The Shangri-la Hotel Trilogy: Part 1 - Arthur's Bar and Grill

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The past week has been a massive visit to Shangri-la Hotel. We are talking about 3 times in a week! Hence, my post - "The Trilogy". My part one - Arthur's Bar and Grill  - to celebrate my brother's birthday.

p/s: sorry that I did not take the exterior and interior of the restaurant.

I love the bottles! So cute!!!!

While waiting for our dinner, complimentary bread was served.

Bread with Sundried Tomatoes and Olive Oil Dip

The bread was served warmed - nice crust on the outside and slightly chewy (in a very good way). One other thing that I love is sundried tomatoes! I so wanted to lick up the entire dip, but apparently I still have some self-control inside me.

On the left, Kilkenny (RM35) for my brother; and on the right, Ice Tea Classic (RM15) for me.

Smoked Salmon with Capers (RM38)
I love salmon and I love capers! I was already starving on the way there, so I've ordered us Smoked Salmon with Capers (RM38) as our appetizer. I did not expect the portion to be kinda big. Back in my mind, I was expecting a few thinly sliced smoked salmon on a plate, but this wasn't the case - it was smoky and each slices was satisfyingly big. I only hope they would have more capers on the dish.

Prime Rib (RM78)

The Prime Rib (RM78) was a candy to my sight! I was actually half-full after the bread and salmon, but looking at the prime rib, it brought back my appetite. It was served on a Yorkshire pudding along with fat fries, grilled tomato (which was also huge), sauteed green beans, Bearnaise sauce and beef jus. The meat was just so good! It was so tender and juicy that I felt it could melt in my mouth. The Yorkshire pudding was crunchy and has the aromatic egg flavours to it. Too bad we both were too stuffed at the end of the dinner to finish off the entire pudding.

Beef Tenderloin 200gm (RM78)

I'm a sucker when it comes to tenderloin. Since, my brother having the prime rib, I decided on the 200gm Beef Tenderloin (RM78) to be done medium rare. You could choose your choice of sauce and 2 side dishes - I've chosen sauteed asparagus and fat fries for my sides; and I chipotle butter sauce. I kinda have a little problem with the plating, but this wasn't a problem at all the moment I sink my teeth onto the meat. Another piece of nicely done and flavourful beef. I could do without the sauteed asparagus, but just the beef and fries itself will do.

Our meal came to a total of RM170.50, after the Prestige Card discount (50% off). At the end of the meal I was extremely stuffed, and could barely moved. It was one of the best steak I've had after Jake's Charbroil Steaks.

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