Bonsoir... Bistro a Table

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It has been quite a loooooooong time since I've last posted my blog. Have been busy with my work, but still it did not stop me from hunting for food. ^^

Bistro a Table... it started off with my researching for new restaurants in Petaling Jaya area. I wanted to try different cuisine, so I tried my luck hunting for French food in PJ area. Who would have know, I found it! Bistro a Table is located in Seksyen 17. For those of you who know where Decanter is, the restaurant is located just behind it; and for those who don't, please refer to the address listed at the very bottom of this blog. ^_^

The menu is simple, and you can go through their menu from entree to desserts at one glance. I kinda like it, for me, this really saved me the hassle of flipping through the menu deciding what I wanted to order for the night. Same as the menu layout, the interior design is also simple. I tried to take a few pictures of the restaurant but I was kinda occupied by my dinner.

Some bread and butter was served before the our entree.

My brother and I ordered their escargot as our entree. I've always preferred my escargot to be baked with cheese and herbs. In Bistro a Table, they prepared their escargot with clarified butter. It came in three cute little egg-sized cup, with pastries on it and bread by the side. The pastries on top of the cup was thin enough that you could just break it easily. The escargot was prepared in clarified butter, which I was kinda worry initially, that it will be too oily due to all the butter. How wrong could I have been! I have a new found love! LOL!!! The butter was not too oily (at least, my personal opinion) and has the right saltiness in it, it totally goes well with the bread by the side - that, if you are a bread and butter kind of person.



p/s: I tried taking some nice pictures of it...but epic failure of the pic! Sowiee~~~~>.<
I had their Shredded Duck Confit with Pasta. I was really looking forward for some delicous hand-made pasta, but ended up kinda disappointed, as the pasta tasted like a ready-made ones. Having said so, the duck wasn't dry and I wouldn't mind going back ordering this dish.
My brother had their  Scallop wrapped with Pasta. I had high hopes for this dish too, as I'm a big lover for scallops! Sadly, I had a slight disappointment in this dish too. Sames goes to the pasta, it tasted like ready-made ones, and the scallops really tasted like frozen scallops. On the other hand, the broth was really deliciously good!! I think I ended up finished the entire broth in the plate.
Overall, I wouldn't say that the experience was a total disaster. There were some hits and misses, but for me, the overall experience is very important too and I'll definitely wouldn't mind going back there to dine again. I would like to try out other dishes on their menu.

p/s: not a big wine lover (apart from ice wine), so we've each ordered some beers for the night. I know... these does not pair up nicely with the food! But hey, if your palate agress with the pairing, who cares! LOL!!!

For those of you that would like to give it a go at the restaurant:


6 Jalan 17/54,
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +6(03) 7931 2831