Stalactites, Melbourne

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The weather has been pretty hot and humid recently, and this makes me miss Australia more!!! Been to Australia a few times, and I especially like their winter in Melbourne. Many of you would think that I'm mad, as whoever stasys or been to Melbourne would know that the weather there is very unpredictable. It could be chilly at one moment and hot the next moment. Well... maybe I am a lil crazy, because I miss the raining days in Melbourne during their winder time!! Hahahaahaha!! I think the hot and humid weather in Malaysia is really getting into me! LOL

Apart from the cold weather, one of the thing I missed is a Greek restaurant in Melbourne called "Stalactites". It is located in Russel Street, and is a very famous restaurant in the city.

My brother brought us there last year while we went for his convocation. The pricing there is reasonable and the food is YUMMY! We were there kinda early for dinner, but there was already a queue outside the restaurant, and we were waiting outside under the cold weather in the evening. *Cold~~~~~* Finally when we were being seated my stomach was protesting and I almost told the waiter to give us one each of their entire menu. I felt that I could have swallowed a cow! Luckily my senses were still there and I did not go that insane. We ordered their grilled lamb and chicken, mousakka and salad.

Grilled lamb and chicken

Bread use to wrap the meat.. yummy!!!


Salad with chesse and olives


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