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"People nowadays are looking for something with an edge, they are always searching for something different...."

That was my statement few weeks ago when I was talking to my boyfriend. I've always notice that as years gone-by, we are looking for the edgy and differences not only in fashion, but also the food or gourmet that we consume. Last week in my window shopping-spree in Paradigm Mall (in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya), it once again confirmed my statement.

We were about to to leave the mall, and we passed by a gelato shop name "Cielo Dolci".

"Cielo Dolci, pronounced as “ceh-lo dol-chee” , means heaven’s dessert, in Italian. It embodies the very essence of our Dolce Freddo Artigianale (artisanal frozen desserts). We handcraft our Dolce Freddo with much passion; creating heavenly flavours with cloud-like smoothness. Fusing Italian techniques with local flavours, we bring you the best of both worlds."

I am very very adventurous when it comes to food, the weirder and out of the earth they are, they more I would LOVE and WANT to try them!! I got all excited when I saw their daily special written on their board - Salted Calamansi, Nasi Lemak, and Cempedak! Finally, some gelato flavors that gets my palates all excited!

Whacky daily specials ^^

Without a second thought, I requested to have a try on their nasi lemak gelato. I must say, who ever thought you  can have savory in dessert, and personally, it tastes weird but in a good way! Hey....I'm not the only one that thought so, judging by how fast the gelato is finishing, I would say there are definitely a lot more people that find this flavor interesting. The moment I put the tasting spoon inside my mouth, I could taste the aromatic sambal (for those that not sure what's "sambal" is, it is a cili paste that is usually used as a condiment), anchovies, and toated peanuts. All these one of the kind flavors in cold gelato!! How whackyis that??!!! ^^

I myself thought I would order their Nasi Lemak, but due to my extreme curiosity, I've decided to try out their other flavor - Salted Calamansi. I was kind of worry that the calamansi going to be too sour, so in order to balance out the potential acidity of the gelato, I had it with their Mango Sorbet, hoping that the sweetness of the mango sorbet would bring down the acidity a little. In fast, I made the right decision. The mango and calamansi go well together. Personally, the acidity will be too powering if I have the calamansi solely, and the mango sorbet will be too sweet for me if I did pair it with other flavors.
Left: Salted Calamansi; Right: Mango Sorbetto

Hey folk!! If you are one of the adventurous foodie, go to "Cielo Dolci" in Paradigm Mall (located at the LG, opposite Papparoti).

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