Adidas Blogger Cup: Spot the Difference

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How is everyone doing during this World Cup season?

Those of you who have been staying up late to watch the matches, do remember to drink more water so that you don't fall sick. ^_^

I'm back again with another round of question for the Adidas Blogger Cup. This would be the 6th question, and we are really close to the final question!

Question: Spot the difference. What is the one difference between the F50 adizero FG Battle Pack Boots displayed above and the originals?

Hint: 1) The answer is about the pattern on the boot
          2) Compare the black and white pattern on the shoes

Need more hint? Check out the video below:

Submit your answer via the following application, and do encourage to invite your friends and families to take part too!

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 6)

May the best team win the FIFA 2014 World Cup!

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