Happ Cafe @ Tropicana Avenue: The Cozy Flower Cafe

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If flowers, coffee and cakes are your thing, you would love Happ Cafe at Tropicana Avenue. Brightly lit up with natural sunlight, Happ Cafe is founded by 2 sisters with their friendly crew.

Since it's a flower cafe, you can expect to see natural and artificial flowers blooming beautifully at the side of the entrance. The sight of the flowers somehow brightens up my day when I walked into the cafe.

You'll find some cards, stickers and stamps available at the cafe too.

There was not much hot food when we visited Happ Cafe, so we had their set meal instead.

Carbonara with Turkey Ham and Mushroom (RM 22.90). A plate of creamy carbonara. Nothing too fancy, but it's nice to have when you are seeking for simple comfort food.

Beef Lasagna (RM 21.90). Don't underestimate this piece of lasagna as it can be quite filling too.

Crispy Chicken Burger with Chips (RM 21.90). Crispy indeed, but it could use a bit more salt.

Not a fan of spaghetti and pasta? They have local treat too - Nasi Lemak (RM 16.90).

The set meal comes with drinks.

Hot Lemon Tea.

Iced Black Coffee.

Iced White Coffee.

Hot White Coffee.

Next up, desserts!!

Chamomile Honey Cake (RM 16). This was the cake that attracted us to the cafe. Ain't it beautiful?! The cakes at Happ Cafe were specially made by a friend of the lady boss, and this Camomile Honey Cake totally fits the "flora theme" of the cafe. A combination of chamomile and honey, the cake wasn't too sweet and the whipped cream was surprisingly light.

See the tube of honey sticking out? You can choose to:

1. Squeeze the honey into the cake, or
2. Drizzle it all over the cake, or
3. Squeeze a drop of honey as you go.

The fruity and floral Ispahan Cake (RM 16) will definitely be a crowd pleasure among the ladies. Feature rose, lychee and raspberry, the cake has a nice balance of sweet and acidity.

If you are a fan of green tea, you'd certainly like the Green Tea Torte (RM 16) flavours of this cake.

The Cendol (RM 14) cake was surprisingly not too sweet. Cendol lovers, you might want to give this a try.

Moist and chocolaty Hazelnut Macaroon Torte (RM 16) would certainly be the choice of chocolate lovers.

OK, we decided to order the Caramel Popcorn Blended (RM 15) because we were told it was "Instagrammable". Truth be told, it was indeed Instagrammable, but too sweet for my liking. The drink is nice and creamy, and you would certainly like this if you have a serious sweet-tooth.

After all the desserts and hot food, a glass of fizzy Rose Red Berries (RM 11) was super refreshing to have!

Overall, the hot food were pretty average (it could be due to their kitchen wasn't really ready yet...) but the desserts definitely made our trip to the cafe worthwhile. Would I visit the cafe again? Certainly, especially their desserts.

I really like the cosy and friendly ambiance of Happ Cafe. We had a chat with the pretty lady boss and she informed us that they are in the midst of whipping up more hot food. For any updates and information on Happ Cafe, do follow their WebsiteFacebook and Instagram.

Address: P-G-09, Tropicana Avenue, Persiaran Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: 10am to 11am Daily
Contact: +6011 2888 6826
Email: thehappcafe@gmail.com

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