Lunch Date: Cinnamon Coffee House @ One World Hotel

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Went to have buffet lunch with my cousins in Cinnamon Coffee House at One World Hotel last Saturday afternoon. It was my first time dining in One World Hotel, and the spread was satisfying!

We were there early (their lunch buffet start at 12pm), so I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the surroundings.

i love the pond ^^
Finally, the coffee house open, at 12pm sharp! I was STARVING~~~~
I was kinda starving, hence I did not take any picture of the interior surroundings - except for one precious picture. LOL! The coffee house was bright and we were being seated by the floor-to-ceiling windows, so we had the outdoor view.
Without a second thought, I attacked the Japanese section first.
Assorted sashimi

A small little disappointment was that they did not have sashimi. I'm not too sure was it because we went for a lunch instead of a dinner, or it just wasn't on their list.


The only meat they had (that day) was only beef. I was hoping that my beef would be blanched in shabu-shabu soup, instead of just pure hot boiling water. But, the chef was really friendly, and that was a plus point for me. ^_^

Assorted pickles and edamame




Chilled tofu in soba sauce

Cold soba

Another dish that I regretted of not having a bit more is one if their appetizer - watermelon with cheese.

 The ravioli was delicous! The gravy was creamy and their portion was just nice.
One of the dishes that was a bigger disappointment was their roast lamb. I was excited when I was the whole lamb was at the counter. The lamb was cold (slightly below room temperature) and bland.

Last but not least, we attacked the dessert counter. I was never a fan of dessert served in a buffet, as they rarely taste good. But I found a few favorite here.

Doughnut (Top Left) - Am a big fan of doughnut but did not like theirs. It has a weird taste and wasn't fluffy as I would love them to.

 American Chocolate Cake (Bottom Left) - LOVE it TOTALLY!!!! The chocolate was bitter-sweet and topped with rasberry!

Fruit Tart (Bottom Right) - 2 things I love about this - strawberry and blueberry. Also, it wasn't too sweet.

New York Cheese (Top Right) - I have always like New York cheese, and I swear I would have ate a few more of this if I wasn't too full.


Chocolate Fountain & Popcorn!
 Durian Cendol

The buffet lunch was around RM65++ per person, if I remember correctly. There were many food dishes that I did not manage to snap some pictures. In conclusion, I'll definitely say that the spread worth every penny spent.

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