My 2nd Journey with the Miracles of Mireica

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Thanks to Betsy from LiveLife, I was given the opportunity to continue my Mireica journey with my 2nd box of Mireica. Since I've talked about the product in my previous post, hence, this post would be a short one - withe some comparisons of my skin between consuming the 1st and 2nd box of Mireica.

Right Cheek:
1st box of Mireica
2nd box of Mireica
The photos of top was my progress while consuming my 1st box of Mireica. There were some slight improvement, though not that obvious. The photos at the bottom are the results AFTER I've consumed my 2nd box of Mireica. I can see that my skin are clearer and brighter, and my scars have lighten.

Left Cheek:

1st box of Mireica
2nd box of Mireica
From the comparison above, I can see that my left cheek - which has more worse condition than my right - has also improve quite a lot. Though the scars and redness are still there, but they have definitely lighten by a lot.

My personal thoughts after consuming Mireica:

1) It does lighten my acne scars and the redness
2) It makes my skin clearer and brighter - not as dull as before
3) Though the open pores are still there, but these really do takes time. After all, open pores are not like windows and doors that you could open and close as you wish.=p

After seeing the results on my skin, I'd recommend Mireica to anyone who would like to tryout collagen drinks.

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