Adidas Blogger Cup - Round 4: Which National teams are missing from the Line Up?

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World Cup will be kicking off in 2 days! Adidas is back again for its 4th round of Adidas Blogger Cup.

So, question of the day is...

Question: WhichTWO (2) national teams are missing from the line-up?
Hint: One country begins with the letter J (5 letter name) and the other is ME (6 letter name)

As usual, just submit your answer using the app below:

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 4)

Also, I had some good news for you readers!
  1. The promo code for question 1 is out! The lucky winners will be receiving the promo code via email.
  2. ONE lucky reader is selected to receive a special prize too.
Unfortunately, I couldn't announce the winner here, as they were chosen by Adidas. Nevertheless, do let me know if you are the lucky few! Would love to know which of my lucky readers have won the prizes. =)

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