Gentlemen or Slavery? XD

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This is gonna be a post with nothing but words and I'm kinda sure it is going to piss some of the ladies out there. But who cares! This is my blog and a space to dump my thoughts!

Among all of the things I despise ( I know...that's a strong word), I really can't stand the girls having their bf/husband carrying their handbags, and vice versa. Every time I see this, it really makes me feel like going up to them and shout at them! It is really ridiculous, don't you think? There are NO FREAKING EXCUSES that could justify this kind of act!!!!!

1. Well....the bag is too heavy

For goodness gracious, if the bag is too heavy take out those unnecessary stuff! You don't need to bring your whole dressing table out! All you need is your house keys, car keys (if these girls even drive!), powder (if you want to touch up), purse and phone. That's all!! Are these things that heavy???? The answer is obviously NO.

2. My shoulders get tired after carrying the bag

WTF?!!! Are you trying to say that your shoulders get tired but ours don't? What? Are we some superwoman or alien that we don't get tired? Hello....our shoulders get tired too, but do we make our men carry the bags for us? Hell NO! You have 2 shoulders, so switch side whenever one side get tired! Problem solve! After all, back to point 1, if you do not bring your entire dressing table out, generally your bag won't be so freaking heavy till it hurts your shoulder!

3. It is a gentleman job to help their lady to carry the bag

There's a very thin fine line between gentleman and slave (oppss...another strong word).Opening the door , carrying heavy items for her and pulling the seat for her is called gentleman; carrying her bag is nowhere near being a gentleman. Seriously, do you know how ridiculous the men look when carrying a lady handbag? To make things worst, many girls like their bag to be real feminine, and just paint that picture in your mind and imagine the scene. Scary, no?

4. I'm too lazy....

This, I would say, is the worst excuse. What do you mean by "you are too lazy to carry your bag"? Then why even bother buying it in the first place? Well, if you are that rich and like to buy pretty bags BUT TO FREAKING LAZY TO CARRY THEM OUT, easy solution - display them in your house then! That way you can admire them all you want, or maybe invite few friends to "admire" how pretty are they!

Guess I should stop all these bitching before I start pissing even more people out there.

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