Adidas Blogger Cup #7: Who Is He?

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The World Cup matches are getting more and more excited, don't they? I personally can't wait for the matches on this Friday early morning!

Although there are few more weeks to go until the final match, the Adidas Blogger Cup is coming to an end. Can you believe it?! It's the final 2 rounds before it ends.

Question: Who is the player in the picture?

Easy! Just one glance and I'm sure you have the answer at the split second.

However, if you need some hints, check out the video below!
Hint: The answer is about the man in the video

Got it? Told ya, it's really simple...

So, what you waiting for? Submit your answer NOW!

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 7)

Don't miss the chance to win yourself a World Cup jersey, and also promo code to shop for amazing merchandise from Adidas e-commerce store.

Invite ALL of your family and friends to submit their answer via my blog, and help me to score the winning goal in this game. ^_^

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