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Recently I have been researching on a few slimming/diet supplements, and I've heard of the name "Hoodia P57". I went online to do some research on this "Hoodia P57", and found out that it works as a appetite suppressant. As quoted from their website :

".......It contains a compound called, "P57," which is a molecule that is said makes you feel full. The P57 molecule is estimated to be more potent than glucose in sending the signal to the brain that tells your body it is NOT hungry......."

Also, on their website stated that the consumers would not experience the following:
  • No Shakiness
  • No Stomachaches
  • No Headaches
  • No Come Down
  • Non Addictive & Non-Habit Forming

    I was actually actively looking and HUNTING for a slimming/diet supplements that REALLY work!! I have been going to gym (well....sometimes on and off due to laziness and work and some others errands....), however, due to my appetite my weight just doesn't seems to be under control, and I'm starting to grow unwanted fat at unwated areas T___T. Hence, when I came across this products I went on to do further research and I've seen several good reviews on Hoodia P57. Without second thoughts, I bought some to try for myself and my bf too! I've been taking one pill per day for almost one week, and I must say, I do see results. Especially around my tummy area, I've definitely lost some fat at my tummy area. I was excited to find that I'm able to find into certain pants a bit easier!!

    With all these results going on, I've decided to do slightly more research on the pills. Out of my expectation, I found an article from the FDA website. For those of you doesn't know what FDA is, it stands of US Food and Drugs Administration. FDA will examine and re-examine on all the drugs that are going into the market and/or drugs and food and others that are already in the market. Their purpose is to make sure the food, drugs and products going into/and or already in the market are safe for the consumers, and they do not contain any harmful ingredients. OK! Back to what I was saying earlier, I saw an article on the FDA website warning the consumers NOT TO CONSUME these pills, as it contains undeclared drug ingredients, that will may be life threatening. I was shocked and kind of in a dilemma now. My sane side is telling me that I SHOULD STOP TAKING THE PILLS - even though they really work on me, but my crazy side is still struggling, maybe is okay if I just finish what I've bought.

    Haizzzz.......... Conclusion, I'm still figuring out what should I do to my remaining pills. Why not you readers be the judge of it? Should I continue with the pills? Or should I stop consuming them?

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    1. Hi, you should stop taking it. In the first place, you shouldnt have tried out any slimming products. They are harmful to your body!! Better go for natural slimming method ie, control your diet, drinking tea, exercise.
      Take care.