Bru Cafe @ Faber Towers, Taman Desa

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Do you love Italian cuisine? I do. I love how simple the dishes can be yet they are always packed with flavours. Not necessarily comes with beautiful plating, but the cooking technique and layers of flavours are undeniably amazing.

However, dining in an Italian restaurant here might not be cheap. And today, I would like to recommend a gem I've found hidden in Faber Towers at Taman Desa - Bru Cafe.

After the success of Michelangelo's, they have now expanded to a cafe concept with Bru Cafe, which is strategically located at Faber Towers.

Bru Cafe serves authentic Italian cuisine too, but compared to Michelangelo's, it has a more casual vibe - just like something you would expect from a cafe. Walking in from the main entrance, Bru Cafe is situated at your one o'clock.

Deep Fried Calamari (RM 19.90). A plate of crispy calamari served with garlic oil to start-off the meal.

Oven Baked Snail (RM 21.90). These are my favourite! Served in shells with garlic-herb butter and homemade garlic bread. I can finish 6 of these all by myself!

Linguini Marinara Seafood (RM 34.90). Linguini with tiger prawns, mussels, clams and squid cooked in special Tomato sauce and served in a hot sizzling pan. The pasta is cooked till al dente, while the sauce is rich and thick. I was surprised to find the sauce wasn't too acidic, like how most of the tomato-based pasta would be; but rather, the acidity from the tomatoes was very subtle. Oh, not to forget the seafood is a plus point too!

Chicken & Mushroom Risotto (RM 30). It is so difficult to find good risotto and I was really looking forward towards this dish, especially after the risotto I had at Michelangelo's. Using Carnoli rice, the risotto is served with chicken, mushroom and Parmesan cheese. Creamy yet not too heavy, and I love the earthiness of the mushrooms in the risotto.

Lamb Shank (RM 52). OK, red meat lovers, you really have to give this one a try. Braised till fork-tender, the lamb shank is generously coated with rich brown sauce along with mash potatoes and vegetables.

Calzone Pizza (RM 29). Calzone is an oven-baked folded pizza that was originated from Naples. When served, I thought it would be very doughy - as the dough do looked quite thick, but it turned out to be soft and chewy. Originally, the Calzone Pizza is stuffed with spicy beef pepperoni, but we requested them to change it to chicken as one of our friends couldn't eat beef. I love the mild spiciness of the fillings, and by drizzling the warm tomato sauce served by the side, it totally elevated the entire dish.

Affogato (RM 12.90). Smooth and creamy ice cream with aromatic espresso, what a way to wrap up our meal.

Italian Cannoli (RM 13.50 - 3 pcs). Tube of crispy pastry filled with custard cream of your choice - Chocolate, Vanilla Custard, Lemon Curd.

Passionate Mango (RM 12.90). Not too sweet, the smoothie has a nice rich and creamy texture yet quite refreshing at the same time.

Cioccolatino. A special collaboration with local chocolatier, Cocoraw.

The iced chocolate is rich and chocolaty.

Fairies (RM 11.90). If you are looking for something light to wash down all the savoury food and desserts, Fairies would be a good choice. A combination of pear, strawberry and everlasting flower, Fairies is a lovely green tea with hint of fruity and floral note.

Having a meal at a proper Italian restaurant would most probably cost you a bomb; on the other hand, similar dishes served at most of the cafes are too disappointing. Personally, I felt the pricing at Bru Cafe is not too steep yet you'll still be able to get authentic Italian food. If you are looking to have nice Italian food but doesn't want to burn a big hole in your pocket, I would certainly recommend you to try out Bru Cafe.

To know more updates on Bru Cafe, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: Lot G3A & G-OS-4 Ground Floor, Podium Block, Faber Towers, Jalan Desa Bahagia, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: 10am to 10pm DAILY
Contact: +603 7980 5088


Start Your Day Strong with A Glass of Dutch Lady Pure Farm

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"Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper"

I'm sure many of you know the importance of breakfast. It is the first meal we eat after 8 to 12 hours from our last meal, and with such long hours of lacking in nutrients means our brain lacks energy when we wake up. Furthermore, our metabolism needs food to kick-start itself into action too. Hence, the breakfast we consume needs to provide sufficient essential nutrients to help us meet our daily nutrient intake as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

According to a study from MyBreakfast Study of School Children, the 7 commonly consumed Malaysian breakfasts analyzed were nasi lemak, mee goreng, nasi goreng, roti canai, roti telur or French toast, sardines sandwich, and a combination of curry puff and two kuih. Sadly, these breakfasts do not supply enough essential nutrients to meet 20-25% of daily Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) for both adults and children.

However, when these breakfasts were consumed together with a 250ml serving of Dutch Lady Pure Farm milk, the ideal 20-25% of daily nutrition intake could easily be met.

To help Malaysian families meet their recommended nutrient intake for breakfasts, Dutch Lady advises to add a glass of Dutch Lady Pure Farm milk every morning. The best part is Dutch Lady Pure Farm milk comes in convenient packages that are ideal for hustling morning.

Furthermore, there are 3 flavours for you to choose from: Original, Chocolate and Strawberry!

To address the questions are malaysians' favourite breakfast providing sufficient nutrients for the nation, Dutch Lady Pure Farm held a campaign launched in late August. They have invited professionals and mommy bloggers to share the importance of having a healthy breakfast.

I always knew breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but little did I know how lacking in nutrients our breakfast is. Hmm... Is really time to step-up my breakfast game and start making myself some healthy breakfast!

To know more about Dutch Lady Pure Farm, check out their Website and Facebook.


b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask & Nano Bio-Cellulose Mask Review

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I've heard of B.liv brand for the longest time and have personally tried some of their skin care and masks too. I was quite fond of the B.liv products I've used, and they have recently launched 2 new products - O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask & Nano Bio-Cellulose Mask.

Pronounced as "believe", the brand was founded in 2009 to cater to strong demand for easy-to-use and affordable skincare regime. B.liv is the only skincare brand in the over-the-counter market to have undergone trials and testing in more than 200 professional skincare centers prior to placement in the retail market. Today, B.liv is the leading brand in pores management solution.

O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask

After cleansing, is time to let my skin "breathe" with this purifying mask that combines oxygen bubble and rice powder to brighten and enliven complexion, by soaking up impurities while the red soft beads gently melt away to exfoliate the skin, leaving a soft, smoother and glowing skin.

The key ingredients of the mask:

1. O2 bubbly (purifying) - Deeply penetrate into skin to wash away pore-clogging, impurities, debris and excess sebum.

2. Rice powder (brightening) - Helps moisturize and brighten; leaving skin bright, soft and full of luster.

3. Red soft beads (exfoliating) - Red cellulose beads that melt away to exfoliate dead skin surface, resulting in soft, smoother and glowing skin.

The mask has a gel-like texture that is slightly runny, with red soft beads in it.

How to Use:
1. Apply a small amount onto face and gently massage. Bubbles will form.
2. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
3. Massage once more for deeper cleansing.
4. Rinse with lukewarm water and proceed with remaining skin care steps.

I like that the mask comes with a spatula to scoop out the mask, which is more hygienic than using my fingers.

After applying a thin layer of mask onto my face, I let it sit for a bit and I notice it turns into a fine bubbly foam.

After 5-10 minutes, I massage the mask for deeper cleansing, and the bubbles are less foamy but instead it turns into a milky liquid.

Overall, it is quite an interesting product. It was my first time using an oxygenating mask and I was very excited to see the result. I can't really say the brightening effect is very obvious but my skin has definitely lighten up a bit. Also, I like how refreshing my skin feels after using the mask. I'll be able to see better results after a few rounds of using the mask. As for the scent, it has a very light subtle rice scent.

A friendly reminder:

1. Ensure the jar is closed properly with the inner lid.
2. Due to the O2 bubble formulation, it is natural to expect some "cheese holes" appear in the product.
3. It is important to use the included spatula to avoid any foreign substance added to the product which may affect its quality.
4. Don't use your fingers to scoop the mask out of the jar as that could cause it to bubble up.

Product: b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask
Size: 50g
Price: RM 99

Nano Bio-Cellulose Mask

I love using mask so much so that I have lots of different masks at home, from home rinse off to sheet masks. Apart from the oxygenating mask, I've gotten my hands on b.liv Nano Bio-Cellulose Masks too!

These sheet masks are so convenient and definitely a life saver whenever I'm travelling or needed a quick fix.

Using bio-cellulose mask, a specialized nano scale fiber structure, the mask fits perfectly like a second skin. Apart from the ability to hold moisture while allowing the skin to breathe better, its 30 nanometers fiber also increases extra contact surface area for crevices and wrinkles, maximizing the absorption of effective essence.

There are 3 different types of masks:

1. Soothe Me Now - Soothing, repair & rejuvenating
2. Hydrate Away - Moisturizing, revitalizing & hydrating
3. Age Eraser - Youth preserving, firming & fine line reducing

I just got back from a day trip with friends at Tadom Hill Resorts. After spending the whole day under the sun, Soothe Me Now came to the rescue. The mask is clinically proven to improve skin dryness by 55.6% and imperfection by 24.2%, at the same time reduce fine lines by 16.7% after 28 days of using the mask.

I like that they use double layer of gauze sheet to protect the mask and for hygiene purposes. Thanks to its nano bio-cellulose structure, the mask has a soft and smooth texture. Unlike many conventional sheet masks, the mask feels firmer and thicker, and it doesn't tear easily.

It was super relaxing and soothing, both for me and my skin, to put on the mask after a long day out!

Upon removing the mask, there were still some of the essence residue on my face and I gently massage till it get absorb into my skin.

My skin feels so much more refreshed after using the mask. To top it off, I was actually kind of expecting to have sun burnt on my face, but thanks to the mask, not a trace of sun burnt the next day! I was really happy how fast it soothed and rejuvenate my skin, even after just using it for one time.

I took a look at the packaging again and found the 3 key ingredients that have worked wonders on my skin:

1. Organic Immortelle Flower - Known to be more soothing than German Chamomile, and more regenerating than Lavender.

2. Soothing Peptide - Increase skin's sensitivity tolerance threshold and effectively reduces the sensation of discomfort.

3. Hyaluronic Acid - Holds water to keep collagen hydrated and promotes a youthful look.

Product: Nano Bio-Cellulose Mask
Size: 4 pieces/box
Price: RM 129

b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask & Nano Bio-Cellulose Mask are now available at SaSa and major online platform (Hermo, 11Street, Lazada, GEMFIVE). You can also get them from b.liv Website too!

For all of you out there who would like to try out the products, you can use REBECCA25 to enjoy 25% off upon any purchase on b.liv online store!

For more information on b.liv, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram.


I Am 80's Cafe @ SS4C/5, Petaling Jaya

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80's was a decade of fun with bold styles and vibrant colours, it was also a time where kids would be having lots of outdoor fun rather than staying indoor playing with smart phones or computer games. Are you an 80's kid? What are your favourite memories as an 80's kid?

I Am 80's Cafe is located at SS4, Petaling Jaya and I've been to the cafe couple of time. Compared to other PJ area, to get a parking at this area is considerably easy. The cafe is owned by TK Dong, an 80's kid himself, and he wanted to create a fun-filled space - just like how the 80's was.

Stepping into the cafe, you'll only see very tables and chairs.

Right next to the entrance, there is this artwork of kids playing and when I took a closer look, I realized it's an artwork of the games where kids used to play back in the 80's. This definitely brought back some memories for me. Any of these games look familiar to you?

My favourite childhood snacks! My friends and I used to stay back in school for extra-curricular activities, and one of our favourite past time was to sneak out from the school to one of the grocery shop nearby buying these snacks.

There is an "underground" dining area in the cafe. Take the staircase down, you'll find yourself being surrounded by items from the 80's. Any of these collections brought back memories for you?

From the artworks on the wall to the decorations/collections all over the cafe, the owner has put in lots of efforts in creating that fun and vibrant 80's vibe.

Dog Food (RM 24). Don't be deceived by the name or look of this dish, Dog Food is a hearty plate of fries, mashed potatoes, sausage and more cheese!

Mussel Cream Pot (RM 24). Black mussel, Basil, mixed herb and cream sauce served with bread. Steamed mussel is my favourite dish but this is the first time I had mussel served in cream. I was very worry about the heaviness of the cream sauce but it is surprisingly, and you could taste the subtle flavours of basil, which is a nice touch to the slightly sweet cream sauce.

80's Signature (RM 138). If you are going in a group and can't decide what to eat, have the 80's Signature then.

The platter comes with 1/2 roasted chicken, fish & chip, salad, tomato bruschetta, tempura prawn & squid ring, BBQ sausage, 12" sausage, soup (2 bowls), spaghetti & childhood drink (2 bottles). Although the menu says for 2 pax, 6 of us girls had problem finishing the platter. On the other hand, if you are really hungry or going in a big group, go for it!

Spring Chicken (RM 33). Mashed potato, pea, sauteed onion with gravy sauce. One thing about I Am 80's Cafe, their food comes in pretty big portion. Instead of serving quarter or half, they decided to serve a whole Spring Chicken. There is something very satisfying having a whole roast chicken.

CCC Fried Chicken (RM 16). Perfectly fried chicken that are juicy with aromatic flavours of curry leaves.

Sarawak Laksa (RM 18). Noodles served with tiger prawns, black mussels, shredded chicken and egg. What make Sarawak Laksa so delicious is the bold and vibrant flavours of the herbs, and I Am 80's Cafe is definitely serving some mean Sarawak Laksa.

Dancing in the Pan (RM 20). Bread & butter pudding, custard sauce, chocolate sauce and ice cream.

Once serve, pour the custard sauce and chocolate sauce over the bread pudding, and take a spoonful of everything from the hot pan. I like the hot & cold combination of the dessert but it is a little too sweet for my liking.

Creamy Steam Egg (RM 15). Silky smooth creme brulee serves with mixed fruits.

Ah Gong Taste (RM 10/bottle). From Left to Right - 80's Coffee, 80's Kopi O, 80's Milk Tea.

Fruity Smoothie (RM 15.90/bottle). From Left to Right - Banana Mango Yogurt with Basil Seed, Blueberry & Red Berry Yogurt, Mix Berries & Dragon Fruit. The smoothies are very refreshing.

Compared to many cafes out there, I Am 80's Cafe considered having a slightly smaller menu. However, what they are lacking they compensated with flavours and big portion. Apart from the ones that we had, they have a very interesting dish on the menu named "No Idea" - where the chef will decide what to serve base on the ingredients they have in the kitchen. I've ordered No Idea on several occasions and I was served a different food every time. For those who love surprise, I would highly recommend No Idea.

OH WAIT!! I have something good to share with all of you. In conjunction with Malaysia Day, I Am 80's Cafe is giving out 100 bowls of Sarawak Laksa on the 16/9/2017 (Saturday). All you have to do is:

1. "Like" I Am 80's Cafe Facebook Page.
2. "Share" this post and set it to Public and #iam80scafe.

Hurry! The FREE Sarawak Laksa will be on first come first serve basis!

To know more about I Am 80's Cafe, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: 35, Jalan SS 4C/5, Taman Rasa Sayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: 10.30am to 10.30pm DAILY
Contact: +603 7497 2846