Cubecrate July Mystery Box

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It's another mystery box from Cubecrate! Can't believe it was more than 6 months ago when I first get to know about Cubecrate. How time flies!

In conjunction with Hari Raya, Wunderbath has introduced a series of pretty-looking soaps that were inspired by this auspicious festive. All the products at Wunderbath are vegan, cruelty-free, Paraben free and hand-made in small batches. This kuih-muih soap is just too cute!

I've heard about Dirty Benefits some time ago, but never get to try them. They are an all-natural skincare brand, and are famous for their coffee scrub. Instead of the Classic Obsession Coffee Scrub, I had their Coconut Confession Coffee Scrub.

The goodness of coffee add on with the benefits of cold pressed coconut oil! I'll start using this soon once I finish up my current body scrub.

Super cute kuih lapis keychain from Minibites. They offer very unique and cute food-theme jewelries and accessories using polymer clay. A perfect gift to give someone, especially if he or she is a foodie!

Be it skincare or food, Cubecrate has been sending out amazing and interesting items in their boxes and I'm always looking forward to receiving their mystery box. To know more about Cubecrate and their updates, do drop by their website and/or follow both their Facebook and Instagram.


2016 Winter Trip at Perth @ Australia: Fremantle!

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One of my favourite places to go in Perth is Fremantle. Apart from varieties of eateries at the place, I love to stroll around the town and admire the colonial buildings in the area.

It's like walking back through time.

The Round House is the oldest remaining building in Western Australia, and it was once a jail. The place is now open to public and the entrance fee is by donation. The Round House is a perfect spot to have a nice view of Fremantle.

The street view from The Round House.

The beautiful Bathers Beach view from The Round House.

I love the beach and just can't get enough of them - even during cold winter time!

Came across this beautiful studio - Glen Cowans Photography. It is a fine art underwater photography where you'll see lots of beautiful underwater photos that will make you fall in love with the deep blue ocean. If you are lucky, you might bump into the friendly photographer himself and his gorgeous wife.

I actually went back to the studio twice and got myself a necklace (AUD$ 25). Fell in love with this photo the instant I laid my eyes in it!

Coincidentally, there was an Aboriginal Art & Culture Mini Market going on when we revisited the place.

It's time for Roo again!!!

Joe had the Roo Stew (AUD$ 6) while I had the Roo Wrap (AUD$ 6). A tad under-seasoned but the kangaroo meat was gamey and tender, and the hot stew was perfect during cold winter day.

One other place that is a must visit when in Fremantle has to be the Fremantle Market. The market only opens from Friday to Sunday. A typical market where you can find local produce and some other interesting gifts and items.

Found this stall in the market - Black Cherries Espresso. There was a long queue at the stall.

The Flat White (AUD$ 4) was smooth and had stronger taste than most of the coffee I've had in Perth.

While waiting for our coffee to be ready, we saw a long queue at What The Bao and decided to give it a try too. Joe had the Singapore Chili Soft Shell Crab (AUD$ 10). The bun was soft and fluffy and they were generous in giving the whole soft shell crab but we can't really taste the heat from the chili. Also, AUD$ 10 for a bun was a bit pricey though...

Korean Bulgogi (AUD$ 8). Beef slices coated in creamy sauce. The bun was good but it doesn't shout Korean to me.

Went back the market the second time and I was looking for something hearty, and that's when I saw Eat Street WA. Locating next to Black Cherries Espresso, Eat Street WA offers street food such as paella. There are 2 sizes to choose from - Regular and Large, and I had a regular for the Chicken, Chorizo and Corn Paella (AUD$ 10). It took about 15-20 minutes for the paella to be ready. Chicken meat was tender, generous with chorizo but the downside was the under-cooked rice. The rice could probably use another 5 minutes to be fully cooked.

Despite it being super cold windy day, I was craving for cold drinks. I saw a number of people holding walking around with this drink and I went looking for the stall. Roo Tea is a local family-owned business and they uses organic ingredients to make their tea. I had the Organic Lemon Myrtle & Rose, which tasted lemony but not over-acidic and had a nice hint sweetness.

If you love designers and artistic stuff, you'll probably be having lots of fun shopping around Fremantle.

Another round of coffee before dinner!

First stop, the Red Cherries Coffee Bar at The Piazza South Terrace and ordered a Latte (AUD$ 4).

Next stop, my Dirty Chai from Eleven Squares also located at The Piazza South Terrace. The staffs were super friendly and the chai was hot and strong - perfecto!

It's somehow a customary to have some fish & chips whenever I'm in Perth, and Cicerellos is one of the favourite places to have chippy.

Traditional Fish & Chips (AUD$ 15). The fish was fresh and flaky, and the batter was light and crispy. Sprinkled some salt for seasoning and a squeeze of lemon juice to freshen up the dish. We enjoyed our dinner while looking over the docks, but were looking out for seagulls at the same time too. There were LOTS of them flying around and eyeing for leftover food!

Took a slow walk around the area before calling it a day. Love the colour of the sky when the sun was setting, it was beautiful.


Realash Eyelash Enhancer + BROW: Results After 30 Days

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About a month ago, I've written an unboxing post on Realash Eyelash Enhancer and BROW by Realash. I would not go into details on the products, but you are more than welcome to read here if you want to know more about Realash.

The Eyelash Enhancer is said to add volume and length to your lashes, and enhance their overall appearances so they will look simply gorgeous. After trying out for slightly more than a month, I very fond of the product. The application is very easy - like how you would draw your eyeliner, and it doesn't irritate the eyes at all!

Product: Eyelash Enhancer
Price: RM 190

Next, we shall move to the BROW by Realash.

The conditioner contains active peptides which condition, strengthen and stimulate hair growth. BROW also contains ginseng extract that improves blood flow in skin and strengthen hair matrix.

The results...

Can't really see a drastic difference from the length but I noticed my lashes do not fall that much anymore. On the other hand, I could more visible results for my brows.

Product: BROW by Realash
Price: RM 170

Overall, I'm very satisfied with both products from Realash. Not only they are gentle on the eye area, but they seems to be working so far. However, I believe it takes couple of months to truly see any drastic differences.

To purchase the products, go to For more information on Realash, do visit their website and follow both their Facebook and Instagram. Till then... stay pretty, ladies!