Adidas Blogger Cup: Round 5

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After months of waiting, THE 2014 FIFA World Cup is finally going to have their opening in hours to come. Planning to stay up late to witness and feel the excitement? I know I am.

Before the kick off of the big event, we shall continue with another round of Adidas Blogger Cup. This is the 5th round! Can you believe it? We are half way through this contest now.

So, the question of the day is...

Question: What year is written on the Spain team's logo?

Hint: The answer is on the T-shirt

Submit your answer using the following.

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 5)

So, which national team are you supporting this year? Leave your comment, I would love to know. ^_^

Ajak your friends and families to submit their answer too! After all, the more the merrier! XD

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  1. I am supporting Spain! Too bad they lost the match last weekend :(

    1. ya... it's sad they lost the last game. Hope they win the next coming game! I'm hoping Uruguay will win the coming game >.<