HSBC Restaurant @ Bangsar

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HSBC? It's not a bank. It actually is a restaurant in Bangsar named "Hot & Spicy Bangsar Cuisine".


At first glance, I thought it's a restaurant serving Indian cuisine; but it's actually an Indian run restaurant serving Chinese cuisine.

They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine on the menu.

Nasi Goreng Petai (Fried Rice with Petai)
The fried rice was ok, not too bad but nothing too special as well. I was disappointed to see the fried egg.

This was another disappointing dish as well. The fried egg was supposed to be served on top of the fried rice, but we requested them to separate it. The fried rice was a bit bland.

Fried Kai Lan (Fried Chinese Kale)
This was the best dish of the night - Fried Kai Lan (Fried Chinese Kale). The Chinese kale was shredded and fried to crispy, and the gravy tasted good. If I were to revisit the restaurant, I'd definitely order this dish again.

Ice Lemon Tea
Overall, the dinner was only average; and it costs of RM30 for 3 person - including 2 drinks.

Operating Hours: 11:45AM - 2:45PM; 5PM - 11:45PM / 4:45PM - 11:45PM (Sunday)

Address: 84, Lorong Ma'arof, Bangsar Park, Kuala Lumpur

Phone Number: +603 2282 7221

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  1. LOL!!!! HSBC! maybe u can open one CIMB cafe! hahaha

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