Idiots Pedestrian in Malaysia!

21:27 becky-wong 0 Comments

I am not a racist person or will discriminate others, but there are times that "certain people" just gets under my skin. I was on my way back after a dinner with my mom, and there were these 4 Indians were crossing the road like they are the freaking king of this country and walking across the road at their own pace! Not exaggerating or any kind, THEY WERE PRACTICALLY IGNORING ALL THE CARS AROUND THEM AND CROSS THE ROAD!!!!!!! WTF!!

It is just so typically them! For those of you who are Malaysian, you would totally understand what I meant! I'm just amazed by that 4 dudes! "Hello!! I was practically behind you and there were cars around WAITING for the 4 of you IDIOTS to cross the road at your own freaking sweet pace!!!!!!!" ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I understand all the heroes in the bollywood movies always survive no matter what injuries they suffered and they never seems to die! BUT this is freaking real life and for goodness gracious YOU GUYS ARE NO FREAKING WAY BOLLYWOOD ACTORS!!!!

All I wanted to say is, YOU DO NOT OWN THE ROAD SO PLEASE MOVE WHEN THERE ARE CARS COMING! Apart from obstructing the traffic, it is really very dangerous! There are always some idiot drivers that think they are driving some Ferrari and speed like crazy! By the way of these idiots crossing, the possibility of getting hit by these drivers are way to high!!! And quite frankly, I would say that they asked for it. I know that's mean, but is a fact.

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