Adidas Blogger Cup: The Final Round!

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What do you think of yesterday's FIFA 2014 World Cup? Did your favourite team made it to the Top 16? I'm glad that Uruguay made their way to the Top 16. ^_^

Finally, we are at the FINAL round of the Adidas Blogger Cup! This is the last question before the end of the Adidas Blogger Cup.

Question: Which player scored his 15th World cup goal in Brazil?
Hint: The answer is about the man in the video.

Psst.... Another hint would be: Mi_ _ _l_v  K_ _ _e  (just fill in the blanks and you'll get this full name).

What the video to get the answer:

Submit your answer below.

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 8)

This is your LAST CHANCE to win yourself some awesome Adidas merchandise! Invite your family and friends to submit their answer too!

Plus, I really do need each and everyone to help me in winning the cup!

I'm currently ranking fourth on the leaderboard, and really need all the help I can get to win the cup.

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