Adidas Blogger Cup: A World Cup Jersey, Maybe?

09:25 becky-wong 0 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm back AGAIN with Adidas Blogger Cup! So, if any of you who has missed out the previous question, fret not, I have another question for you.

Question 2: What are the names of the players in the picture above?

I think, this would be a walk in the park for any football fans out there.

adidas Blogger Cup

Not a football fans, but would still like to win yourself a World Cup Jersey? Check out the video below! Psstt.... Another options to get your clue to the question. *wink*

You can start submitting your answer from 12PM onwards today (3rd June 2014). Also, don't forget that Adidas will be providing promo-code for those who submitted the correct answer; which you can use to purchase their merchandise from their e-commerce store!

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