The Shangri-la Hotel Trilogy: Part 2 - Lafite

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I've heard many good comments on Lafite in Shangri-la Hotel, and they are one of the best fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur dining scene. I decided to splurge a little, and had our anniversary dinner with Joe there.

Complimentary Assorted Bread with Butter
 Unlike Joe, I'm never really a big fan of bread, but I like these! It has a nice chewy texture.

Amuse Bouche: Asparagus Soup
Our amuse bouche of that night was Asparagus Soup. The soup was flavourful and creamy! I finished every single drop of it!

Cauliflower Cream Soup with Maine Lobster and Egg Surprise
Joe had the warm appetizer Cauliflower Cream Soup with Maine Lobster and Egg Surprise (RM35). Abso-delicious!!!! Never thought that cauliflower could taste so super flavourful and the way they were thinly shaved, it was so crunchy! One thing that I MUST talk about this dish - the egg! I was looking forward for the egg after seeing the word 'egg surprise' on the menu. The egg white was so fluffy, it was souffle-liked. Cut the egg in the middle, and you'll see the runny yolks flowing out, and this added extra flavours and creaminess to the soup. Joe actually passed a comment, that he will never have eggs anymore, unless he'll find others that are as perfect as this. LOL!

Seabass and Oyster Tartar

The Seabass and Oyster Tartar with Caviar, Tomato Vinaigrette and Beetroot Coulis (RM60) was nice. I especially love how the biscuits (I supposed they are..) on top gave the tartar some texture. It wasn't aggressively seasoned, but every bite was perfect pairing with the caviar.

Lamb Loin
Joe had the Lamb Loin with Herb Crust, Potato Gratin, Baby Squash, Eggplant Caviar and Tapenade Jus (RM120). I must say, the lamb was perfecto!

Look at how perfectly cooked the lamb was! Sorry for the messy plate, but it was really too delicious that we would just have to wipe up every single drop of the gravy on the plate! The meat has all the flavours that  a lamb should have, and all the tenderness that you would like in your meat! The crust has some nuts mixture into it, and hence it added some nutty flavour into the lamb.

Roasted Hokkaido Scallops
Scallops are my favourite, so I had the  Roasted Hokkaido Scallops on Potato Galatte with White Wine Sauce, Mussels and Springs Vegetables (RM130). The scallops were sweet and fresh. I'm never a big fan of mussels as I always find them being overcooked. However, I was converted that night - the mussels were cooked perfetly! In fact, it was my first time having perfect mussels...hmmm.....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream! I was over the moon when they served us ice cream. Talk about this dessert, I have to share something with all of you. Earlier on while enjoying our main course, a small incident happened, which I shall not mentioned; and it was brought to the staffs' attention. They were really quick to react. I really like how attentive they are to their patrons. *Good Service*!! Ok! Back to food!

A complimentary desserts from the restaurant. The chocolate cake was not too bad - chocolaty and moist yet neither too sweet nor too heavy.

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