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I was lucky enough to be selected by HiShop to do a review on Chennai X'press at Damansara Perdana.

It is quite easy to find the place. It's located at same row as Cat Whiskers, opposite Hong Leong Bank. I'm not too sure about the parking issues during weekdays, but it's fairly easy to find parking over the weekends.

There are limited seats in the restaurant. Hence, it would probably be safer to make reservation if you are going in a big group.

Poppadom and Chutney
While waiting for our lunch to be served, we had some poppadoms and chutney to munch on.

The poppadoms were ok, but Joe did not really enjoy the chutney. He said it was too sour for his liking.

Cinnamon Tea
Masala Tea
Both tea were a disappointment to me, as I was looking forward to some nice hot tea. In my own opinion, tea should be served hot, but not warm or room temperature. When it's hot, you are able to taste the flavour of the tea; and frankly, they taste kind of bad when it's not being served hot.

Lamb Briyani
Lamb Briyani (RM 20)
They should named it "Shredded Lamb Briyani" instead of "Lamb Bryani". We were digging into the rice to find the lamb, and found the shredded meat inside. The flavours were average, as I'd prefer my lamb to have more gamey flavours to it.

Chapathi and Butter Chicken
The Chapathi was alright. No complains here.

Butter Chicken
Another dish that I felt was a let down. I had 2 issues with this dish - 1) I was looking for that buttery gravy with perfectly cooked chicken, but it's the opposite; 2) It wasn't served hot! The most, it was served warm.

Chicken 65
Chicken 65
Finally, a dish that was served hot. I'd say, this was a better dish compare to the other dishes that we ordered. A friendly note, it might be too salty for some people - unless you have high tolerance for salty food like me. LOL!!!

Overall, it was an average experience with the restaurant, and I definitely wished that our food were being served hot instead of warm.

You can check out MilkADeal if they have any deals going on for the restaurant. They were having some cash vouchers deal previously, but unfortunately, it has ended.

Operating Hours: 11Am - 10PM

22A-1, Jalan PJU 8/5G,
Damansara Perdana,
47820, Petaling Jaya,
 Contact Details: +603-7733 3175
For more information:

HiShop: www.hishop.my
MilkADeal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MilkADeal
MilkADeal: http://www.milkadeal.com/
Chennai X'press: https://www.facebook.com/goodfoodatchennaixpress

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  1. i agree with you, tea should serve hot! :)