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Over the weekend, Joe and I were invited by Foodz to a food review at Willow Tree Bistro at Desa Seri Hartamas.
The restaurant is owned by a very friendly Korean lady, Gina Chun, who used to own a boutique at Bangsar Shopping Centre. You'll be able to spot some of the collections she's selling at the side of the restaurant.

It took us some time to locate the restaurant, as it's not located by the main road. For those of you who know where Souled Out in Hartamas is, the restaurant is located at the corner of the row of shops exactly behind Souled Out.

Homemade bread
The kitchen is led by Chef Hadi, a Moroccan chef who has been working London and brought the Mediterranean feel to his British influenced menu.

We started off with a basket of bread and butter. Nothing beats homemade bread, as they are always fresh and delicious. True enough, the homemade bread in Willow Tree are satisfying.

Pork Cutlet with salad and rice (RM 24.90)
The Pork Cutlet with Salad and Rice (RM 24.90) was marinated in their special sauce. It was fried to crispy on the outside and definitely not dry.

Braised Lamb Shank (RM 45)
When I heard we will be having lamb shank, I was excited; and my excitement level went up when I saw the size of that lamb shank - Braised Lamb Shank with Prunes, Almond Mashed Potatoes and Braising Sauce (RM 45). Look at that glorious shinning glaze on the lamb! *Yummy*

The meat was really tender; and if you do not fancy your meat to be gamey, then this is definitely a must try. The almond in the mashed potatoes was a fist to me, and I liked it a lot. It added some extra texture and give it some nutty flavours to your usual mashed.

Grilled Salmon Fillet with King Prawns (RM 35)
Grilled Salmon Fillet & King Prawns with Cream Spinach Sauce & French Beans (RM 35). I never fancy cooked salmon as they tend to have that fishy taste. Hence, I was a little worry when trying out their grilled salmon. It wasn't what I expected. The salmon was flaky (definitely not dry!) and it doesn't have the fishy taste! The spinach sauce was creamy and nice. Squeeze in some lemon juice to add some acidity to it, so that the dish would not feel too heavy.

Fish & Chips (RM 32)
They used Dory fish for their Fish & Chips (RM 32), and it  was really big in portion. Again, the fish was nice and flaky.

Lemon Buttered Chicken Breast (RM 28)
The Lemon Buttered Chicken Breast (RM 28) was a new dish of the restaurant. Opposite to the usual chicken breasts I've had, this wasn't dry. The lemon zest gave the dish some extra tanginess.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (RM 28.90)
Visually, the ingredients were colourful and stunning! We noticed there were bananas and pineapples, and were told they are used to reduced the heat from the chilies in the sauce.

Owner - Gina Chun
Gina showed us how to wrap and enjoy our spring rolls.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
After dipping into water, the rice paper soften and you can start getting creative with the ingredients to go with your spring roll! It was a refreshing dish, and perfect if you decided to have something light for a meal. ** Need to make advance order for their spring rolls.

Affogato (RM 14)
I was delighted when we were served with their Affogato (RM 14) - ice cream AND coffee, my favourite combination! Instead of purchasing the ice cream commercially, they specially made the ice cream for the affogato. The espresso was nice and smooth (they added in 1 shot of espresso and was a little overpowering) and same goes to the ice cream! Just when I thought it could be more perfect, they added chocolate sauce on top of it! YUMMY!!!!

Apart from the dining area, they have a "secret garden" hiding at the back of the restaurant too.

"Secret Garden"
Walk pass the dining area, and you'll come to an open space with couple of wooden benches. It is a nice little place to have a small gathering with family and friends, over a good meal.

We were informed by Gina that they will be revamping their menu, so do drop by the restaurant and check out the dishes! Also, they serve all day breakfast starting from RM 14.

**The place is Non-Halal.

For more information:

Address: Wisma Rapid, Jalan 30/70A, Desa Seri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday (10AM - 12AM)
Contact: +603 6201 2330

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Website: www.foodz.com.my
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