[Review] L'oreal MenExpert - Instant Skin Fixer BB Moisturizing Gel

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I have been writing quite a few food posts recently, and decided to take a break from food for a while - plus, this is really a way overdue post. =(

More and more guys are making an effort to upkeep their appearance, and I strongly believe that this is what everyone should be doing. After all, the least we can do for our skin is to make sure it is healthy and clean.

I was given the opportunity to do a review on L'Oreal MenExpert - Instant Skin Fixer BB Moisturizing Gel.

So, what is this L'Oreal MenExpert - Instant Skin Fixer BB Moisturizing Gel?
It is a revolutionary technology for men. The fresh and transparent blue gel (yes.. you heard me correct - transparent blue gel). Check out the photos below!
So, it claims to:
  • Brightens up skin instantly
  • Visibly conceal imperfections
  • Hydrates all day long
  • Continuously infuses energy
Since it's for men, I managed to persuade my bf to let me test the product on him. I tried the gel on my bf's face (sadly, he doesn't allow me to take photos...), and I managed to get some feedback from him - the gel felt sticky at first but it absorbed pretty fast and doesn't have the sticky feeling after that. As for the brightening effect, I don't really see the difference.

I decided to test out the product myself too!

I like the packaging a lot. Black colour tube which gave a "masculine" feel to it.
The gel has a cooling effect to it, and it definitely looked very light-weight to me.
I'm not too sure if you can see the difference from the photo, but I felt some difference after applying the moisturizing gel:
  • My left hand looked smoother compare to my right hand
  • The gel absorbed very fast
  • It doesn't leave any sticky feelings
  • It doesn't have any unpleasant scent

I think this would be a good product for the men to try it out, especially for the "first timers". It is light-weighted and doesn't leave you feeling uncomfortable on the skin. I understand many guys are not used to applying products on their face, because they can always feel the layer of product on their skin. The more this would be a good choice for the men out there.
You can purchase it from Guardian and Watsons.

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