A Miracle to the Skin - Mireica® Nutri Peau

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Thanks to Betsy from LiveLife, I was given a opportunity to try out the Mireica® Nutri Peau. Before I start comparing the results of Mireica on me, let me give you some brief information on the product.

What is Mireica?

Mireica is developed by a Swiss biotech company LiveLife Biosciences AG. Developed by a group of people who have more than 15 years experience in internal skincare, Mireica® Nutri Peau is the first and only skin supplement that helps revitalize skin stem cells to promote skin rejuvenation.

It is suitable for women, men and children of all ages, and it helps to improve:

  • the skin's hydration
  • tone
  • firmness
  • vitality
  • youthfulness
  • reduce fine lines

I have very very bad skin - as I would say. I have open pores, uneven skin tone, acne scars....and recently I realised that my fine lines have started to appear. Well, I guess these are the few things that you can't escape when you start to age. Haizzz~~~~

There are 30 sachets in a box, which is equivalent to one month supply. It is in powder form, and you could add in either cold water or room temperature water.

It will start to get freezy once you add water to it. It kinda taste like a freezy fruit juice - a slight sweetness. Personally, I'd prefer to add room temperature water - as I find that adding cold water makes it too freezy and starting to taste like ENO (something that I dislike A LOT!). However, by adding in room temperature water, it is not as freezy as adding cold water and taste way better.

CAUTION: Photos below MIGHT make you lost some appetite... some apologies =p

Right Cheek
Left Cheek

Although it's not that obvious, but the acne scars and pigmentations have lightened a little. Since, it only been a month, I don't really expect to see a vast difference on my skin. Personally, I feel that I can see more difference on my right face than my left.
Would I consider to consume the product in the long run? I most probably would. Although it is price at RM178 per box, but I'd say it is still worth giving it a try.


Komugi @ Paradigm Mall

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Cakes and coffee - one of those things that I could not live without. I've been to Komugi branch in Pavillion (before the name was changed to "Komugi"). I did not try their cakes and/or pastries during my first visit.

I like the concept of the branch's open concept. It is bright and welcoming.

Their menu - which they change from time to time.

Hanjuku Cheese

Hanjuku Cheese
Hanjuku means half-boiled. Hence, you can expect the cake to be moist in the middle. The cake is cheesy (yummeh!!) and really moist. Though it is small in size, but the portion is just nice, so you don't feel its too heavy at the end.

Green Tea Namachoco Sand

Green Tea Namachoco Sand
There are 2 flavours of the namachoco - Green Tea and Chocolate. Namachoco is a ganache, a mealty cream chocolate. The cake was soft and moist and the chocolate was not too sweet. It has the pleasant bitterness that green tea normally has. I really dislike chocolates that are overly-sweet - still prefer them to be bitter or bitter-sweet.

With cakes, of course you'll need to have coffee to go with it. The coffee in Komugi has nothing much to shout about, but is a ok coffee.
** The shop is located at Ground Floor, nearby Giordano and Italiannies.


Basil Thai Nudle Bar @ Bangsar Village

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When it comes to Thai food, I could hardly say "No" to it. So, when my mom suggested to try out Basil Thai Nudle Bar at Bangsar Village, I was so excited. P/s: I have yet to try out this Thai restaurant.

Pineapple Fried Rice
The pineapple fried rice was not too bad. The rice was flavourful (though some might say it doesn't have enough pineapples in it), and the cashews added the nutty flavours to the rice - which I always love!

Clear Tomyum Soup
The tomyum soup was ok, flavour wise. It was really spicy, and I totally love the spiciness in it! 

Some condiments to go with the food - if you think it is not spicy enough. I would recommend to add some chili paste into the fried rice - spice it up a little to keep your appetite going!

Sticky Mango Rice with Coconut Milk
Not the best sticky mango rice that I've had. Personally, I think it doesn't have enough of sweetness to it. It's always satisfying to have something sweet after having some spicy food for a meal.
G10, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village


Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar Village I

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I'm sure most of you have heard the story about 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf - so are you the 3 little pigs? Or the big bad wolf? Fret not, this post is not about this children story. I'm talking about the Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf at Bangsar Village I. It is located inside the Village Grocer. As the name suggested, they serve pork in almost every dishes on their menu. So if you are a pork lover, this is THE PLACE for you. However, if you are not that much of a pork lover, no worries! They do have non-pork options on the menu.


I need my coffee fix - daily! So I go ahead and ordered their long black.

The Wolf's Favourite (RM 29)

This is their signature dish - The Wolf's Favourite (RM29). It is a carbonara with crispy bacons, some pork and top with a poached egg sprickled with some cheese. The carbonara was cheesy and creamy! The bacons gave some texture to the dish and the runny egg added some creaminess to it.

Look at the yolk above! Does it just look perfectly beautiful?!! OMG~~~

I'm So Hungry I Could Eat a Wolf (RM 28)

My cousin Liza ordered their breakfast and the portion is really huge - at least from a girl's point of view. The scrambled eggs were nice and moist, the mushroom was sauteed to perfection (mind you, some restaurant just serve almost bland sauteed mushroom), the hashbrown was fried to crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. There is a pork patty (right underneath the hash), which was seasoned to perfection.

Pork Lover's Aglio e Olio (RM 27)
I order the Pork Lover's Aglio e Olio (RM 27). Though not a big fan of meatballs, but the word "Char Siew" on the menu attracted me. I've always been careful when ordering aglio olio, as there were too many past experiences that they were just dry and tasteless. However, their aglio olio is just the opposite. The noodles were seasoned nicely, and saltiness of the pork added the extra flavors to the dish. 

Crispy Soft Shell Crab
Cousin Lina wasn't a fan of pork, so she ordered the Spaghetti with Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Salmon Roe (pardon me as I wasn't quite sure of the name on the menu). The Spaghetti was drizzled with rich sesame dressing, the soft shell crab was fried to crispy, and the salmon roe was was delicious. 

Chocolate Cake with Banana and Nuts
What is a meal without some mouth-watering dessert? The chocolate cake wasn't too sweet and I love the bananas in between the cake. Besides that, the nuts gave the cake some nutty-flavor which was so addictive, I felt that personally!
So...are you the little pigs that come out to play when the sun shine? Or the big bad wolf when the sun goes down?
** Their operation hours are Monday to Sunday, 9AM to 11 PM.
Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 1,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel:  +603-2283 2270



Restaurant Curry Fish Head @ PJ

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My parents and I came across a curry fish head restaurant in the Seapark area, and decided to give it a try. It is located next to the famous Sunrise Duck Rice in Seapark.

When we arrived, the place was already crowded. Fortunately, we were able to find a table near the entrance and quickly we made our order.

Curry Fish Head 

The curry was flavorful and the fish head was cooked to tender. It doesn't have that strong spices as you would find in an Indian fish head curry, but the gravy was really delicious that I could have just eat it with plain white rice.

 Beancurd Stuffed with Meat
I was a little disappointed when they served the beancurd. Purely because the it is just a few beancurd balls in a bowl of soup. I was expecting something more. However, the flavor wasn't too bad. The meat was seasoned nicely and goes quite well with the beancurd.

Claypot Pork Belly with Dried Chili and Salted Fish
The pork belly was just so-so, in fact, I had better pork belly in other restaurants. The pork was a little dry and did not have an even layer of fat and lean meat. Also, I could hardly taste the salted fish too.

Stir Fried Vege with Fermented Bean Curd
Another dish that has nothing much to shout about. I could hardly taste the fermented bean curd, as I would have expected. 

Jelly with Wolfberries
I'm not really a big jelly person, hence, I did not really had much of it. I took a mouth of it, and felt it was a little too sweet for my liking.


Kuantan Trip - Beaches and Delicacies

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After so many many many years, finally I stepped foot into Kuantan again - Joe's hometown! The first thing we arrived, I "kinda" force Joe to take me to the nearest beach - Teluk Chempedak.

It was a windy day - nice weather! Though you can't really see from the pictures, but I could  really feel that the monsoon is just round the corner - waves were hitting the shore and strong wind were blowing. Nevertheless, this did not stop the people to hang out and have some fun by the beach and/or in the water. There were some stalls by the side of the beach - ranging from food to accessories. Also, if you'd like, you could hang out by the eateries too - McDonalds, Starbucks and Chatime!
After enjoying the ocean breeze, which was deprived of me due to me currently staying in a city, my stomach started rumbling. We decided it's time to go grab our dinner before the queue started to pile up - the infamous Satay Zul ! They have2 floors, and we were lucky that we're still able to grab some seats despite the locals have already started pouring in.

I wanted to oder the rabbit satay (Arnab), unfortunately, they were sold out for the day. So, we ended up ordering some chicken and beef (Lembu).
 Satay Sauce

Chicken Satay
I really love the chicken satay! Compare to the ones that we have in KL or PJ area, theirs were marvelous! The main reason - without having any fat in between the meat BUT it wasn't dry at all! It was tender and has the smokiness that a satay should have. Usually you'd get a piece of fat in between of the meat on the skewers, so that the meat wouldn't get too dry during the bbq process. This is totally the opposite in Satay Zul.

Beef Stay

Compared to the chicken stay, the beef satay were a little tough for my liking. Personally, I'll still prefer their chicken satay.

Nasi Lemak
I tried the nasi lemak that Joe ordered, and I like the sambal a lot! With a little but of sweetness in the spicy sambal, and it totally gets you going non-stop. I did not try the rice nor the chicked, so couldn't comment much on it.

I was tempted to try out the Bakso, but did not really like it. The meatballs were too mushy for my liking.
The next morning, Joe brought me to Sungai Lembing to try out the famous Toufu - I'm a really big toufu fan! We woke up kinda early (at least for me...) and took a 30 minutes drive to Sungai Lembing. I thought we were early, but when we were at the stalls, we were greeted by a long queue and busy stalls' owners.

Finally after a long long queue, we were still managed to grab our food. Once again I must say, we were REALLY REALLY REALLY lucky!!! We were literally the last customer to grab all the toufu, the lady boss actually told a guy behind us that they have JUST ran out of toufu for the day. *pheww*

I wanted to their curry laksa, but the person infront of us just took the last bowl. So, I had the same dish a Joe - Sungai Lembing Noodles.

Sungai Lembing Noodles
It's actually simple noodles with some black soya sauce and sprinkled with spring onions. Though is simple, but it's really delicious. The noodles they used weren't the kind of noodles you'll see in Wanton Mee or laksa - not the yellow-colored noodles that leave a Alkali taste in your mouth.

The toufu was also another simple dish, but same as the noodles - delicous! The toufu was silky smooth and the starch has added flavour this delicate ingredients. Their toufu was stuffed with minced meat, which added extra flavours and texture to it. The total cost of this meal - 2 noodles and toufu - is RM5.50... super cheap or what!!!!
After breakfast we took a stroll at the small, quite town of Sungai Lembing (didn't captured any photos though...), and headed back to Kuantan.
When we were out looking for our lunch, we came across this restaurant - Hai Peng. Sounds familiar? It's the kopitiam from Kemaman, and now they have a branch in Kuantan, opened and operated by their own family member.

Kaya Toast Bread
A must, at least for me, to try their toast bread whenever I'm in a kopitiam. The quality of the kaya (coconut custard) and how toasted the bread is, will affect how delicious it is. I like their toast bread -right amount of sweetness in the kaya, and the toast was crunchy enough. There are times, that you'll find the bread get over-toasted and it has that burnt-bitter taste to it.  

Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak
I'm starting to think that Joe really loves nasi lemak alot! 2 days in a row - nasi lemak! The curry chicken was delicious. I had a spoonful of the curry - it has the heat, the frangrance of the santan (coconut milk), and I could taste the spices in the curry. Another dish that keeps you going non-stop.

Asam Laksa a.k.a Laksa
I actually wanted to order Laksa, or over there in Kuantan, they called it Curry Laksa; and when it say "Laksa", it is actually refering to "Asam Laksa". Confusing huh?! Nevertheless, this was a bowl of good laksa too. It was slightly different from the ones that you'd get in Penang.Tthough the broth was as flavourful, but personally, I find it's less acidic than the laksa in Penang - and I'd prefer this. I don't really fancy sourish or acidic dishes.
Joe brought me to this famous cendol shop in Kuantan - Cendol Air Putih. The place was packed with people enjoying their bowl of ice during the hot weather.

Ice Kacang a.k.a ABC
The Ice Kacang was not bad - the combination of syrup, condensed milk and gula melaka (Palm Sugar) was heavenly. It wasn't overly sweet, despite mixing all these 3 sweet ingredients into the nicely shaved ice. 


The coconut milk was flavourful and fragrant; the gula melaka (Palm Sugar) gave it a slight sweetness and the ice was shaved thinly - unlike at some places you'll still get chunks of ice here and there.

On our last day in Kuantan, I was still craving for Curry Laksa. Unfortunately, one of their famous shop was closed on Monday, so we had to find some alternatives. We ended up at Restaurant Seng Kong near to Joe's house. They had a few stalls selling different food, and finally I managed to have my Curry Laksa before we left Kuantan.


One thing I like about the curry laksa, is the noodles. It used the same noodles as the ones in Sungai Lembing, instead of the usual yellow noodles. You can choose what other dishes you like to add into your noodles. The broth was not too bad, but I think some might think is a little to salty.

I couldn't wait till the next time that I'm there. Beaches and delicacies!