Papasan Canteen @ Kuchai Lama: Creative Japanese Cuisine!

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What is your favourite childhood moment?

One of my fondest memories as a child was going around places to hunt for delicacies and trying out new cuisine. It was so fun and even now as a grown up, I still enjoy exploring places for food. One of my recent discoveries has to be Papasan Canteen at Kuchai Lama - a canteen-concept cafe serving creative Japanese food.

Inspired by the word Mamasan, Papasan Canteen hope to this little space of theirs will bring joy to their customers.

Simple canteen-like tables and chairs, Papasan Canteen gives out a very welcoming vibe.

One of the highlights, or I should say must try at Papasan Canteen is their tea selections. Growing up with my grandparents, I started drinking tea at a very young age, thanks to my late grandfather who was a tea lover. Seeing how he would patiently made himself a pot of tea every day, I came to learn there are so much knowledge in making a pot of tea. At Papasan Canteen, they have varieties of tea, and if you like to know more you are more than welcome to talk to their friendly boss, Zac.

Papasan Roll (RM 24). Salmon maki with Foie Gras, crab meat, Tobiko & garlic mayo. Foie gras and salmon maki sounded weird at first, but the creaminess of the foie gras elevated the flavours of the entire dish.

Omu Curry Rice (RM 18). Japanese rice topped with omelette and juicy fried chicken served with rich and aromatic Japanese curry. The fried chicken was really addictive but the sadly the omelette was a tad overcooked and didn't have the creamy runny yolk.

Bili-Bara-Don (RM 24). For a sashimi and poke lover, I was super excited when I saw the Bili-Bara-Don from Papasan Canteen. A bowl of sushi rice generously topped with salmon chunks, cucumber, tamago, raddish, and Tabiko fish roe. You can either enjoy the don as it is, or squeeze in some lime to brighten up the dish. For me, I love having it both ways!

Kalai-Kalai Udon (RM 16). Spicy dry udon with minced chicken topped with Bonito flakes, Onsen egg and lime. This is a truly amazing dish at Papasan Canteen. Why I said so? Inspired by Chili Pan Mee, the udon tasted very much like Asam Laksa!!!! My friends and I got so curious and started to "examine" the bowl trying to figure out why. According to Zac, they have added ginger lily into the dish, and that could be the reason why it tasted very much like Asam Laksa. Regardless, this is one of the MUST ORDER at Papasan Canteen!

Truffle Oil Olio (RM 14). The fragrance of truffle oil plus the earthiness of the mushrooms, the Truffle Oil Olio is irresistible!

Dogstars' Chicken Sausage Bun with Fries (RM 16). Dogstar is a local brand and you can get your locally-made sausages at Papasan Canteen with a Japanese twist.

Cafe Latte - Hot (RM 9). House blend specially customized using 100% Arabica coffee bean.

Iced Matcha (RM 12). If you prefer strong matcha flavours, this might not be what you are looking for. However, I like the subtle flavours of matcha.

Signature Tangerine Plum (RM 10). Sweet, sour and minty, the Signature Tangerine Plum is a perfect thirst quencher.

Let's Fall In Love (RM 18). Dragon fruit with banana and yoghurt. All of my favourite fruits in a jar, what not to love?!

House Cold Brew Iced Tea (RM 12 - RM 25). Ever since I've had cold brew iced tea at Leaf Lohas, I've fallen in love with this refreshing drink.

Homemade Black Sesame Ice Cream. Nutty flavours of the black sesame, total yum!

Homemade Wasabi Ice Cream. If you like savoury-sweet dessert, go for the Wasabi Ice Cream!

Been going around places to hunt for delicious food that worth value and I'm very happy that I've found Papasan Canteen. You won't find fancy dishes at Papasan Canteen, but you'll be getting varieties of simple hearty food that have been meticulously thought out.

Getting parking around the area is really challenging but you can either park at the food court next door or up the road and walk your way down.

To know more updates on Papasan Canteen, do follow their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: No.17-G, Jalan 1/114, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily
Contact: +603 7972 7883

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