and creamy, but yet it didn't feel very heavy.

Yuzu Ice Cream
I needed something refreshing to end of meal, so I opted for the Yuzu Ice Cream. It was what I needed - a little bit acidity along with a tad of sweetness, but light and refreshing at the same time. I felt that it was close to the texture of a sorbet.

Our dinner came to RM460 for 2 pax. I would say that the pricing is towards to high side, but for the quality of the dishes, I would definitely say that it is worth a try. Our night ended with a nice meal, and with the chef chatting away with the Japanese patrons - who seems like regulars to the restaurant.

Just a friendly reminder, do make reservations as they do have a big area to accommodate too many patrons.

The operating hours are: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM; 
                                      6 PM - 10:30 PM (Off on Monday)

Address: 20, Jalan 31/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: +603-2858-7739